Sunburst, Raindrop, Starburst Mirror..Whatever you call them…I Heart them & Made my own!

Sunburst, Raindrop, Starburst Mirror..Whatever you call them…I Heart them & Made my own!

I have always wanted one of these. Just something about them that I love and cannot get enough of! Even though they have been around forever you can find them now in all shapes and sizes not to mention the array of colors out there. I truly ♥ them!

One of these babies has been on my ‘look for a good deal’ list for ages! I have particularly had my eye on this beauty but at $239.00 and the fact that it was gold I just could not pull the trigger. There had to be away around this!

I happen to stumble across a 10 inch beveled edge round mirror for $3.99 and it bloomed from there! The mirror was in the candle section so I believe it was meant to be used as a candle plate.

I brought the mirror home and began my layout. Using Publisher I created a template by dividing a circle into 16 ‘slices’. You can find the template here. I then printed this baby out and glued onto the back of the mirror. You can see this was my second method as I originally tried to draw lines directly on the mirror itself…trial and error…as this did not work as I thought it would!

I purchased two packs of wooden skewers from Wal-Mart at $0.97 for a pack of 100. You can also find these at your local dollar store. You have to sort though them once you open the pack because a lot of them are bent and not perfect. Still you will be able to find enough in a pack of two to complete this project. I simply used the grout lines in my tile as a guide to finding the good ones…hey, it worked!

I started by gathering sixteen good sticks and marking them all one inch from the pointed side. These will be the main sticks used to create your starburst pattern. Get your glue gun ready girls because it will be put to the test for this one! Using the template as a guide I began gluing the sticks on the designated lines; making sure the marked lines matched up with the edge of the template as shown. Be very generous with your glue gun…it is your friend during this project!

Once all sixteen skewers are in place you are ready to create your sunburst pattern. I used my inspiration photo as a guide; however you can create any pattern you wish.

I started with six sticks laid out in the pattern above which I repeated in-between each of the original sixteen sticks already glued to the mirror. You will have to trim some of the sticks in order to get them to fit – I just cut off the ends.

Work your way around the entire mirror using the same pattern. Once I completed each section I went back and filled in any empty spaces with additional sticks cut down to fit. I also went crazy with the glue (can you tell) to ensure a ~forever lasting hold~. Fill in every nook and cranny; I even went as far as putting an extra layer of glue on top of all the sticks! (a little glue over kill doesn’t hurt)

Once my mounds of glue were dried I attached two simple picture hangers on the back with Gorilla Glue. I piled on the glue here too and left to dry for 24 hours. I know this looks like one hot mess but I promise it gets better! After impatiently, watching and tapping my fingers for 24 hrs the glue has dried I took braided picture wire and threaded it through the hangers and wrapped together, twisting the ends.
Now your ready for the paint! I carefully covered the face of the mirror with saran wrap and taped off the edges. These little sticks soak up a lot of paint and need a couple of coats. I started off with a couple coats of flat black spray paint. Once I had a nice base coat I topped it off with two coats of Krylon Satin Oil Rubbed Bronze.

My finished mirror measures just over 32 inches in diameter and has found its home rested on the perfect wall in our dining room.
For just under $6.00 ($3.99 Mirror + $1.94 Skewers) I am more than ecstatic to say I now proudly own my own starburst mirror!
Now I can cross this baby off my list! Enjoy! XOXO


  1. Wow…that looks great! You did a nice job!

  2. Amazing job!

  3. I love it !!

  4. Whoa! That is impressive. I love your glue picture. Crafting is a mess but the results are always worth it. Thanks for posting to Made it Monday! Jules

  5. Wow!!! So cool looking.

  6. What a great idea! Well done.

  7. GREAT JOB and Fabulous tutorial.


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  9. How fabulously clever! I love it!! I’m so happy that you are able to have something that you have wanted for such a long time…isn’t that the best feeling when you get to cross something like that off your “always on the look-out for” list? Thanks so much for sharing!

