For The Kiddies ~ Spring Art & Crafts Edition Part One

For The Kiddies ~ Spring Art & Crafts Edition Part One

It’s time again to update the ‘Kiddie Art Gallery’ for spring. I haven’t forgotten about posting pictures of the finished wall however, I admit, I still need to add a few trim pieces for it to be complete {and that is still on my to-do}. Meanwhile, my little crafting buddy has been busy again getting messy and creating a few masterpieces.

I appreciate all the feedback from the St Patrick’s Day Edition and I am thrilled, to say the least, to see so many little budding crafters out there. If you decide to create any art with your little ones this month shoot me an email with pictures ~ I would love to put together a gallery feature!

~Paper Plate Chick~ Materials Needed: Two 7 inch Paper Plates, Yellow and Orange Craft Paint, Green Tissue Paper, One Googly Eye, Two Small Sticks, White Glue

Start by painting the backside of both paper plates with yellow craft paint {or the color of your choice}

Once dry cut one of the paper plates into quarters then into the shapes as posted above. Once you get the small triangle cut let your little one paint a coat of orange on this as this will become the beak.

Using green tissue paper, cut strips for the grass. I used pinking shears to cut mine – it adds cute little detail.

I simply used a sheet of cardstock as our background to glue the pieces together, adding the googly eye and sticks for the legs. What a cute little chick ready for spring!
~Handprint Burlap Birdie~

Materials Needed: Scrap Fabric, Small Pieces of Felt {beak & eyes}, Burlap, Two Googly Eyes, Two Small Sticks, Scrap Cardboard for Template, and White Glue

Using a piece of scrap cardboard trace your little ones hand {the best you can} to create a template. Trace the template onto your burlap and cut out two handprints.

From a piece of scrap fabric cut a background to assemble your birdie to. Since I ‘m framing our art I cut an 8X10 piece and used spray adhesive to attach it to a piece of cardstock. Once you have your background, glue the two handprints down ~ these will become the wings.

You will then need to cut a circle {for the body – I used another paper plate as a template} and small triangle {for the crest} from the burlap. I thought I took another picture of the pieces but I didn’t. From cream felt cut two small circles for the eyes. From Brown Felt cut a small diamond shape for the beak. Glue together and add the googly eyes and stick legs. I just love this little birdie!
~Marble Art Monogrammed Egg~

Materials Needed: Two Pieces of Cardstock, Multiple Color Craft Paint, a Marble, Small Box, Brown Kraft Paper, White Glue

My little guy loved this one! Tape the corners of a sheet of cardstock to the bottom of a box to hold in place. Take a marble and dip it in some craft paint making sure to coat the entire marble. Place the marble in the box and let your little one shake the box rolling the marble back and forth. Repeat with different color paints to create a splattered effect. You may have a hard time ending this activity as I did! Once dry cut out an egg shape from the cardstock.
I ran a few pieces of brown Kraft paper through my paper shredder for the nest. You could also use pre-shredded paper found in the gift wrapping section or Easter grass. Spread some glue on the second piece of cardstock and let your little one sprinkle on the shredded paper creating the nest. Glue the ‘marbled’ egg on top. For a little personal touch I cut out a monogrammed letter from the same kraft paper and glued on top the egg. Who doesn’t love a monogrammed piece of kiddie art?
~Mini Happy Spring Pennant Bunting~

Materials Needed : Scrap Fabric, Twine, Craft Paint, Foam Alphabet Stamps, and Hot Glue

Cut eleven triangles from scrap pieces of fabric. I made a small template from a piece of cardboard to ensure all the triangles were the same size. If your little one is going to help stamp the letters I would suggest to cut a few extra…we needed them!
Stamp your letters onto the triangles using craft paint and foam stamps. I love alphabet foam stamps. You can find them in any craft store for about $4.00 in many different fonts and styles. I love having perfect letters and use these little guys for a lot of different projects – they come in handy!
Using a hot glue gun attach your triangles to the twine. Of course my little guy had to take the backseat on this one. I am sure you could use regular glue as well – I just wanted to ensure that they stayed put.
Since I was using this as part of our wall gallery I attached the pennants to a large open frame with a piece of burlap covering the photo spot. The little pennants look so cute blowing in the wind from our ceiling fans.
I have a few more kiddie projects which I’ll share within the next few days. I have so much fun getting my little guy involved in these projects. He has a total blast and is so happy that he gets to join in. Best part is anything goes when your making kiddie art – there are no mistakes and you end up with little mementos to cherish {got to love that} Enjoy!


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    -Ann Marie

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    Thanks for letting me come visit!

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