Reclaimed Wood Plant Hangers and Bird Feeders

Reclaimed Wood Plant Hangers and Bird Feeders

I’m so excited to finally be re-purposing some old wood from a pile on our property that I have simply refused to let go of. The weathered, worn and gray pieces have such character that I could never re-create with any finishing technique. I love having a go-to pile when inspiration strikes. I just adore garden decor and these versatile hangers can used for a number of adorable fillers. They can also be made with inexpensive 1X1 wood pieces from your hardware store as well.With a compound miter saw you want to cut four pieces of wood with 45 degree ends to form a perfect square. {approx. 6 inches long}

Add a little Gorilla Wood Glue to the corners and nail together.
Your left with a cute little frameUsing a tiny bit of Gorilla Stronger-Faster Glue attach small terra cotta flower pots to the bottom center rail. {You can find the tutorial for the faux finish on the terra cotta pots here}This Gorilla Glue really expands so it is perfect for the pots because of the recessed lip on the bottom. You only need to apply a tiny bit and it will magically triple in size and create an incredible bond. These little pots are not going anywhere.Once the glue is completely dry, drill a hole in the top rail for hanging.I potted some succulents in a few {perfect because of their low maintenance and high tolerance} and a few I made into bird feeders.

I just think they are super cute hanging from the trees.

I’m sure our feathered friends will think so too! Enjoy!

P.S. Had my foot check out today and it turns out it is sprained not broken ~ whew! Thanks for the kind comments – I appreciate it!


  1. Those are so lovely and fantastic that you had the materials right there! I love weathered wood.

  2. Great idea-I especially love the whimsy of it hanging from a tree!

  3. so cute! i love these- they would look great near my shed!

  4. Loving these ideas, Stephanie Lynn, so simple and elegant! TFS!

  5. Beautiful!
    P.S. Glad you heard good news about your injury!

  6. Those look great! I love that old barn wood.
    ~ Glad you’re foot’s not broken – though I know a sprain is no fun either. Praying for quick healing!

  7. What a fantastic idea for a planter!!! I love it !Sorry about the sprained foot- praying for a speedy recovery!

  8. Cute idea. I had to quit feeding my birds. I was feeding mice too!

  9. Ahh yes…the go-to wood pile! 🙂 I love mine too! Hee hee!
    Terrific project!
    Glad to know your foot is not broken! Still not fun though! Heal quickly!

  10. I love this project…wishing I had a compound miter saw, but it’s got me thinking about a stash of old frames I have in the basement.

  11. How cute is that! Like hanging art in your yard!

  12. I’m so in love with this idea! A pair of these would look so lovely on my front porch holding some trailing plants! I think I found one of my new projects!

  13. What a fantastic idea! You did a great job.

  14. Super cute! Looks like that will be a future projects for me! Thanks for the idea!

  15. Love these!! Very whimsical and fun.

  16. Really cute and a great way to recycle.

  17. You are such a talent! I think these are adorable and they just made my to-do list…thanks!

  18. Oh my gosh!!!!! So cute. I love all of your ideas. Thank you for all of your inspiration. I just made your otter pop holders, my kiddos love them! Can’t wait to see more…

  19. This is the coolest idea EVER! And to hang them from trees?!? So whimsical! Love this.

    Thanks for linking up to SNS!
    FJ Donna

  20. Ummm… L.O.V.E!!! Seriously, great job!

  21. Hey! I like that alot, alot, alot! SO cool and creative.
    Thanks for stopping by – not sure if the man was intimidated by my 5’2-3” frame – more likely he caught my husband’s eye!

  22. love these! 🙂 they are so chic framed!

    thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my new headboard!

  23. Love this! Now it makes me want trees in my yard!

  24. Love this idea! The combo of the weathered wood greys and the bright green of the succulent is yummy. That would brighten up any corner where it was hanging. Such a clever project!

  25. Those are adorable! I love the birdfeeder ones! My grandma would love one in her yard too! I hope your foot heals quickly:)

  26. Just found your blog today! Love it…I am fairly new to blogging…so much fun! Can’t wait to go back in your archives! Have a great day!

  27. This is so fun! I added this blog post link to my fardening blog – it is adorable – thanks for sharing, Paula in Idaho

  28. Very cute and original! Another fantastic idea from you, thanks for sharing!

  29. I really like what you did.. they look wonderful hanging in the trees! I’d have to put plants, the critters pull everything out of the trees here, so I can’t put out any food at all!
    What would we do without ‘gorilla glue’….

