Heart Full of Greens Wreath

Heart Full of Greens Wreath

Since I do not see the weather changing anytime soon around here I decided to repurpose some of the fresh greens I had cut for the holidays. Believe it or not, soaking these babies for 24 hours in cool water really does preserve them. I cut these for use on my tablescape prior to Christmas and they are still fresh and not shedding!
I already had this grapevine heart which I used for the base
Cutting each spray to about 5 inches long; I bundled them in groups of three
I used floral wire to attach them to the grapevine heart; simply laying the bunches down, looping the wire around and twisting to the back. I overlapped each spray to cover the previously laid wire so you can’t see it peeking through in the end.
Once completed I double twisted and trimmed the wire on the back
Simple and very easy to do ~ I may just have to make my fresh pine wreaths next year for the holidays. Enjoy!


  1. What a fabulous idea. I love it for the heart. You really have preserved these. Great job. Hugs, Marty

  2. I’m amazed that those greens still look so fresh. Thanks for the tip on preserving them. The heart wreath looks beautiful and a great touch for this time of year.

  3. That is a very clever idea and no one ever said that we can’t use greenery all year long did they?

  4. Very cute! I love it…that is a great idea!!!

  5. A great idea – and I can’t believe those greens still look great!


  6. Way to repurpose – this came out lovely! I am linking from my blog 🙂

  7. Very cute and clever! Way to repurpose!

  8. Beautiful. At first I thought it was asparagus fern. I love your tip on soaking in cold water. Years in the floral biz & I didn’t remember this one!

  9. Looks great!

  10. great idea! It looks super.

  11. That is adorable! I love love love it! Thanks for sharing! I didn’t know abut the whole soaking thing ither… I wish I would have a long time ago. I’m wondering if it works for shrubs? I’d like to make a wreath with boxwood… hummm.

  12. I so wish I would have seen this post before I tossed my greens. This is fabulous. I love its beautiful simplicity.

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my mantel post :). Should you go on? That question need not ever be asked when one is calling me genius :).

    Blessings girlfriend,

  13. Amazing – as usual. I love everything you come up with. Want to guestpost? email me at [email protected]

  14. I am adding/linking this to a valentines post so I can remember it and so can some of my viewers.

  15. OK! I decided to feature it! Can’t get enough of your site!!!

  16. I love it – it would make me smile seeing it in my home!

  17. Love the natural wreath… Thanks for sharing this tip. Lezlee

  18. Beautiful, light, airy!
    Sorry I am so late. As it ended up, we did have a (6 hour) 2AM-8Am stint in the ER with my son. Praise God, all is ok. But,it’s taken me some time to recover from being up all night. Alas, I am late in getting around to everyone this week. My apologies.
    Sincere thanks for linking up to Tales from Bloggeritville Thrifty Thursday!

    Tales from Bloggeritaville

  19. So pretty! Thanks for the soaking tip too!

  20. I love it Stephanie!


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