Recycled Sweater Vase {Lindsay’s $5 Challenge}

Recycled Sweater Vase {Lindsay’s $5 Challenge}

I adore Country Living and was totally inspired by that warm cozy feel of recycling old sweaters into natural rustic decor.
Let me start by saying this project cost me $1.00; yep, that’s right ~ One whole dollar. Nothing that is going to break your bank here, plus it’s so easy peasy anyone with a glue gun can handle this, I promise.
I bought the glass cylinder vase from the beloved Dollar Tree {these are all over blog land being used as diy candle sticks and apothecary jars so I know almost all of the Dollar Trees carry them ~ they are located in the candle isle} The sweater was mine worn one too many times. I have to say I am so tired of winter this year that it was easy for me to give this one up. Our Dollar Tree also carries a few sweaters so if you are not willing to part ways with any of your clothing, this project will cost you $2. The only other materials needed to create this project are a glue gun and a tiny bit of a glue stick.
I began by sliding the vase into one sleeve of the sweater.
You want the nice clean edge of the cuff to be at the top of your vase.
Cut the sleeve 1 inch above the base of the vase so you are left with some material to wrap around the bottom.
Make a two slits in the sweater approximately 2 inches apart and glue that piece to the bottom of the vase.
You want your vase to sit level so it’s important to not have any overlapping pieces of sweater on the bottom. To ensure this, fold over the next section and cut the access piece that is created with you line up your next cut.
Trim off the access piece so your seam is level and work your way around the entire bottom.
Once you are completely done go back and trim off and glue down and uneven pieces until your vase sits level.
Love the simplicity; be still my beating heart.
Oh, and the branch was courtesy of spring so no additional costs were incurred.
The cuff of the sleeve creates a perfect finished look on the top.
The shape of these particular vases just happens to be the perfect circumference to fill a sweater sleeve nice and snug.
I heart cable knit…{and inexpensive easy projects}
I still have the rest of the sweater to work with too {oh the possibilities} Stay Tuned! Enjoy!



  1. That is seriously fantastic!!! (I heart cable knit too!) Love it!!

  2. that looks fantastic! i actually have an old sweater i was saving to “one day” make a purse or pillow, but i think this idea suits me more. love it!

  3. Beautiful! I can’t believe your dollar store has cable knit sweaters! Ours only has onesies that say I Pood! haha! I am jealous!

  4. That looks great! You had the perfect sweater for it!

  5. Love it! and love the color too. Another great place for ‘junk’ sweaters would be the Goodwill at half off price. They would be about $2 at mine. So STILL an under $5 project. 😉

  6. Looks fantastic! I have a few sweaters I could do away too…I am inspired!

    Blessings, Grace

  7. That is fantastic! Love the texture the sweater gives it. Love It!!

  8. That’s a really neat idea! Great job!

  9. Great project and love that there’s no sewing involved…..oh how I wish I could sew. Humm where do I need a sweater vase?

    Kendra “Domestic Princess in Training”

  10. That looks fabulous! I love the sweater color you chose to use – very earthy. Nicely done!

  11. Love it!!

  12. I love sweater vases, sweater pillows, sweater shades…all of it! Looks great :).

  13. How cute is that!!

  14. Adorable!!

  15. I love this!! fantastic idea!

  16. Love it!! So very creative!

  17. Gorgeous!! I covered some pots on my plants with a sweater sleeve…love it! I love recycling sweaters!!

  18. So cute, love the idea! I’m sure any stretchy fabric would work, which will really increase the possibilities…

  19. What a great project! You are a clever and crafty girl. Happy Spring!

  20. I like : )

  21. Perfect! I love repurposing old sweaters…tucking this one away for future reference.

  22. i see a purse or a tote bag in your future with that sweater! great idea with the vase…very pretty.
    ~judi 😉

  23. How creative is this? Time to dig through my cedar chest of sweaters.

  24. Sooo cute. I love it!

  25. Looks cozy..if I was a flower of a branch., Very chic and fun. I am so trying this…I have some branches from the yard that need a sweater.

  26. Looks cozy..if I was a flower of a branch., Very chic and fun. I am so trying this…I have some branches from the yard that need a sweater.

  27. Love it! Looks great.
    I also love your blog. I am completely jealous of your playroom and all those great (and cute) storage bins and cubbies.I am going to follow!


