Simple Ruffle Table Runner

Simple Ruffle Table Runner

I always have a problem finding a runner to fit my long dining room table so I usually put together my own. Not only is it inexpensive but I am able to find exactly what I want with the large selection of fabrics available. Since my dining room furniture is dark, I thought I would keep the runner light and simple and add a little ruffle drop for summer. I spent a total of 1/2 hour at the most and only $7.18 on the fabric and was able to make just what I wanted.Begin with a cut of Unbleached Natural Osnaburg fabric. This runs about $3.99 a yard and I just love the natural ‘linen’ like look of the fabric {without the wrinkles or price tag}. Standard drop for a tablecloth is 10-15 inches so measure and cut according to the length of your table taking into account the addition of your ruffle. {I used three yards for my runner and used a 40% coupon on the fabric}

There will be three cuts made to your fabric at this point.
{1} You want to leave your fabric folded in half as it comes from the store, off the bolt, and just cut straight across the width {the desired length from calculations above}
{2} Cut the fabric down the ‘original’ fold so you are left with two pieces the desired length of your table.
{3} Take one of the pieces, fold it in half lengthwise and cut along the fold, making two pieces.
You should now have three pieces of fabric.

The two smaller width pieces will become the ruffles on each end of the runner. The length of these two pieces is determined by taking the width of your runner and multiplying it by 2.5 {this will give you enough material to gather for a nice full ruffle} Example: width of runner 30 inches; length of ruffle piece should be 75 inches long. {Note: my table is pretty long, 103 inches, so I defiantly had enough fabric using the cuts above for the ruffles. Make sure you check your measurements prior to cutting the fabric to ensure you have enough}

Next you want to ‘finish’ off three sides of each ruffle piece. I used Stitch Witchery to create my hems. Simply cut a piece of stitch witchery, fold the fabric to create the hem, and iron. {that quick and simple}

The corners I simply folded and used the Stitch Witchery to ‘seal’.

Leave the fourth edge raw, as this will be the side that you sew, so it does not have to be finished.

While you have your iron hot, go ahead and finish the edges of the runner piece as well. You only need to hem the long sides {length of the runner} as the ends will be finished with the ruffle.

Now back to your ruffle pieces…There are many different ways to make a ruffle; I simply used the method that was easiest to me.
Set your sewing machine on the longest stitch length and the tension on the highest number.
Leave long thread tail at the beginning and end and do not back stitch.
Slowly stitch and you will see a slight ruffle forming.

Once completely sewn, tie off one end in knot.

From the other end {opposite the tied knot}, gently pull on the upper thread and your fabric will begin to gather.

You want to pull until you have the ruffle the exact width of the runner. {you can adjust the ruffles once you have the correct length}

Place the ruffle and the runner right sides together and pin. Sew along the two using a straight stitch, and lightly press with an iron.

I just love the feminine touch the ruffle adds along with the fabric color and texture against the dark wood.

It’s all about simplicity for the summer.

Of course I couldn’t let the scraps go to waste; I covered a drum shade lamp I had in the room and added some rolled rosettes using the same technique as my gift toppers from Christmas {found here}. You can get a little better feel for the fabric color and texture in this picture. {love this fabric…dare I say more than burlap…and it doesn’t make a mess!}

Don’t forget to enter the UPrinting Giveaway {here} if you haven’t already. All you have to do is leave a comment to enter. Enjoy!


  1. You are so talented! This looks great and is so pretty on your table.

  2. I love that sweet ruffle at the end!

  3. Just found you recently and am so glad I did! How pretty this is! Love it!

    Warm Wishes,

  4. Ooooo – yes, I think that’s just the fabric I need on my next trip to the fabric store…. both projects turned out gorgeous!!

  5. Gorgeous! I am going to try this! I love the rosettes too! Such great ideas!


  6. That is beautiful! simple but elegant!

  7. This runner is beautiful! So simple and classic looking – perfect for summer or anytime really – you could just change the centerpiece and it would go with any season! I love the lampshade too. 🙂

  8. Just beautiful!! I love the simplicity of the natural cloth, it’s easy but had big presentation!

    Great job!

  9. It’s lovely and the scraps are just beautiful too!


  10. I love it. It is very relaxing to look at your dinning room, but so elegant.

    Makaz Home

  11. This is beautiful. It’s the perfect amount of elegance – I LOVE it. You did such a great job.

  12. You have such elegant touch!! Love the simple ruffle. LOVE IT!

  13. I love that fabric, too. The table runner looks great, but I LOVE the texture and the rosettes on the lamp!!!


  14. Wow… it looks beautiful!! Seems simple in your pics but I know it is soooo difficult for me! You’re so talented and you have a very good taste girl!
    Kisses from Italy

  15. I love it, really love it. So beautiful.

  16. Deanna from Almost Perfect Woman sent me. You are indeed very talented.

  17. If only I were so talented with the fabrics… alas, I have other talents. This is beautiful, I’m adoring the dear shade!