  10. Oh my Gosh! Incredibly clever and beautiful! I’m so glad you offered the tutorial too, cause I want to make one for myself and my sis. Great job! Thanks for linking up to the party 🙂

  11. That’s amazing! It’s beautiful…’re very creative.

  12. It looks awesome – I can’t wait to read more of your blog!

  13. Impressive! Great idea…looks awesome!

  14. How clever are you!! Looks great

  15. It looks beautiful! You did a great job.
    Happy Thanksgiving

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    Jane @ FInding Fabulous

  17. Looks great!

  18. Fabulous creation, you are talented and imaginative to be able to put those together. Thanks for sharing the inspiration.

  19. Yay…you posted! Thank you for sharing this fabulous project on Frugalicious Friday! That’s what this day is all about, taking an idea…and making it your own…for less of course! And you certainly did not disapoint with this mirror…it’s beautiful and looks so high end!

    Jane @ Finding Fabulous

  20. Way to save a whole lot of $ and make something great looking !

  21. I am LOVING that!!! Love the skewers idea — genious!

  22. WOW! That is amazing! Great tutorial! I love it!

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  24. Gorgeous! That really is amazing. I love it!
    – Suzanne

  25. I always thought those sticks would be the way to go!! Thanks for proving me!! I like yours better than the inspiration…

  26. I totally love this. I’ve always loved sun burst mirrors. It turned out great.

    Thanks for joining Get Your Craft on Thursday. Please join me next week for another great party. Don’t forget to stop by and enter my giveaway. I’ll announce the winner at next week party!

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    I Love this!

  29. Terrific tutorial and the mirror looks incredible!

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  35. hi, i made this mirror and it turned out to be rely nice i want to post my mirrors picture but i dont know how

  36. That craft seems to be mystical stuff!
    I am really excited to notice that such a wonderful affair can be made that simple.
    I am going to start it right away!

  37. This looks amazing! I have been thinking of doing the same for my home. I even bought some supplies for it, thank you so much for showing the way. You have inspired me to take the plunge!

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  41. Your sunburst mirror is amazing! I love it and am inspired to try one myself.

  42. I’m back to bookmark this page so I can refer back to when I try mine:) Thanks again!

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  44. This is amazing…. love love love your sunburst mirror and I´m very inspired to make one for myself. I added your button to my new blog

    And by the way… your home looks amazing 🙂

  45. I just loved your mirror so much, I had to make my own! Thanks for such a great tutorial!

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  47. I made a sunburst mirror using your tutorial 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing. I love it

    here it is:

  48. Great job. It looks so good!

  49. This is WONDERFUL!, I,too, have been smitten with these types of mirrors, though daunted at the prices! This is a price that falls perfectly into my budget! I think I will stock up on glue, skewers, and find that mirror I have stowed away! Thank You for refreshing my creaky,old, creative brain!

  50. You will be happy to know that I clicked on the mirror link, and it’s now $372.50; so your idea is now even MORE thrifty and inventive!!!! 🙂

  51. I totally love this mirror, classy piece to make for a gift! Way to go Stephanie and thanks for the FYI update Tina!

  52. You take BEAUTIFUL photos of your work! I need to stop taking photos with my phone & at night!

  53. Absolutely adored your mirror and am very thankful for your step-by-step directions! Mine turned out great, and I was sure to mention you and your blog! Check it out =)

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  56. I LOVE this idea, one question though, after you get the skewers glued on and the hangers in place, do you glue the paper template to the mirror or do you turn it over and glue the mirror to the skewers?

  57. I think this idea is AMAZING!!! I love that you used skewers to create the starburst effect. One question I’m a very busy woman with two children, how time consuming was this project?

  58. Hi, I love your post and made two for myself. I have linked your Tutorial in my post. Here is the link Would love if you visit my blog sometime. I am a novice blogger but always in crafting…

  59. I loved! I’ve dreaming about those mirrors and you did it seems to easy to make… I’ll try here!


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