A Playroom of My Own ~ My Craft Workshop

A Playroom of My Own ~ My Craft Workshop

It has been a little over a year since we have moved in and I can finally say that what I envisioned as my dream workshop is close to being an actual reality. This unfinished space started with what seem like a million packed boxes which I ventured to begin unpacking at the beginning of January. As the weather grew colder the progress slowed down. Shortly after Donna over at Funky Junk Interiors began her workshop series and it was just the motivation I needed to set a completion date and get busy.
As much as I love a finished room {with drywall and flooring}, fancy furniture and storage units, and decorative crafty wall art, I took another route with this room. It encompasses everything I need in a workshop {Sewing area, Craft Supplies, Gift Wrapping Station, Paint, Tools and lots of storage} plus if you have ever seen me craft you would understand why I need a space where I can do almost anything and not destroy everything.
There are still a few projects on the to-do ~ So this is still a work in progress that I will continue to update, I’m sure! Oh, and if you are wondering, I obviously overlooked the first tip in Donna’s series…to purge. In my crafting world you can never have enough stuff!

Paint Storage ~ frequently used paints and primers are stored on this old shelf below. The stacked crates to the left hold additional gallon cans of ‘house paint’.I’ve recycled just about any shelf and storage unit I could find for this space.I have a little thing for tags…tea stained ones to be exact. The divided sections of an antique soda crate along with canning jars helps keep them organized.Fabric Storage ~ To protect the fabrics I decided to store them in plastic containers sorted by color. There are separate bins for felt as well as larger fabric remnants that are kept below in larger containers. If you missed my ‘trip down fabric memory lane’ you can find it here.
Stoneware & Tin molds
I love the use of storage glass jars mainly because you can easily see what’s inside. On the top shelf we have fabric scraps, buttons, and ribbon scraps; below that trimming, spooled ribbon, and twine; and on the bottom shelf embellishments, beads, coffee filters and shredded paper filler.
A Piece of Pegboard creates the perfect back drop for one of my crafting tables. Using ‘s’ hooks and plastic bins I was able to create much needed storage for all those tiny tidbits that come along with all crafting. Longer peg hooks hold spools of ribbon and scissors for a mini wrapping station. I’ll make a separate post shortly detailing the creation of this wall so check back.
This mini tool storage box is another wonderful option for organizing tiny trinkets and small treasures. The craft table is actually an old 8ft banquet table that I spruced up by stapling fabric to the top.
Canning jars make the best inexpensive decorative storage. I use them to hold a lot of things including glitter.
I still have a fond place in my heart for good old acrylic paints. For fast and easy finding I dab a tiny bit of paint on the lid and sort them by color.
More canning jars…
I have always had a problem storing gift wrapping. It usually ends up crinkled and destroyed by the time I get around to using it. My solution was to store it up high and out of the way. A simple ribbon tied around each roll holds the paper in place and prevents unrolling. I have a storage bin underneath the table that holds the gift bags, tissue and boxes within easy reach.
Tobacco wooden ladders and extra baskets…
Hanging basket trees are another wonderful organizing tool. I have a few that are hung from the rafters. One is the perfect storage for spools of wired ribbon and the other for rusty metal garland and wire.
An old wooden cupboard {minus the doors} sitting on top of a wooden hutch top creates sturdy storage for these containers.
Old wooden crates are my other go to for storage as shown here holding some terra cotta pots.
Modified antique chicken coops create perfect shelving as well. By simply cutting spare boards to size and placing them between the rails I was able to make the most out of the space. Another vertical antique soda crate makes the cutest little cubbies.
Being able to easily see and access items helps keep me organized. By writing the name of each of these oils on the lid I am able to pull out what I need without routing through the entire bin.Antique Textile Mill Sewing Bobbins…
Using what I have to create purposeful storage…
Candle Storage ~ The fabric covered crate is sturdy storage for glass jar candles. Votives are kept together in a metal pail and tapers in a basket below.
Repurposing an old wooden drawer for more storage.
A toy storage bin is another great catch all for small items.
Larger wreaths and frames are hung from the rafters by screwed in bike hooks.
The rafters are perfect for hanging large oversized items {one of the perks to an ‘unfinished’ space}. Behind the vintage sled a metal curtain rod suspended from more bike hooks makes perfect storage for baskets {another one holds more wreaths}- up high and out of the way.
I am hoping to hook up this chandelier in the spring. It fits perfectly over the center table.
More rafter storage use…
More bike hooks suspended from the ceiling help keep these berry garlands in order. Stems and picks were placed in a galvanized tub.Scrap wood and molding…
An old gear oil drum for the scrap metal…
The biggest best investment has been these tool chests. In my experience if everything has a place I am more apt to put it away and keep it tidy.
My grandfather’s old tool chest full of all his goodies. I love this piece.
I was very lucky to inherit my grandmother {in-law’s} wooden sewing table and bench…Love it. A small bushel basket holds extra thread spools and bobbins. Another 8ft table sits in the center of the room providing a nice solid work area. More canning jars in old rusty garden baskets hold odds and ends within arms reach. Wooden stackable storage cubbies sit at the opposite end of the table for additional easy to reach storage.
This makes me smile…
This area still needs a little work. We actually don’t have enough room on the tool bench for all the shop tools so we need to work out a plan for more space. The welded metal workbench sits underneath an old piece of scaffolding ~ more high storage utilizing every possible inch of this space.
I have big plans for this desk as well come spring & some warmer weather. Right now a piece of wooden bi-fold doors and ‘s’ hooks create a little nook to hang some gardening supplies. Wooden ladders make nice flag hangers as well. If you have not been following Donna’s Workshop series you can still check it out by clicking here and view everyone’s inspiring spaces by clicking here.
Funky Junk's Workshop Series
Now I really want to create something! Enjoy!


  1. Ohhhhh my. This looks wonderful! I am adoring the jars in that crate! Goodness… lookit all that paint! This place is a toystore for a DIYer!

    What a cool workspace, Stephanie! I do hope you come back and post more pics. I’d love to see every square inch!

    Thanks for being a part of the Workshop Series Before and After event!

    FJ Donna

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    Tales from Bloggeritaville

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  9. that is such a great use of space.
    It is obvious by looking at your space you like to craft.
    My space is cleared out and ready to go; but I don’t know what I’m gonna do there yet!
    I did use it the other day for a project- not counting the tassel 😉
    I like that your table is right in the middle and I love that you have all those tool trays– the jars of doo-dads and ribbons and the buckets of rocks… all great ways to keep craft supplies at the ready.

    good job!

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    This is a crafters dream room! Congratulations, it looks fabulous.

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    Wendy and Maddie

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    The attention to paid to detail is amazing. I bet it feels great to work in there!

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    I am happy for you, with just enough envy thrown in to keep it real..LOL

    Seriously FANTASTIC ROOM!!!!!
    good for you

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    I would love to work in a space that was more separate from my home. That way I could “walk away”. It’s too hard to stop working when you work in your home.


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  65. I showed my hubby your playroom and he looked at me and asked me, “Are you trying to say that you want to take the entire garage for your playroom?” He cracks me up! I said, “Why not?!” hahaha

    I think we are all jealous of your space.. 2 thumbs up in organizing your stuffs.. =)

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    I really do love your ideas on your storage and I am jealous that you have such a great space to create awesome things 🙂

  67. I have followed your posts and you do have brilliant ideas especially on unique stuff! Superb!


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