Flowering Easter Egg Centerpiece Tree

I wanted to share a little more info on the Easter Egg Tree centerpiece I made for the kiddie table. If you are still looking for a last minute table decoration this is a super easy quick project to add some festive fun to your decor. I’m sure most of you already have everything on hand to make this as well, which is an added plus!

The key is finding the perfect branch, which may require a nice walk in the woods. {not so bad} I gave my branch a couple coats of white spray paint until it was completely covered and placed in a vase anchored with a couple rocks for stability.
Now onto the eggs, which are simply inexpensive plastic eggs wrapped with fabric scraps. There is not much to this but if you want to check out my previous tutorial go here. Once you have all your eggs wrapped you want to hot glue a strip of ribbon to the top making sure that when you hold it up it hangs straight. {you’ll only need a very tiny dab of glue}
To attach the eggs to the tree, dab a tiny bit of hot glue to the branch and wrap the end of the ribbon around several times until it is secured in place.
I thought my tree need a little extra special touch so I found some faux cream flowers in my stash and disassembled them taking the center stem completely out.
This left a perfect little hole in the center of the flower that I was able to poke right onto the branch.
This adds an adorable delicate touch to the branches. I think I’ll be using this again on a tree without the eggs! {so pretty}
And there you have it – a simple last minute inexpensive centerpiece. I hope this helps answer some of the questions I received today about the tree – If not please let me know. Enjoy!


  1. I love the tree! You are going to have one beautiful Easter table.
    Very clever tip about the flowers too!

  2. Very, very clever using the fake flowers on the real branch!!


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