Special Guest ‘Sweet Something Designs’ {Paint and Glass}

Special Guest ‘Sweet Something Designs’ {Paint and Glass}

I think I can pretty safely say that we all have a deep love for spray paint. It magic revives just about any and every thing into something fabulous for just a few dollars a can. Well I have to say…watch out spray paint because this idea is a very close contender for winning my deep love. I am thrilled to have Michelle from Sweet Something Designs here today to share one of my new obsessions {it’s seriously addicting!}

Hello Under the Table and Dreaming readers!
My name is Michelle and I hail from Sweet Something Designs! I like to think of SSD as my own little magazine, offering ideas and inspiration, and plenty of eye candy throwing in a few nuts here and there. I am passionate about so many different creative areas, I am usually bouncing around from one project to the next! I love sharing a lot of DIY projects, techniques, crafts, decorating, tablescapes, and of course bombarding you with about a kagillion photos while I’m at it! I try to squeeze a lot in working full time as a visual merchandiser and being a mom.
I am so happy to be a guest at Stephanie Lynn’s fantastic blog; I am really honored!
Today, I want to share a super simple idea of transforming any clear glass container into an amazing painted treasure. That is a little dramatic, but once you try this project, you’ll know what I mean! It is really fun!

I found a glass pear canister for a dollar at the thrift store and thought it would be a nice companion piece to the pear shape terrarium I have. I saw that it was really dirty, but I assumed that I could wash it up when I got home. I was wrong. After washing, soaking, CLR , Oops, and a number of different methods of cleaning, it would not come clean. That would explain the 1.00 price tag.

Oh well, or so I thought.

I was watching online episodes of House and Home and noticed a video in the DIY section pertaining to painting bottles. I clicked on it and watched as the gal demonstrated how to paint bottles, not in the traditional sense (spray painting the outside), but in a way I had not thought of. She demonstrated pouring paint into the bottles, sitting them upside down to pour out the excess, and after drying, had beautiful bottles that looked like milk glass! I loved it! I decided to try the method on the pear canister. If it didn’t work, I was only out a dollar.


I poured in white paint, let it drain, and dry, and it worked! The only thing I did different than the demo…I used acrylic Craft paint, not latex paint as they showed. It worked just fine! I was so happy with the result! I also try it on a Dollar Tree votive holder, but used color paint (Jamaican Sea), loved this too! Because the paint is on the inside of the vessel, the outside is still shiny and no worries about scratching off!


You’ve got to try this! Change the look of any glass container! You’ll be amazed at the result! It is almost as addictive as spray painting! 🙂

You can check out the full how-to video here

Sweet Something Designs
Thank you so much Michelle for sharing this super cool project with us today!
As many of you know I have been trying to pull together my powder room for a few weeks now {ok, probably more like a months} I know it’s the smallest room in the house, but I have been stuck on coordinating the colors with a fabulous printed fabric I found. Anyhow, I tried this technique with a glass canister jar I had. I found some plain acrylic paint that matched perfectly and simply poured it inside the glass and rolled it around. I have to say it I found it actually fun! The outside glass gives it the perfect glossy finish you simply can not achieve with spray paint. If you need a coordinating accessory in a hard to find color this is your answer. Oh the possibilities ~ I’m hooked!

Thanks again Michelle for sharing this awesome idea!
You can visit Michelle
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Stop by and say Hi!

I’ll be back later on tonight with The Sunday Showcase Party post and another great giveaway! Enjoy!


  1. I adore that pear! I did a similar technique to candle holders at my wedding…they had the most gorgeous glow. 🙂

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  2. Oh my goodness! Thanks a million for sharing this great idea. I’m off to Goodwill to find a glass jar . . . Have a great weekend!

  3. I love Michelle, and her amazing projects! How beautiful!

  4. Very cool! Hey I just posted about your lemon sugar hand scrub – thanks for sharing the recipe, it was perfect for a baby shower I just threw!

  5. I love the pear glass! So cute and wow!! What a great tip. Going to try that one 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  6. What a great idea! I am so glad to know how to do that. I will never look at a bottle the same now. I will be wanting to paint the inside of every pretty bottle I see. Love & blessings from NC!

  7. What a neat idea! I must try this some time!

  8. Michelle is brilliant and very creative. I love all her ideas!!

  9. I love the big pear! Beautiful!

    When my husband and I were dating, we did this with clear Christmas ornaments for a few years. We haven’t done it lately but will have to again this year because a few broke last year- oops!

  10. I have seen this around the blog-o-sphere, but wasnt sure can you put water in the vases? Or do you have to do a coat of some sort of sealer?

  11. Wow! They are both beautiful! I love the blue color.

  12. I have thought about doing this before but what keeps stopping me is I don’t know how to seal it so the vessel is still useable??

  13. I love this idea! I will definitely try it. The results are impressive.

    Stephanie..thanks for hosting!

  14. This is a coolio idea!

  15. Emily, I believe the video suggests placing a small vase or vessel inside the ‘painted’ piece so you can still ‘use’ the piece for flowers or such. I don’t know of a way to actually ‘seal’ the paint especially if you use acrylics. A smaller container inside should work though if still wanted to fill it with flowers =) ~ Stephanie Lynn

  16. I love this blog cause I love to paint!!! Great job on the pear glass….

  17. I love the pear! What a great idea. It came out perfect.


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