  18. I love this! Thank you so much for sharing – if I try this I’ll have to link up!!

  19. It’s so pretty! I love the pale neutral against the dark wood~and it looks great with your wall color, too.

  20. I love the look of that fabric. It’s gorgeous again the dark wood. I would totally copy your design IF I could keep my kids from putting their toys on my table top. It would just get messed up. It’s really, really pretty!

  21. GORGEOUS. I just made a table runner recently with ruffles, but I like yours better. 🙂

  22. Nice, you’re inspiring me to sew again. Thanks!

  23. Oh how pretty! Thanks so much for the runner, I’ll be linking.

  24. Table runner looks awesome….I want to make those rosettes for a lamp shade too! I used similar fabric recently for 2 projects, but it’s painters drop cloth from Home Depot…5×5 hemmed piece for about $5. Thanks for sharing some great ideas.

  25. It looks fantastic! Your dining room has lovely contrasts of dark and light. The runner is stunning and the rosettes add a nice touch to your lampshade.

  26. Love this, Stephanie! I have a ruffled runner on my table but the ruffle is much narrower. I REALLY like the longer ruffle – simple and beautiful. Isn’t Osnaburg wonderful? Thanks for sharing. I love your little rosette lampshade, too!

  27. Thank you for the ruffle tutorial. Love this look. So simple and pretty!

  28. Visiting via the Weekend Wrap Up. I love the fabric you chose. I love that drum shade too!

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  30. oops I messed up! Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE this table runner! I really {heart the ruffles} and I added it to my tumblr

  31. Very nifty idea!
    Popped over from Tatortots.

    Happy Saturday.


  32. loved.. loved this… but am not sure .. its as easy as you make it sound..

  33. I love how nice the extra long ruffles look!

  34. Hi Stephanie Lynn! What a great project! I always love anything pertaining to dressing the table! Great job {and no sew too, YES!}
    Looks fantastic in your space!

  35. Oh how I love Osanaburg. Just did a “French style Feedsack Pillow” with it. Now..I will have to make a table runner. LOVE the ruffle! So cute.

  36. Beautiful! And so unexpected. Just the way I like projects! The ruffle totally softens your space right up. And that lampshade from the scraps. Gaaaa….


  37. Beautiful as always, Ms. Stephanie!

  38. Your runner is just lovely! The fabric choice is perfect and the ruffles add such a pretty touch.

  39. Love the table runner. Just beautiful and “summery”.

  40. Possibly one of the most beautiful dinning room accessories. One day I wont have toddlers running around, and I can have a table cloth again, and I am making this!

  41. This is beautiful! I have scraps similar to this from my curtains in my dining room. I kept a hold of them trying to think of what to use them for. This is perfect! Wonderful blog!

  42. Your runner is amazing! I just used stitch witchery for the first time and made a runner. (It’s here: But I love, love, love the natural fibers of yours. I don’t think I’m ready for the ruffles but thanks for the inspiration!

  43. The runner looks great, and I love the drum shade covered in that fabric. I have one that is just not the right shade of brown, that might be an alternative. And I love the rosettes on it. I hadn’t thought of that. Thanks for the inspiration.

  44. That’s so pretty!! I love osnaburg for decorating, too, for the same reasons you stated. Rustic, natural linen look but at a MUCH lower price.

    I linked to your tutorial over at Craft Gossip Sewing:


  45. It’s just beautiful, Stephanie. I love it!

  46. LOVE it! I’ve been wanting to make a table runner for a while now. I think I’ll have to give this a try!


  47. do you remember the sizing of the material used for the rosettes? I am going to do my lampshade today…..YEAH.
    THANKS for the inspiration.

  48. I hope you don’t mind, but I copied your idea. I posted about it and linked my readers back to you 🙂

  49. Stephanie! I made this for my mom for mother’s day! It was so simple but I could never have thought of it myself! Thanks Stephanie! (By the way, I’ve recently found your blog and I just love it!)

    Lara Kennard

  50. Your items are so pleasant to the eye, and there are “fresh” ideas on your sight. I am definately Bookmarking your sight. Keep up the good work.

    [email protected]

  51. You are so talented! This looks great and is so pretty on your table.

  52. Can you add this to your pinterest page?

  53. This is exactly what my dining room table needs, I love the fabric and so appreciate the detailed instructions. I hope I can get this made for Christmas dinner!!

    xoxo, Tanya



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