Treats for our Extra Special Feathered Friends

Treats for our Extra Special Feathered Friends

It has been a rough winter for our outdoor friends this year. {I could easily tell by the numerous times our secured trash ended up scattered across our property} I can’t hold that against them though, as my little guy loves to bird watch, so we made some Easter treats today to welcome them around.
I used the same ‘recipe’ that I made for our Valentine for The Birds back in February. It is a quick and simple mix of 4 Tablespoons of Knox Gelatin, 1 Cup of Water, and 2 Cups of Bird Seed. For the step by step tutorial click here.
The cute Wilton Egg pans were found at a thrift shop a few months ago for a couple dollars each. I thought they would be perfect for this and snatched them up!
They make our blooming tree so festive for the holiday! Happy Spring feathered friends ~ Hope to see you soon! Enjoy!


  1. Such a sweet, wonderful idea 😀

  2. These are so cute! What a wonderful idea. I’ve given you the sunshine award:

  3. What a great idea…fabulous!

  4. That is a clever idea. I even have one of those pans that I was going to declutter as i don’t make chocolates.

    Happy Easter to you and the birds.

  5. I love this idea! I love bird watching, too, and this is a super cute way to feed them.

  6. We feed the birds and really enjoy seeing the cardinals and blue jays that visit daily. I remembered your February post and forgot to bookmark it. I’m going back to read through the tutorial again.
    Happy Easter.

  7. Those are fabulous. I have to do some for our trees. And thanks for the recipe.

  8. Looks like you will have some very happy birdies!

  9. What a great idea! They’re so pretty too!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope you’ll come by again soon!

  10. We did something similar here a week or so ago, and we had such fun watching the birds (and squirrels!) enjoy their treats! We are so glad to see spring!

  11. Those are really cool!


  12. I have a hunter cat and the neighbors that surround our house also have hunter cats (3 in total so far, well, 4 with mine). My concern is that if I don’t put them high enough I may be calling the birds to their death. Have any of you had this problem and if so what may have been some of your solutions? Or did the birds themselves figure out a solution? How high up can I put them keeping my safety and fear of heights in mind. I would love to make these and put them in our trees for the birds. My email is [email protected]. Thank You for your advice.


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