Floor Standing Globe {before & after}

Floor Standing Globe {before & after}

A couple weeks ago I literally jumped for joy when I found this piece at the local church’s annual yard sale. I chuckled a little when I handed the vendor $10.

The stand was very sturdy and the globe in excellent shape {a little discolored, but hey I like the vintage look, so that’s a good thing}. The wood had seen its day though and it was in desperate need of a good cleaning.

I couldn’t wait to get home to take this bad boy apart. {that was after the major sanitation scrub down} I disassembled all the pieces and gave the stand a coat of flat black and the meridian ‘ring thing’ a coat of satin nickel.

A little more my speed.

Still a little vintage with a light dusting of modern.

I knew these were expensive but was blown away when I decided to Google some prices….
$10 was a good deal =) I think

This will be going in my dining room {which would call for a mini makeover centered around the globe} Can’t Wait! Enjoy!


  1. This turned out fabu!!!!

  2. This is so cool. It’s just a fun piece! I especially love it in black! Great Job.

    Jennie @ Cinnaberry Suite

  3. Oh I love it! I really want to find a big floor globe. You totally lucked out!

  4. This turned out great.

  5. What a great find… I can’t get over the “after”. AMAZING!

  6. Looks fabulous!!

  7. This will be such an awesome piece in your dining room. Love it!!! Love & blessings from NC!

  8. What a great find! It looks fabulous! Congrats on your newest piece! 🙂

  9. beautiful! I’m jealous!

  10. Hi Stephanie Lynn-

    I love globes and maps and used to drive my daughter’s crazy as I was always pointing out where geographical locations were. I just have a simple school type one. Yours is perfect. A simple tweak has really updated it. Not only a decorative piece, but useful too.

  11. I love your globe! Looks so much better since you painted it. what a great deal, too!

  12. That is a totally awesome find and you made it fabulous!! Good work!!

  13. Great find. Love the facelift you did for the old girl.

  14. I CANNOT believe you only paid $10 for that. I have been looking for one of those forever, and they are way more than a ten spot. And your added touches really makes it look snappy!

  15. So beautiful. I love everything about your remake of that item!

  16. TEN BUCKS?! Wow, i am so impressed!

  17. Great makeover! I wish I could find something like that for $10…my boys love globes!

  18. I could go around the world literally and not find deals like that. What a great score and you made it so fresh and nice.

  19. Love it!

  20. What a great find. How nice it looks with your makeover. Love globes!
    Have a great week.

  21. OMG…I wish I had one-ande the space for one. The black and nickel are perfect.

  22. Very nice!

  23. That is a fabulous deal. I have paid more than that for the heapy cheapy ones for the kids for school.


  24. It’s perfect! Yes.. those globes on stands can be expensive. Yours is fabulous!



  26. beautiful job!

  27. That is awesome. I love it!

  28. this turned out amazing! I love it!

  29. Very cool. I have one of these too that needs a facelift. You’ve inspired me to actually do it. 🙂

  30. What a great find and transformation, Stephanie.

  31. That’s gorgeous! I’ve been looking for one myself!

  32. Envious! Love it 🙂

  33. Fabulous makeover on a lovely treasure!

  34. It looks awesome. You can never go wrong with a globe and you got a great one for $10.00! Your makeover on it was perfect.

  35. VERY cool!

  36. Fun!

  37. I am freaking out envious – I have a globe collection and have never seen anything this nice for such a good price!!

  38. Stephanie, gorgeous! We have one just like that in one of our classrooms! Yours has a little bit more character with the bamboo like legs. Ours isn’t as ornate…but I love you update on it! Very nice!

  39. Stephanie!! This came out great, but all your projects do =)

    I would be really honored if you would join me at my first link party and giveaway that is up now:



  40. GREAT deal and so sophisticated! Love it!

  41. oh I absolutely love the updated look. i have so wanted one of these forever. what an awesome deal–great job!!

  42. You really gave it a fresh lease on life!

  43. What a great find!!

  44. This is really amazing, great job!

  45. what a steal!!! Great find!

  46. Great job! I love it. I featured you today!

  47. What a nice find! You did a gret job refinishing it with some black paint!


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