A Trip Down Fabric Memory Lane

A Trip Down Fabric Memory Lane

I spent today going through bins of fabric trying hard to complete my craft room project that has consumed my life these past couple of days. I wasn’t looking forward to it but once I started pulling out all the pieces it was like taking a trip down memory lane.

I began to remember the projects that were created with each cut of fabric…
CJ’s First Birthday Roundup

CJ’s Second Birthday Carnival

CJ’s Third Birthday Pirate Party
…and of course the projects that never happened. Fabric Dust Ruffle I had plans to redesign
Fabrics for us… Covering Secretary Bench and Breakfast Bar Stools
…and for others
Fabric Covered Gift Basket for Grandma
Fabric that was bought by the bolt and almost completely used…
…and others bought with good intentions but never touched.
My weakness is affordable fabric… anything less than $2 a yard. If I like it and the price is right it is coming home with me.
Even though my collection isn’t fancy yet, (sorry no Amy Butler, Michael Miller, or Heather Bailey prints here) it does tell a wonderful little story, at least to me. and here is what I started with…bins full of a real sewers nightmare. Packed up from the move and stored for over a year. Rummaged through and picked over (by me) trying to complete a project and not being able to see (or remember) what fabrics I had (hence me searching to the very bottom of every bin) Well that day is finally over ~ Welcome Home Fabrics!


  1. I don’t buy fabric, but I feel the same way when I get rid of clothes…seems I have a knack for remembering special occasions when I wore it! It’s fun remembering, but makes tossing hard :)

  2. I love fabric too but I have to admit you may have a bigger stash than me!

  3. Wow Stephanie, your collection of fabrics are amazing! Because I don’t sew, my collection of fabrics are “zero”. But then again, I do have a killer collection of paints, stains, and paint brushes…lol!

  4. I have some stacks of fabric that I have picked up at auctions, but nothing compared to your little treasure hold!
    Living it up at Lakewood,

  5. Ahh I have that problem also. I like it when the lady at the fabric counter asks me what I am going to do with it. I always say – not sure but it will go in the pile with all the other “good intentions”.

  6. I love the fabric memory lane!! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Oh you are so lucky!!! Wish I had stacks and stacks of fabric!!!

  8. What fabulous fabric!!! I enjoy just looking at neat stacks of fabric. I have had some of mine for 10 years!!!!

  9. Your stacks look so yummy. I did this on a very small scale last month when my #3 child moved out and left our first empty room. After visiting a quilt shop I got the idea to store the stacks openly on shelves, in color coded stacks like at the quilt store. It is so fun to go in that room and look at them even though my piles aren’t nearly as impressive as yours. There is a lot of potential in those stacks or yours. I see quilts, pillows, wall decor and all kinds of fun things.

  10. Fabric! One of my favorite things on earth, and your collection looks wonderful to me! :-)

  11. Wow! You have a lot of fabric.
    Will be so nice to have it all organized now.
    Wish inventory at my store would only take 3 days! =0/

    Thanks for coming
    by my place and signing up to follow.


    barbara jean

  12. I currently am using the big black garbage bag method of storing fabrics. It is much more inspiring when they are all nicely folded and stacked! January is the perfect month for organization too! Maybe I’ll tackle my big garbage bags now! Thanks for inspiring me!

  13. Ahh..I’m drooling. I’m really addicted to fabric and I can never get rid of it. I can get rid of clothes if they’re still wearable, but if they aren’t, they go in my scrap fabric stash because I will just use them to make one big giant quilt =) A lot of people say that…haha, but I don’t collect many things, only books & fabric =)

  14. Don’t you love the feeling of organization! Thanks for sharing with Made it Monday! Jules

  15. Now THAT’S a lot of fabric! Like seeing what you’ve already done with some of it and looking forward to seeing more this year.

  16. Hi,
    I ran across your blog via The Graphics Fairy. I really enjoyed your post about your fabric reorg. I have recently done the same thing with my BOXES of fabric, having moved 1-1/2 years ago. After two days of nonstop work my fabric is now neatly stacked on four large stainless steel shelving units my son procured for me from a former employer. I now have my own store! And, like you, I covet fabrics I like which are $2 and under. I always tell the clerk who cuts the piece(s): “don’t you know the one who dies with the most fabric wins?” I don’t have a blog but I will bookmark yours: maybe it will be the inspiration I need to start one!


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