Painted Cabana Striped Pillows {Incredibly Easy ~ No Sew}

Painted Cabana Striped Pillows {Incredibly Easy ~ No Sew}

I’ve been eyeing up a few pillows for my front porch rocker ever since the warm weather decided to appear and stick around. I’ve seen many that I have loved but I can’t seem to see spending anywhere from $30-$90 for a set of three pillows, especially when they most likely will need to be replaced again next year. I decided to nail down a few designs that I liked and make my own. I have to say that these have to be the easiest pillows I have ever made {not to mention the most inexpensive}.

No Sew Cabana Striped Pillows
Materials Needed:Muslin Fabric {I used just under two yards for three pillows}
Stitch Witchery
Painters Tape
Americana Acrylic Paints
Americana Fabric Painting Medium

I decided to make my pillows out of muslin fabric for two reasons; {1} it is incredibly inexpensive. {yes, you are reading that bolt right, 50 cents a yard!} {2} I already had this fabric on hand, as I bought this entire bolt last year for a party canopy. For the three pillows I used a total of 66 inches {just a little under two yards}

Begin by cutting a 21 inch square, using the folded edge as your top seam, so you have a double layer.

You could sew these pillows using a straight stitch, but I decided to use one of my favorite products, Stitch Witchery. This can be found in your local craft stores in the sewing section and runs about $2. It comes in a roll and is a fusible web that permanently bonds fabric simply using the heat from your iron. Quick and super easy!

Using the diagram {above} you want to apply the Stitch Witchery to the two open sides, lining it up right with the edge of the fabric. Follow the package directions for applying as each brand may be a little different. In general, place Stitch Witchery between fabric layers and cover with damp press cloth. Set iron on “wool” setting and simply press for 10 seconds. Once you have sealed the side edges, turn your fabric right side out.

Using a ruler and a t-square, you are now ready to create the guidelines for the cabana stripes. Regular painters tape works very well for this step.

Each Cabana Stripe will measure three inches wide. {Your fabric is already cut to 21 inches so measuring your stripes should be a cinch} The only tricky part is making sure that you tape within the measurements for every other stripe; meaning you only need to make guidelines for the stripes that you will be painting. Measuring from the top of your fabric down, the diagram above gives you the measurements for placing the tape.

Once the tape is in place, you are ready to paint! Americana Fabric Painting Medium by DecoArt is a clear liquid that you can mixed with any color of Americana Acrylics to produce a washable, permanent paint for fabrics. The medium improves the color penetration and bonds to the fabric helping to prevent, cracking, peeling, and fading. I love the fact that this can be used with the array of acrylic colors I already have instead of going out and buying fabric specific paints. In keeping with my Americana outdoor theme I used Prussian Blue and Berry Red on my pillows.

You mix two parts acrylic paint to one part medium and paint away. Let the paints dry for 24 hours, then to make permanent, place a paper towel over dry painted area and iron {heat set} each section for 20 seconds. {Reverse your fabric and do the same to the back side as well} It sounds like a lot but you actually fly through this process once you get going.

To make ‘sealing’ the pillow a little easier, finish off the rough edges of your open side by using more Stitch Witchery to create a hem. Now you are ready to stuff! I recycled a body pillow that I already had; just cut it open, re-fluffed the ‘stuffing’ and packed it into my my new pillows {I made these three plus still had some left over}. Since I will be using the pillows outdoors, I really could not see purchasing ‘new’ inserts ~ this works just as well.

To ‘seal’ place another strip of Stitch Witchery between the two hem and iron shut.

The third pillow I made a monogram to go with the cabana stripes. I printed off my letter in word and cut it out. Using the painters tape I traced around the letter to give me a good outline. This is definitely the ‘homemade’ way to do this, but it works perfectly and you don’t have to worry about cutting a stencil.

I’m just lovinโ€™ the three of these together!

I may pick up some outdoor fabric guard to give them a little protection from the elements, but considering they were very inexpensive to make I’m not sure if it would be even worth it.

The sky is the limit with colors and patterns. Using the fabric medium really opens up your options.

I can’t wait to make a few more of these for my deck! Enjoy!


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  32. Excellent tutorial! I used the fabric medium and paint to “redo” a large wicker chair with fixed cushions.I could not remove the cushion to recover them, so I painted over them…first with a white to “prime” then with a brilliant yellow green. This chair is on my covered patio…and the color still looks good…even after 3 years of wear and tear…and weather.
    Jane (artfully graced)

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