  28. How cute is that?! So original, I love it!

  29. What a creative way to reuse a sweater! I never thought a vase could look so cozy. 🙂 Very orginal..and very cute. 🙂


  30. I love anything with texture. Oh, and I love anything inexpensive! Looks like this project is right up my alley! Great idea!

  31. This is so lovely!! I’m a sucker for cozy texture! Thanks for the great inspiration 🙂 It’s looks especially good with the cable-knit sweater.

    Nice work!!

  32. Love it! What a great idea. I love mixing up textures.

  33. I’ll be copying you! Just like that…not shame at all!!! LOL! Thank you so much for sharing!!

  34. I just lover this project!!!

  35. I would never, ever think to do something like this! What a great idea, it’s beautiful!

  36. You are maybe too clever, hahaha x Love it

  37. Totally a cute idea! I’m impressed that you pulled it off for a buck!! Nice!! Thanks for linking to Creative Cats!

  38. Lovely project! I have been on the lookout for sweater to use for similar projects. No luck so far. I really love the purple color on yours.

  39. this is a fantastic idea! i love all the sweater pillows, but can’t sew. the glue gun and i, however, have become fast friends. this will go in my to do file, especially to have out for the winter months!

  40. I love this! What a warm feeling it adds to the room! 🙂

  41. How cool are YOU!!! That’s so neat. Love the unique and unusual you come up with.

    Thanks for linking it up to SNS!
    FJ Donna

  42. Oh I love this! What a great idea and how cool that you did it so cheaply, it’s beautiful!

    Kat 🙂

  43. That is so cute! The perfect accessory for the cold winter months.

  44. Oh. My. Goodness! Simple. Beautiful. NOT PASTEL! I will copy! That’s the ultimate compliment, right?


  45. Very, very nice. It looks awesome, love the color of that sweater. Thanks for sharing!

  46. so so cute! love this and want one. Can’t decide which one in the family has to sacrifice a sweater.

  47. Ughh! That’s so cute, and cozy! 🙂 Love it!

  48. I love the color and texture – wonderful idea…

  49. That is TOO cool. I love it. Thanks so much for posting at Favorite Things Friday!

  50. So adorable! I’ve seen these at stores and totally wanted one, but didn’t want to part with my cash… Thanks for the tutorial!!

  51. That is so cute! What a perfect way to add texture to a room.

  52. What a cute idea! You did a fantastic job!


  53. I never would have thought to do something like that – it looks great!

  54. Thi is a very unique idea and a great way to recycle an old sweater!

  55. What a neat and thrifty idea…thanks for coming to my PAR-TAY…hope you are having a good time:)


  56. super cute! very anthropologie.

  57. What a cute project and wow….Be blessed. Cindy

  58. Caa-ute!!

  59. Hopping over from Coastal Charm… what a fabulous project! I love the finished vase!

  60. Hmm….I might just have to use those sleeves from the sweater that I felted and made into a pillow. Thanks for the idea!


  61. Oh, that’s so fun!

  62. What a great way to repurpose a sweater! And I’m sure you’ll come up with a creative way to repurpose the rest of the sweater too.

  63. That’s pretty cute.

  64. this is such a great idea and absolutely beautiful! As I was reading I was already doing a mental run through all my old sweaters for ones I can cut up! Thanks so much for sharing!

  65. Thank you so much for sharing this FANTASTIC – simple & rustic project to easily add charm to home decor for fall! I’m sharing it over on my blog – of course with a link back to you…

    Blessing to you – clever & crafty DIY Godess!
    😀 Lynda

  66. I’ll be checking out Goodwill now when I go this week. I love your candleholders. They are so cute! And I especially love the round ones. Thanks for sharing your idea! Love & blessings from NC!

  67. Just wanted to let you know I made some of these myself! Of course – I gave you credit for the idea and the amazing tutorial! Thanks again!

  68. Krásné…

  69. So pretty and warm! I love this idea! I featured this on my blog today:

  70. I was poking around trying to find some craft ideas to write about on my blog and found your site. Really excellent stuff, I will be mentioning you’re page, and tuning in to see what else you do. Keep it up!

  71. Love it!! So very creative!

  72. Thanks for sharing nice information I learn lot more.



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