Adding a Touch of Green to The Dining Room

Adding a Touch of Green to The Dining Room

I am forever changing the dining room with each season. {I really don’t know if I’ll ever find a look in here that I will totally love and want to keep} I have to say though with all the black furniture I’m loving the addition of whites and green right now ~ They are one of my favorite color combinations. Something about them is so simple, fresh, and clean.The lanterns were a TJMaxx find and as you may already know they are on my see and snatch up list. They were purchased last year at an incredible price of $12.99 each, which is a score considering their size.

The little pot holding the greens was a $1 find at a Pfaltzgraff outlet and started out white. {oh how I love a can of spray paint} The book was a lucky find at a thrift shop and just happened to be the perfect shade of green underneath the paper cover. I have yet to read it as it is a collection of letters a grandfather wrote to his autistic grandson about love, loss, and the gift of life. {I’m saving it for when I really want to cry my eyes out}

The vase was a Ross find for $14.99. It was a horrific shade of iridescent purple and also received some spray paint love. {a base coat of black and a top coat of oil rubbed bronze} I fell in love with the size and shape and think for a vase that size it was a deal.The wire cake stand was found at Marshall’s and the moment I saw it I knew I had to have it.

The apples are the perfect shade of green and will never go bad!

I had so much fun making the yarn nests and appreciate all the wonderful compliments. {thank you} If you missed the tutorial you can find it here.

I love browsing the garden section for indoor decor; you can find some wonderful pieces at great prices. This finial is an outdoor piece with a perfect stone finish and the cutest white chippy painted bird. Just the right rustic touch for my style.

The urn was another thrift store find and was originally clear glass. Glass is one of my favorite things to spray paint; the finish is almost always perfect. You can’t go wrong with ivy houseplants either. I am all about storage and I put all the empty space in this room to use by bringing in pieces that have hidden storage. The two pieces under the mirror {in the first picture} have adequate lower storage cabinets, the tall pantry {not completely shown but the ivy plant and bird finial are sitting on top} has five shelves behind closed doors, the skinny chest {in corner above} has four small drawers, and the cart above has two lower cabinets and two drawers. Every piece is full of stuff!

This cart was originally purchase for our kitchen as a make shift island. {the one thing I truly missed about our old house…a large kitchen island} I loved that fact that it is on casters and could be moved around when we needed extra space. During a dinner party it made it’s way into the dining room and has been there ever since. It started off white and with a little paint fits right in with the rest of the room.

There’s nothing better than using what you already have to accessorize ~ un-used dishes are perfect for filling up space.

I put together this simple piece and it became the my inspiration for the room. If you missed it you can read about it here. Black, cream and green boxwood are a few of my favorite things. {and tarnished silver too!}

This starburst mirror is one piece I don’t think will ever leave the room. I wanted one of these for so long that I finally broke down and made my own last fall for a fraction of the cost; just under $5.00 to be exact. {you can find my tutorial here}

The only thing I have left to do in here for spring is set the table {and I better get a move on it considering I’m hosting dinner this weekend} At least one setting is complete! I’m working on the centerpieces and other settings now so I hope to have them posted soon. Enjoy!


  1. Green, black and white is such a beautiful combination and it looks lovely for spring.

  2. I have a black dining room. Now I know what to do with it.. Thank you. Beautiful as always

  3. Love it ALL! Gorgeous. My only complaint is that your pics are so small on my little Mac book. Make them big and luscious so I can really enjoy all the eye candy! My favorite piece is your bird finial. I want one!

  4. Every time I see your candle with the boxwood, I fall more in love with it! Thanks for the dining room tour – great taste!

  5. I love your ‘make shift island’. I’m looking for something like that as I miss my island in our old house. I like green, but just can’t seem to commit to color! I like what you’ve done w/it!

  6. Everything is so pretty. I love black furniture, but don’t have much of it…but I did try to talk DD2 into some. She’s not going for it! lol The touches of green and white really bring the room to life. Lovely home.

    Thanks for stopping by AtticMag and leaving your sweet comment.


  7. I love the black, white and green color combo.

  8. I love your pops of green against the black. That’s a stunning color combo. I also like the book you incorporated.

  9. It all looks great! I love the white, green and black combination.

  10. Once again, I love every single picture. You and I share the same design style! Love it!

  11. I LOVE everything, Stephanie! I have always been a little afraid of black but you could make a convert out of me. And I like how you have found so many bargains. I love shopping at garden centers. SO many outdoor pieces look just as nice indoors and I like that bird!

