PB Inspired Birdie Nests

PB Inspired Birdie Nests

Last week I had the opportunity to guest post over at Someday Crafts. If you haven’t had the chance to visit Michelle’s Blog, please go stop by and check it out! It is a fabulous site that is constantly updated with tons of fabulous projects and links ~ all in one easy place. The inspiration over there is incredible!
I wanted to share the project tutorial for the PB Inspired Bird Nests here just in case you missed it…
Today I’d like to share a little ‘nesting’ craft with you all. I have had this in my own ‘someday craft’ file since PB put it up on their website for spring. I love the challenge of remaking a brand name piece ~ it’s a little something that keeps me creating.Materials needed: Yarn, Fabric Stiffener, and a balloon. {It’s that simple}
I began by cutting the yarn into 6-8 inch strips. You will need quite a few and it’s better to have them pre-cut. I used a cotton worsted weight yarn; however, this project will work with any type.
I blew up the balloon just a bit to create my form then placed it, tie side down, in a bowl to have a nice sturdy working space.
The secret ingredient for this project…Fabric Stiffener. {I used Plaid ‘Stiffy’ brand} You can find it in the sewing section of your local craft store.
Place 5-6 strands of yarn at a time in a cup and pour enough stiffener in to completely cover. You want the yarn to sit for a few minutes to become totally saturated.
Working with one strand at a time, place the yarn on the balloon overlapping and layering pieces as you go.Keep going until you have the entire balloon covered. You’ll definitely want to work on a protected space as this gets a little messy.
The hardest part is waiting for these little guys to dry. I waited 48 hours to ensure the yarn was completely hardened. The fun part is deflating the balloon. Turn the balloon over in the bowl and cut a small hole near the tie to slowly release the air.
If there is any residue left on the inside of the ‘nest’ {as I had above} you can easily cover this up with a light coat of black spray paint.
It’s darling with a simple votive {I actually used a flameless candle…I have a three year old, need I say more}or how about some speckled eggs…
…festive carrot bells…
or simply a little birdie nestled in a bed of greens welcoming spring. {which is finally here!}
Thanks again Michelle for letting be a part of Someday Crafts! Enjoy!


  1. YOU are my new favorite blogger!! I have some major catching up to do here! Your home and your ideas are just my style!! Thanks for sharing all of your ideas!

  2. These are great! I can’t believe you made them from fabric. I thought for sure it was like a faux wrought iron or some sort of metal. WOWZA!

  3. Another fabulous idea. I love how this project turned out. Thanks once again for sharing your ideas with us.

  4. What a wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing.

  5. It turned out great! Love it!

  6. Love this! You are incredible and full of so many great ideas! I love the little carrot bell too!

  7. Lovely! It looks so pretty!

  8. I love how they turned out! You’re very creative…good job!


  9. Wow, thanks for the tutorial! It really helps to see each step.

  10. Wonderful Idea!! I am bookmarking this. I think I will try to make an Easter basket using this idea, and I’ll be sure to add a link to your blog!

  11. That is darling! I want to make one!!


  12. I am going the make these this week with my crew. they will love it, expecially since it involves getting the hands messy. 🙂

  13. This is such a great idea. I want to make one too!

    I’m hosting a giveaway and I’d love it if you stopped by my blog!

  14. What a wonderful idea…thanks for sharing it!!

  15. Love it! Just might have to try this! How cute!

  16. I saw your link at Between Naps on the Porch. Great project. Would be fun with the kids and many applications! Thanks for sharing it.

  17. So cute and easy… two of my favorite things! Love it!

  18. This is so cute, thanks for sharing! I love a good PB inspired project! ~Marcy

  19. TOTALLY COOL!! I am so doing this project 🙂


  20. So cute! I can’t wait to try it. Please visit my blog for a little bit of sunshine I’m sending your way!

  21. This is just such a great and easy project. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  22. What a completely charming craft for Easter or any time. So clever of you. Hope you’ll visit us to see our headboard bench project. — Jane F.

  23. Oh wow, what a wonderful idea! It looks gorgeous with the little nest in it:)

  24. That is sooo cute! I absolutely LOVE your blog and all your great ideas. I have already made the book page bird (love it!) and am excited to see the many more wonderful ideas you come up with!

  25. My mom used to do this with yarn all the time. What a blast from the past. Love your nest!

  26. so simple….love that.

  27. you are amazing!

  28. How pretty! And so versatile.


  29. Love love LOVE this! I was just admiring these nests on the PB website this morning, wondering how I could make them, and then I come across your blog from Twice Remembered’s Make Your Monday. Thanks for sharing, I will be trying this asap!!

  30. I’m loving your site! Soooo many great ideas. Your home is gorgeous and I love your style and photographs. I’m becoming a follower!!


  31. wish i’d found your site before now!

  32. Just found this and it is awesome! I’ll be trying this one – great projects and great site!

  33. Oh my goodness. That’s awesome!

  34. I am so glad I saw this before Easter! Those are so cute!



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