Easy Peasy No Sew Burlap Banner ~ Give Thanks

Easy Peasy No Sew Burlap Banner ~ Give Thanks

Burlap is all the rage right now – and so cost effective to use. This little banner costs next to nothing to make and it’s simply an adorable way to dress up a window sill or mirror for the holidays! Added bonus – it does not involve any sewing making it quick and simple!Materials needed include: Burlap (I used a creamy white color), Pinking Shears (to give the edges of your burlap a finished look), Ribbon (I used sheer narrow ribbon to hold the banner together and pieces of sheer ribbon for decoration), No Sew Stitch Witchery (I love this stuff!), Black Acrylic Paint, Foam Alphabet Stamps, and an iron.
I made a template for the individual pendants. You can find the image here. Simply copy and paste to your favorite editing program and adjust to the size you would like your banner to be. I made each pendant approximately eight inches long. Print out and cut around the image for your template.Once you have your pattern you are ready to cut. I traced the pattern onto the burlap and cut out using pinking shears. You’ll need ten pendants all together.Now you are ready to stamp your letters. I purchased a set of foam alphabet letters a few years ago and they come in handy for so many projects. They make getting perfect letters a cinch! I brushed on black acrylic paint and stamped each pendent – it’s that easy!Once dried, you could easily stitch the pendants on your ribbon; or if you look for the easy way out you can use the no sew stitch witchery like me. I started in the middle of the banner and folded over the extra flap of burlap on the pattern – added a strip of the stitch witchery and ironed together. Each pendent takes only seconds to adhere.
Once completed I tied strips of sheer ribbon in-between each pendent and voila… you’re done! Happy Thanksgiving ~ Enjoy! XOXO


  1. Love your banner. Thanks for visting and I hope you stop by again. I’m having a giveawat next week. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love banners. This is so pretty and so perfect! Great job!

    Thanks for sharing your creativity in the Fall Festival! 🙂


  3. HA! That first thing I saw in the banner was my son’s name. (Ethan). Funny that it caught my eye. This is a great craft! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi Stephanie…

    Ooohh…I love your beautiful Autumn burlap banner! A fabulous…no sew… project, my friend! It really dresses up that window too! Thank you for the great “how to” instructions…sure appreciate that!!! Beautiful!!!

    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  5. YOU WON MY GIVEAWAY! Super cute banner!
    As soon as you email me your addy I will send out your winnings! Thanks! [email protected]

  6. I featured your beautiful banner on my blog today! I will definitely be making one of these! Thanks for the inspiration. Pop over to my blog and pick up a button and brag that I featured you! You deserve it!!!

  7. Darling banner – so cute! I love it! I found you through Laurel’s blog!


  8. I found the burlap ribbon at wal-mart. Can you believe that? I think it was only .97 a yard. I think I bought 10 yards. Thanks for visiting.

  9. Creating banners is one craft that I’m very creative in doing. You can opt for a more colorful banners during birthdays!

  10. Hello,
    Where did you purchase the “SIMPLY SWEET” Foam Stamps?
    Thanks =)

  11. Oooh! This is adorable! We’re going to do this for my dad’s party later. Thank you so much for sharing!

  12. Beautiful! Love that it is so simple to do. Great for anything you’d like to put in a banner.


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