  30. So stinkin’ cute. Maybe my husband would go for a “go to pile”. He is borderline OCD and does not like stuff left out. I neet to make some of these for the porch!

  31. Very cute, I love feeding the birds too! Have a great weekend.

  32. This is fantastic. Your garden must be beautiful; these add so much character. I often find these sorts of frames at yard sales. Next time, I’m grabbing them!

  33. I just love your blog!! You are so creative!!!!!

  34. This is amazing! I love it. Great job

  35. These really are super, super cute! I just love weathered wood, you are so lucky to have it!

  36. Very pretty! I like the succulents-they’d look great on my patio. 🙂

  37. Stephanie Lynn… I love this idea! LOVE the weathered frame. And thanks for your sweet comment!


  38. A really clever idea!


  39. This is a really cute idea, looks great!

  40. How creative you are! I love this! Art for your birds! 🙂
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  41. Very clever – so interesting to look at!

    Stop over for a chance for a Lantern giveaway from CSN – patti

  42. Great ideal and very unique. Thanks for sharing.

  43. Why, these are just adorable! Thanks for sharing your technique.

    And I’m so glad to know that your foot is not hurt as badly as you feared. Thank God!

  44. Adorable! I love this idea. They look so cute!

  45. Clever ideas. I wish I could do the bird seed but the squirrels would empty it in 3 minutes flat.
    I like to see the unexpected in a garden.

  46. Oh, those are lovely! I never would have thought of that.

    Of course, it would be better if I had TREES around…

  47. Those are so sweet! What a clever idea!

  48. I’m visiting your blog back from Trendy Treehouse! Have a great week!

  49. Great Idea! I will have to share this with my husband and get him trying this with all of the wood he is saving for projects just like this one. Thanks for sharing the tutorial! They look great hanging.

  50. Terrific idea! We ahve lots of scrap wood here that my hubby will not part with….I see a new project in the works:) Thanks!!! Pinky

  51. Add I need to learn to miter to the list of things I need to learn (such as solder, use a table saw, weld….)


    These are gorgeous – make me some please. 😉

  52. Nice project. I would love it if you would link this up in Modern Craftswoman Monday. Very well done. Rory

  53. I love them…very unique and functional!! Thanks for sharing!

  54. These are so pretty! I love the use of reclaimed wood. I think I’ll have to make the feeder. Thanks so much, I’ll be linking.

  55. Fabulous! Sounds like a great holiday weekend project, my husband will thank you! 😉

  56. so cute,, I’d love to try this. I havent really mastered cutting those 45 degree angles though

  57. So cute and clever!

  58. I really LOVE this! I just love aged wood like that! How lucky you have a stash! Thanks for the idea!

  59. Oh my goodness I love this one!! My mind is rushing to make one too. Happy Tuesday!

    2nd time around

  60. Another fabulous project! You have my attention!!

    Thanks for linking!

  61. now that’s a different twist to hanging your plants, I love it!

  62. Cuuuuute idea! I have soooo many picture frames. I wonder if I could use them instead of making the frames but wonder if I they would hold up?

  63. You have some of the most wonderful ideas! I’m glad I ran into your site!

  64. Ah, j’adore l’idée, très originale !
    ca change et en plus c’est beau !
    bravo !

  65. Hi!! I am your newest follower from Randee’s Organized Chaos!! Would love for you to come take a look and follow along if you like and I am having my 1st Linking Party and would LOVE for you to link up!!

  66. I noticed you used gorilla glue, just want to warn you I have used said glue and found that it doesn’t always work, in fact I have found it to give way and what every I glued with it, fell apart. its not worth the investment. I have found the same to be true with glue used with gun guns. There are other products out there for hard surfaces such as pottery, and tile. You have to use one of those guns that carpenters or construction people use, people who caulk fast. I believe its called construction glue. you have to make sure that when you place your object down, its down. no chance for moving it, what so ever.

  67. J’adooooore (I looooove) Bisous bisous

  68. that’s great. Thank you for these great ideas 🙂

  69. That is so cute! I would love for you to post that at my craft showcase. I host a weekly craft showcase and would like to invite you to link up and join the link party. This link will take you to it…..

    Feel free to grab the button on my sidebar to link up to the craft showcase!

    xoxo, Marti


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