Hip Moms & Cool Kids {Alternative ABC’s} Giveaway

When I was contacted by AMMO Books for a chance to check out a new cutting edge Alternative ABC book, I knew it was right up the alley for my little guy! As an avid book lover {and super cool kid =)}, I knew being able to break away from the typical “A is for Apple and B is for Bear” book would be intriguing and fun.

This alternative twist on your traditional ABC board book features original, colorful, and graphic illustrations and typography created by Southern California based designers Eric Ruffing and Dave Parmley of 13THFLOOR.

In this humorous and hipster take on the typical ABC’s for kids, the alphabet here reads: E is for Earth, F is for Flames, U is for Unity, and R is for Reduce*Recycle*Reuse. This ABCs book is not only for funky hip kids, but also earth lovers and future environmentalists!

Aesthetically borrowing from street, surf, skate, and music subcultures, the custom design and typography beautifully spell out this unique alphabet. From Calligraffiti to Pin-Striping, this little book crosses genres and is sure to create a buzz.

The 6X6 chunky book and thick sturdy pages are perfect for those little hands and the bright colored amazing graphics are sure to grab attention.

I know that this book probably won’t appeal to everyone {after all the title is “Alternative ABCs”} but it will please all those unconventional parents on the lookout for funky things for their cool kids.

Ammo Books has graciously offered to send One Hip Follower their own
fun copy of Alternative ABC’s.

To enter simply leave a comment on this postRandom Generated Winner will be selected Friday
Copies can be purchased directly from AMMO Books or from
Amazon: Alternative ABCs (Chunky Edition).

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I’ll be back later today with a fun makeover! Enjoy!



  1. LOVE IT!!! I love ABC books that are original!!!

  2. What a wonderful alternative to the traditional ABC books….

  3. This is great! How funky and different! Great way to let kids branch out : )

  4. How fun is that book?!

  5. I love the bright colors. This would be an awesome baby gift!!!

  6. Love that book! What a super fun idea. I’d love to read it to my son and have him learn some of the words 🙂

  7. I love it! The artwork is fantastic. And for my daughter who is autistic its a different way for her to practice her ABC’s. Because she memorizes and repeats its always apple, book, car, dog…this is such a great alternative! Thanks for sharing a great mommy find! – Melanie

  8. OMGOSH! are you kidding me? THIS BOOK LOOKS AWESOME. pretty pretty please number generate me! lol, this would be perfect for my son!

  9. How cool! Totally beats all the ABC books I had as a kid.

  10. What a great book! Perfect for my son!!

  11. I’m loving the artwork.

  12. what an awesome idea! love the cool factor-would make a great shower gift!

  13. My son would LOVE this! Thanks for the giveaway!

  14. Those are so cute and funky! Love them!

  15. Great Idea!! Love it!

  16. I love the idea of an Alternative ABC book, it is right up my ally as well!

  17. Awesome! That is adorable, Id love to win this for my niece! thanks for showing us 🙂

  18. My nephew would love this book!!

  19. ohhhhh I LOVE IT 🙂 What a cool cute idea! This would be perfect for my little girl!


  20. I’m kind of digging that little book. Who wants normal all the time, anyway? I mean…I’m not normal. So why should my books be?

  21. That is awesome! What a neat book!

  22. I really love the V is for Vegetarian!

  23. Cool.

  24. those are SO cool! i would love to display them in our playroom!

  25. What fun idea! I love the artwork. Too cool!

  26. KaitGriffin ([email protected]) :

    Love it! Very cool.

  27. That’s pretty cute! It would make a great gift since my babies all know their ABCs

  28. how very cool! love it, and i know my boys will too!
    kelly tillotson

  29. this is great! a wonderful baby gift and my 4 year old would love it too now that she can “read” or at least thinks she can.

  30. Cute idea!

    shaykarena at yahoo dot com

  31. Oh awesome! I have two grandsons and I am a HUGE lover of any and all books!!!!!

  32. That is such a great book!

  33. HOW FUN!!!

  34. Very cool! I wish they made that when I was growing up!! My son would love it!

  35. Oh that is so cool! I hope I win! My granddaughter would love this cool, hip book! And it is age appropriate for her too! -Karen

  36. This book looks awesome! I’d love it for my little girl 🙂

  37. So cool! My kids are probably too old for it, but I would love to have it for my own collection. Thanks Stephanie Lynn.

  38. I’m a graphic designer and this is the coolest kids’ book I’ve seen. My nephew would love it!

  39. I am loving all the colors in this book.
    If you have any halloween inpsiration come on over to Spooktacular Inspiration Link Party and share it.

  40. How cool! I love that it’s soo different!

  41. Gotta get that!

  42. I love your site, such wonderful ideas. You are so very creative. I know my new granddaughter would love the ABC book, her father is a vegetarian. What a great idea.


  43. ME! Please!

  44. I have an alternative kid who would love this 🙂 So unique, too! Thanks for sharing…may have to check out AMMO books. My 3 year old is finally getting into reading…maybe this will get him “rockin and rollin” and he’ll love to read!!!

  45. I love love love that book! As a mommy & a special ed. teacher – what a great “change” to teaching the alphabet!

  46. Very cool book!

  47. That is fantastic! I think it may be my new favorite baby gift.

  48. Makes me wish I were a mommy!

  49. This is one of those that make you say…”Why didn’t I think of that”
    Would love to win

    Joanna K
    Sincerefaith at gmail.com

  50. elaine dove :
  51. Ahaha that is awesome. What a great idea!

    Such a cool giveaway!

  52. What a great idea!

  53. What a great way to make learning fun!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  54. This is great, I would love to win!!
    irshsmil9 @ yahoo.com

  55. love this!!! and so would my little guy!!!

  56. We are bookworms around here, and I’d love to have another starter book here for when my grandchildren visit. Thanks!

  57. OMG!!!! Coolest book EVA!!!! My Super Sophie would LOVE it! =)

  58. Even if I don’t win, I am buying this book! I teach 3rd grade and collect ABC books and this one is fabulous. :}

  59. What an original and creative idea!

  60. That book is PERFECT for my nephew’s upcoming 4th birthday! He is the “coolest” kid I know!
    Trindin, MI

  61. Awesome!! I love it!

  62. Sarah Jones :

    oooppppsss….I’m not anonymous. I’m Sarah!!

  63. Love it! C is for C ya later Apple lol yep i’m up too late

  64. if this is open to world wide please enter me

    black11angel at yahoo dot com

  65. My little guy would simply adore this! Thanks for sharing!


  66. Defnintely an awesome idea! Totally great baby gift.


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