No Sew Monogram Trivet ~ $Store Make Over

No Sew Monogram Trivet ~ $Store Make Over

There is noting better than taking a Dollar Store find and making it your own. They have been selling these woven trivets for years. {they can be found in the kitchen section and you get two in a pack ~ lots of colors too} I put some of these together about two years ago and they just started to see their day. They held up very well but were looking a little raggedy and for 50 cents each, time to toss and make some more.
For this project you will need the trivets, some scrap fabric & felt, pinking shears and stitch witchery.
I started by making a template for the letter. I did this in a publishing program but you can simply use word as well. I used Constantia font, enlarged the letter to 410, and printed on regular paper. Once cutout, I lightly traced the letter onto a piece of felt and cut once again. {tip: reverse your letter when tracing so any drawn lines will be on the backside of your cutout}
To make the outline, lay the felt letter on the printed fabric {again, reversed} and lightly trace. You want to cut this letter out about 1/2 inch larger than the traced outline. I used pinking shears to make this cut giving the edge a little design.
For the next step you can use fusible interfacing to make it easy, but I only had stitch witchery on hand and used it last time with good results, so I used it again. Starting with the felt letter line the backside with the stitch witchery making sure the entire surface is covered.
Flip the felt letter over on top of the fabric outline ~ It is ok if a little of the witchery shows as it will magically melt away when heated.
With your iron set on the wool ‘steam’ setting, place a damp washcloth on top and press for 10-15 seconds making sure you cover the entire letter. You may have to go back and do this step twice to assure the edges are secure. {tip: I use a dedicated ‘craft’ iron for all my projects. This way when I go to iron a nice white shirt I know there won’t be any goop left over from my creations. I obviously have learned the hard way}

Once the felt letter is adhered, repeat the process on the back of the fabric piece and adhere to the trivet using the same methods. I have never tried washing these so I am not sure how they would hold up however I do know they work well and stay put used as trivets (or potholders as I have used them) for a couple of years as my old ones have. These make cute gifts and for 50 cents a piece you definitely are not going to be breaking the bank. Enjoy!


  1. Cute idea…I like it!

  2. Very cute and inexpensive…makes for a great project.

  3. Great idea 🙂

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  4. I love those- so bright and colorful!

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  5. Cute and practical!

  6. Those are very cute and a great idea! The stitch witch holds up pretty well in the wash, but will eventually get weak and come loose. I think it’s probably more because of putting it in the dryer though. I’ve used it mainly for hems in slacks, etc.

  7. Cute!!! Love the pink and green. 🙂 These would be fun little gifts! Thanks for the visit. 🙂

  8. Really cute!

  9. Clever! What’s next? ~Kelly

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