Healthy Summertime DIY Freeze Pops

Healthy Summertime DIY Freeze Pops

Nothing like a quick and easy ice cold treat to cool you down on a hot summer day. As a kid freeze pops were a summertime staple ~ we loved them and my mom always had them on hand. I still enjoy a good ole’ icy pop, {blue would be my favorite} however I needed to come up with a healthy alternative now that I am more conscious about what’s going into my little guys body. Sure it is less expensive to buy a gigantic box of these at your grocers, but most are packed with high fructose corn syrup and artificial flavors and dyes. By making your own you’re in complete control of what’s inside and you can even sneak in some added nutrients and vitamins as well! I have a set of reusable pop makers {which are probably a bit greener to use} but sometimes it’s nice to be able to give my son a treat that looks like what the other kids are carrying around instead of always telling him it’s something he can’t have.
To make your own freezer pops you’ll need a food sealer {I used my FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer}, 8 Inch wide roll of packaging, and fruit/vegetable juice of your choice.
From the roll of packaging I cut a strip measuring 2 1/2 tall. {the roll itself is 8 inches wide}
You are actually only going to use the ‘sealing strip’ for this, as you do not need to vacuum seal these shut.
Lay your cut piece of packaging on the sealing strip and seal one side, then flip over and seal the other.
Since the edges of the packaging already come sealed you should now have a complete enclosed rectangle.
Cut one end off…
…and fill with juice. {I used a mix of organic juice and water for these} Organic vegetable juice or homemade purées are also favorites. If my son didn’t have allergies I would definitely make some using yogurt or pudding. {yummy}
Carefully holding the pop upright, the last thing to do is seal the open end back up. I put the Food Saver close to the edge of the counter so the pop could hang vertical and simply bent the top over to seal.
Place these babies in the freezer for a bit and they are ready to go. A yummy knock-off done just a little bit better! I’ll be back tomorrow to show you how to make the perfect accessory for these tasty treats! {edit to add accessory post here} Enjoy!


  1. What a great idea…now I just need to go purchase that vacuum sealer that I’ve been wanting. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Brilliant!

  3. What a great alternative!

  4. Cool! That is such a great idea. And funny thing… I bought one of those 100 packs of them yesterday, and have a post scheduled with a picture of them. 🙂 {I couldn’t resist the colors}, but wow!! A healthier version is even better. I think I might add a link to your post when I publish it. Thanks for sharing.


  5. What a great idea! Makes me want to go buy a food saver…

  6. Super clever! I think I need one of those vacuum sealers…

  7. OOOOO! I need one of those thingys! What a great idea. Thanks for sharing. Jennie @ Cinnaberry Suite

  8. This is a great idea! I wondered how you made the plastic sleeves and you did a nice job walking me through it.

  9. Funny, i was just thinking yesterday how I could make my own… wish I had a food saver. Great idea! I ended up just buying a pack from the store!

  10. what a wonderful idea!

  11. Love this idea-would be fun to make an “adult” ice pops for parties too!

  12. Cool! I might have to borrow my MIL’s food saver. We have the reusable pop molds, too, and usually have them full of plain old water/ice in the freezer. My kids think it’s fun and it doesn’t stain or ruin appetites! BTW, my little guy was allergic to dairy and still is to red #40, so this is right up our alley!

  13. This is so cool! One of my best friends is trying to cut HFCS out of her kiddos lives… I’ll have to pass this on to her! =)

    *Ps: thanks for that, it’s always good to know that there are people who still support the troops serving our country!

  14. This is sooo brilliant!! Now I think I have the final reason to buy a food saver!!
    Thanks for joining up and linking this brilliant idea to my linky party!
    Rebecca of the R&W Gals

  15. What a great idea! I bet my boys would love to make their own freeze pops! I may have to borrow my grandmothers food sealer this summer:)

  16. What a neat idea!

    I would love it if you joined my “Saturday is Crafty Day” party on April 24th! Stop by my blog for details.

  17. I am loving this idea!
    I gave you the Sunshine Award over on my blog

  18. This is a great idea and perfect for making things a little bit healthier! I just might have to buy a food sealer now! Thanks for linking up to Be Inspired today.


  19. Super Super idea!!! Thanks for linking up and please come grab a button, we featured you!!!!

  20. what a good idea and I’d have never thought of it on my own! I might just have to make some for me to eat!

  21. I love this idea. I am featuring it on my blog tomorrow and sending them here for all the how to! Thanks for the great idea.

  22. I have had a vacuum sealer for quite a while but have not used it much. My daughters have allergies to dyes in food so we can’t buy the frozen pops. This is a great idea! Thanks!

  23. I used to keep them in the freezer for first aid when my kids were little. The red ones were great for numbing up mouth injuries (bikes, you know) because the kids didn’t know how much of the red was from the treat and how much was blood. They were also useful to numb up fingers that had been mashed in various ways. I had trouble applying an ice cube to injuries, but the pushup pop was always welcome!

  24. Thank you for posting this! I love this idea as well as the “cozy” you made for them! I do something similar with homemade fruit roll-ups for my kids. They would love the juice pops!

  25. Ok, seriously I think you win the award for supermom hands down. Theis is a brilliant idea and the holder is darling. Thanks so much for linking up to Tot Tuesdays this week! I am hosting my first giveaway which ends on Tuesday. I hope you’ll stop by. Have a great week! ☺

  26. Such a great idea! Very creative Stephanie!


  27. What a great idea! Thank you for sharing this with us….

  28. I’m planning to do a post about homemade popsicles later today and I’ll be linking to your post!

    This is so clever but I have to say the cost would be too much for us to do it much. Those food saver rolls are not cheap! My little guy is too young for these now but I might give it a shot in a few years. I would have to wash and reuse the bags (and watch the pops get shorter and shorter!)

  29. I have had rolls of those baggie – materials – for my vaccum sealer for years!! never seem to use them much – what a great use!! I love this and am so doing it today as it is HOT here in TX!! Thansk!!

  30. Ahh! I hadn’t even seen yours! You had far more patience than I did to make them individually!

    Great minds think alike!

    *Sarah Rae

  31. This is fantastic! I was looking at your ice pop holder tutorial and wondering how I could make some ice pops that I could give my kids with a good conscience. Even regular apple juice is a treat for my kids so to make my own pops for them would make me mom of the year. Woohoo!


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