Happy Winter Solstice!

Today is the winter solstice; the beginning of winter in the northern hemisphere. This is the day of the Vernal Equinox, the day of equal darkness and light.
So what does this actually mean….

You can get an egg to stand up on the counter!

A Regular, Raw, Fresh, Grade A, Large White egg!

According to legend, an egg will only balance on its end on the Vernal Equinox. I have to say I have never tried to balance an egg any other day of the year. Urban legend or not, it’s still pretty cool! Enjoy!


  1. Interesting! Happy first day of Winter!

  2. Love your site, which I just found today and I CAN NOT stop reading!

    Just wanted to leave a note that you should try the egg balancing thing on other random days of the year because it works. It’s an urban legend that it only works on the Vernal Equinox (which is actually the first day of Spring, not winter).


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