Closets Need Love Too…

Closets Need Love Too…

As colder weather approaches and the holidays guests start to visit, there is no better time to get your coat closet in check. I like to keep ours simple, neat and always organized – you just never know who is going to open it up! and when they do you have only one chance to impress and wow them!

1. I paint closets! Yes, I love to add a splash of color to these normally dark dreary caves. It’s an unexpected touch that makes the space bright and cheery ~ which helps you want to keep the space organized and clean! I treat our closets as separate rooms and go for colors that I love but just a bit out of our ordinary palette. Tip: Check your local hardware stores ‘oops’ paint section if you do not want to spend a ton of money buying paint for a closet. You can usually find great deals on pre-mixed colors that cost just a few dollars.

2. Decorate…I know, who decorates a closet…Well I do! Adding simple little touches like a wreath or painting gives a little character and style to such a small space. Make it match the rest of your house you spend hours and hours stylin’! It will leave a grand impression on anyone peeking in! {The Moss wreath was inspired by Get Your Martha On and directions can be found here}

3. Organize. When everything has a place it is hard to mess it up! At least that is the reason I use to enforce these rules on my hubby! Baskets on the upper shelf hold hats, gloves, and scarves for us during the colder months. Tip: I re-use older baskets in these spaces that have seen their day but are still functional. Broken handle – no problem, cut it off – still a great basket! Chipped weaving – no problem, turn the bad side to the back, it’s in the closet after all! Shop your home – You are bound to find something that will work!

Coats and Jackets ~ I try to keep only the current season’s outerwear in the front closet and the rest stored away upstairs. This gives us some extra space to use for our guests coats. I separate our closet by person then by style/type of jacket. It makes searching for something to wear easy and nothing gets lost in the jumble. Using the same color and type of hangers helps make everything appear neat and clean too. Tip: Hang longer coats on the sides so they do not hang down in the center of your closet.

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes! ~ I try to only keep everyday shoes and ‘walk outside’ shoes in the front closet. Everything else gets put away and stored else ware. I start to panic when I can’t see the actual closet floor and trust me it fills up fast and always is in need of attention. P.S. Girls, if you are looking that these shoes and wondering…well, my shoes are kept in my bedroom closet ~ I do own heals!

Have little toes? I use a separate basket for those tiny shoes that are way too easy to go wandering and get lost. This eliminates the hassle of searching around for matching pairs…and if you are like me this usually happens when you are ready to walk out the door and are already 10 minutes late.

Bags ~ utilize the space on the door! Hang hooks to hold bags, purses, and backpacks. Don’t you just love the froggie backpack! Tip: I’m lovin the Command Hooks from 3M! I use them for everything and yes they do hold the weight they claim to!

Umbrellas ~ I re-purposed a tall tin container to keep them neatly tucked in the corner and out of the way.

All the other stuff ~ well, it probably doesn’t belong in the front hall closet anyway! Reclaim your coat closet and let it be the helpful area it once was meant to be…while adding a touch of style along the way! Figuring out what works best for your family is key and organize, organize, organize ~ it pays off big time in the end! Enjoy! XOXO


  1. It must feel good to open a closet door and not have everything a jumble.
    I am very short and I tend to pile stuff up until I grab a step stool to put everything away. Bad habit but I don’t have the room for the stool in my room.

  2. That is fabulous! Why didn’t I ever think of it?

  3. I love your mossy wreath–it is gorgeous
    New follower,

  4. Oh I so need to give my coat closet a makeover. Well done!

    Please come see my craft closet. 🙂

  5. I recently re-decorated my closet too. Is it weird that we can now smile when we open the door to find something inside? The wreath in the closet is pretty and such an unexpected touch.

  6. This is inspirational–it just might motivate me to go to likewise!

  7. I subscribe to your closets need love too way of thinking. My family think I’m nuts when I paint and decorate those “spaces that NO ONE else sees”

    Great job.

  8. great! I’ve painted the inside of many a closet in my time but never hung a wreath! My Mother in law used to say I would decorate anything that wasn’t moving. there was a Lowe’s commercial a few years back where a woman put a new door knocker on a bathroom stall door—my mother in law said that had to be me in that commercial! LOL I’m following!
    Wonderful idea.

    come visit me at sweetpicklesandchocolate

  9. So neat and tidy. We have a large hallway and would you believe no room for a closet? I’d love a closet like yours, but even then it would be messy in about five seconds. xx

  10. I do love what you did with your closet! I had a post last week about my guest room closet redo- looks like we were thinking alike!

  11. Love. It.

    You gave me so many great ideas to use on my coat closet. Fantastic. Off to click the “Follow” button! 🙂


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