PB Inspired Playroom Wall Art {Numbers}

PB Inspired Playroom Wall Art {Numbers}

I have had this PB Numbers Canvas in my inspiration file since they first listed it on their website. I love the colors and the graphic arrangement of the numbers; simple, fun and perfect for my son’s playroom. Unfortunately the size of the canvas was huge (60X42) and it’s discontinued.
Photo Courtesy of Pottery Barn

I had one wall left to decorate and needed something much smaller and vertical none the less. I turned to my favorite editing program and got to work. I played around with some different fonts and backgrounds until I liked what I had. The fonts are a mix of Century School Book, Engravers MT, and Lucida Bright. I added a distressed black background and printed it out on cardstock. To make the numbers a little more imperfect I took a paintbrush dipped in plain water and lightly brush over the numbers creating a slight variation in the colors.I already had a black frame that was previously used at our old house. It already had a white mat, which I liked, but still wanted to add a little something extra. Using black grosgrain ribbon, I lined the inner mat and hot glued in place. Here is how it turned out…

Wall art is relatively expensive in my opinion, unless it is obviously an exclusive piece. Next time you need to fill a wall on a dime think about turning to your computer and get creative. You can still get a nice finished piece for a fraction of the cost, even if you have to buy a frame. This piece cost me the ink it took to print it out, that’s about it, considering I already had the frame. It is just the size I needed and the look I was originally going for. Enjoy!

P.S. I am still chugging along at the Craft Room Workshop. I have to say I am really enjoying putting everything in its place and am not bothered that it is taking forever. I hope to have some pictures up by the weekend. Thanks for following along.


  1. Great art, and I love the addition of the gros grain ribbon!

  2. Nice job! That’s great for a boys room but could easily be made to fit any where.

  3. Super job! I think it’s truly neat! 🙂

  4. That is so cool. You did a great job on it.

  5. The original was too big, I like yours 🙂

    Plus if you (or he!) outgrow it later it will be easy to replace without buyer’s remorse!

  6. Another fabulous idea..thanks for sharing your creativity…love it all
    Happy New Year
    Hugs Suz x

  7. GREAT idea! Love the way it turned out. Thanks so much for sharing!

  8. Thanks for your sweet comments on the firly girls room.

    This looks so much like my numbered coasters. Have you seen them. It is my Nov 22 post. You should go take a look. I can’t attach a link in comments or I would.


  9. oh my word, i am in awe of your talent once again! fabulous!

  10. so cute! Would you ever want to guest post at my site? It will bring you more traffic and new followers! email me at [email protected]

  11. So cute! I am going to borrow the idea, but instead send it to have it printed onto a canvas. My 2 year old is obsessed with numbers and he will just love it!

  12. I like yours better!! Great idea!

  13. Stephanie,
    This is one of my favorite thrity post of the day!!! Would you mind if I shared on my post tomorrow, with your link and pic?
    Thanks, friend, for linking up to Thrifty Thursday on Tales from Bloggeritaville! Great thrifty treasure!

    Tales from Bloggeritaville

  14. ooooo…I really like that! Great copy cat! Thanks for posting!

  15. This is very cool. You have a real talent with the editing programs.

  16. This is more cool than PB, because it is yours, Good Job.. Lezlee

  17. Wow, great job! It looks just as good as the PB print!

  18. Gorgeous!! I love good wall art on the cheap!! Well done 🙂

  19. Ack…this is totally fabulous, love it! I have a slight obsession with Pottery Barn so I get all giddy when I see a good knock off!

  20. I love this! And I am kicking myself for all the “real” stuff I bought from PB and everywhere else…that was of course before my blogland experience. Now I don’t want to buy anything full price and always check GW first. Ha!

  21. by the way you did a great job!

  22. I love it! This would be perfect for a print that I love that is discontinued (but fortunately I saved the digital copy on my computer). Did you print it on photo paper or cardstock or what? Thanks for sharing the lovely idea and inspiring us all!

  23. That is really great! I’m all for over-sized, but sometimes it just doesn’t work….great way to get creative!

  24. Cute! I love it.

  25. Stephanie,
    Do you just use word to create these?

  26. Love it! love it! love it!

  27. I have a serious fixation with number due to the fact that I love them. In fact, I am a math teacher owing to that was my dream since I was a little brat.
    Numbers are great so your blog!


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