Until Next Year…Christmas Decor

Until Next Year…Christmas Decor

Finally…It is all packed up. I always know when it is time for everything to come down ~ I start to feel a little anxious.

My favorite part is organizing the ornaments.

To make sure I don’t have any stragglers, I strip all of the trees bare and sort like ornaments together before packing away
Best and most inexpensive storage is the original packaging ~ Not sure why it took me so long to figure this out
Probably because I thought I had to have these for many years
I don’t have that many decorative ornaments but I sort these the same way
All non breakable ornaments go into labeled paper bags and stored in a plastic quilt storage bag {They make great storage for practically everything and I rarely part with them}

The delicate ornaments get individually wrapped in tissue and stored in a shoe box inside a plastic tub.

Now I have blank canvases everywhere and cannot wait to share the re-decorating with you all!

Is everyone else packed up already?


  1. You’re so organized :) Most of my stuff is down – my roomy wants to keep the (bare) tree up for a bit longer so its still standing around in bewilderment 😉

  2. My stuff is down. I reused the Christmas tree outside as a birdfeeder. It is standing in the middle of my lawn with lots of birdfood hanging from it:)

  3. Wow! You’ve got alot of bulbs…they’re so pretty in their bins!


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