    I like the glass vase you painted, too. Do you use a special paint?

    Hope you are having a lovely week, and hope to be in the party next time!


  12. LOVE it! My Dining room has black furniture also. I hope to take pictures later this week as I just finished my holiday table. I love what you did with the space!

  13. I just love, love, love this room and your vignettes. I’m totally into your color combo as well. Fabulicious is all I can say.

  14. i really like the splash of green you’ve added. i decided to use green but for my family room, thinking pillows for the sectional and plants for the mantle. i got my original inspiration from layla at the lettered cottage and now u.

  15. I love green accents with black – looks great. A LIGHTBULB just went on in my head – you spraypaint GLASS?? Do you use any old spraypaint? WOW, I already have the wheels turning in my head!!

  16. I think it all looks fabulous! I love the green and white with the black, too. Love that vase! You had great vision to get that and paint it. I want to pick out what I love, but I really like everything you’ve shown us here, so I can’t pinpoint specific things! Nicely done! : )

  17. Lovely, all of it! You have a beautiful way of decorating and accessorizing everything. Loved all of it.

  18. absolutely beautiful! great job! I love the pop of green with the apples. I dropped in from Blue Cricket. Hope to see you back at my place soon! until later…

  19. Stephanie,
    I love your style. The black is so classic! Lezlee

  20. Wow, you’ve got a great design going here. So calming and beautiful!

    Thanks for the post

  21. This room looks beautiful! You are so talented. Do you mind if I ask what color of paint do you have on your walls? I have a lot of black furniture as well, and am thinking of repainting. If I can work up the energy for the entire house…

  22. I love all of your vignettes. They all have their own character but belong together at the same time.

  23. What fabulous and simple touches that add impact! thanks for linking up!

  24. love. it.

  25. I love your dining room. So gorgeous! I would love for you to come by and visit. I am having a spring blog party next week, and this would be a great post.

  26. You have a real eye for vignettes and everything here just repeats and flows so well. Nicely done
    Pamela @ Becolorful

  27. You have a very pretty dining room. I love versatile furniture pieces with lots of storage too and you have some great examples.

  28. You come up with the most beautiful things!! I just love it!!

  29. What a pretty dining area you have there. I love your decor. My daughters name is Stephanie Lynn too 🙂

  30. What great style you have! Everything looks perfectly wonderful and homey.

  31. All turned out lovely…but that book. Oh, I bet that is a real tear jerker. How sweet of a Grandpa to do that…sounds like my father in law. Your home is gorgeous! Come visit me…I’m having a $100 giveaway.

  32. How pretty everything is! You have a lovely home and really know how to make pretty!
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  33. You have a way with things, ya know? I love your style, and wish I were so brave. I think out of the whole thing tho, I would love to see one of the decorated garden balls available somewhere I shop! Great post! Have a wonderful week, and stop by and visit me sometime too!

  34. Love your tan room with the black furniture and then the addition of the green and white is just perfect to me. All of your urns, wire cakestand and accessories are just gorgeous. The garden orb with the bird is stunning. I absolutely love it. Beautiful. Hugs, Marty

  35. Awesome color scheme.

  36. What a pretty room! I love the black with the pop of green and white.


  37. Just lovely!


  38. I love everything! I also like using this color combo, it’s great to see someone else’s take on the colors! Great job!

  39. Your dining room is gorgeous! Truly magazine-worthy! I love the colors you’ve used — the overall effect is clean and elegant.

  40. Amazing job you did on the formerly incandescent purpose vase. Love that and all the other details. P.s. We have a really useful giveaway this week. — Jane F.

  41. I love your dining room! I just redid my mantel with black, white and green.

    I’m looking for a big mirror like yours to put over my buffet.


  42. Im in love!!!!! Can you tell me the wall color? [email protected](dot)com

  43. I love love love it! Everything about it! Beautifully done! May I ask…where did you find that magnificent island cart? I love how it has an empty spacer below the top two drawers! Its exactly what im looking for!

  44. Hi – I just love your style, which was very, very inspiring to me ! And I love black furniture mixed with cream, grey, white and a touch of green ! Have a great weekend, hug, Barbara from Switzerland


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