Embroidered Children’s ArtWork into Framed Wall Art

Embroidered Children’s ArtWork into Framed Wall Art

I am so proud to say that my little guy has mastered ‘the smiley face’ all on his own. I wanted a sentimental way to preserve this little masterpiece, and even though my inital plan did not go as expected I am more than thrilled with the end result. {that is what I love about crafting…you can always somehow make it work in the end}
Begin with a masterpiece created by your little budding artist. Our artwork was simply drawn on a sheet of plain white printer paper.
Once your little one has completed the artwork, take a black {or dark colored} crayon and go over each and every line, pressing very hard. {I suggest to use a good branded crayon as the inexpensive waxy kind will not transfer well}
Cut a piece of fabric the size to fit fully in a frame. {I used an 8X10 frame and some Natural Osnaburg fabric I had left over from the ruffled table runner}Lay the artwork, crayon side down, on top of the fabric and iron. The iron should be set on the cotton setting and you want to press each section of the drawing for at least 30 seconds.

Remove the paper and you will be left with a faint image of the original artwork. Initially I thought this would be a bit darker, but since the image came through so light I decided to use some embroidery floss to enhance the image.

Now I should not be even calling this embroidery because I know some people gifted in this talent will probably snicker at my work. {I have never embroidered a day in my life but I do know how to thread a needle, old school fashion, by tying knots ~ It works} You are probably also suppose to use ‘that hoop’, but I just pulled the fabric taut as I was stitching, in and out, very ‘basic’ stitches. I think my embroidery skills add to the cuteness and authenticity of the artwork though =)

I used several new pieces of floss for each line, using the transfer as a guide. If you use the transfer side as your ‘back side’ the finished image will NOT be reverse. {I happen to re-use a piece of trial and error fabric, so I could not do this on my piece as both sides of my fabric had images on them; that is why my finished piece is reversed from the original drawling}

I used some spray adhesive on the back of the fabric to adhere it to the frame backing. {the tied knots do cause the fabric to bubble just a bit and this helps create a smooth image}

This makes me smile! Happy Friday! Enjoy!


  1. You always have such fantastic ideas!! Great job 🙂

  2. What a sweet idea! I will definetely do this with my little one!

  3. That is wonderful. I bet this is his favorite art, apart from the pezs… i have also seen cute ways to put it on a tshirt. I think the simley face would be awesome on it

  4. So adorable.

  5. That’s too cute!

  6. Very cute!

  7. It is so sweet! I think your stitches look great and it’s a great way to preserve something special. I love it!

  8. I love that … I did the same thing with a kids’ drawing but turned it into a pillow in our playroom. It’s such a great keepsake.

  9. I love it!

  10. What a treasure! Wished I’d been so smart!

  11. What a happy smiley Friday!

  12. “sew” cute… love it…

  13. I had seen this somewhere and lost the link. I love your version and really need to do this with my children!

  14. This is so adorable – what a great way to preserve his artwork!

  15. That makes me smile too! I can remember doing a similar thing as a school project in about the third grade. We did self portraits and then stitched them on burlap. My mom used to have all hanging up in the hallway.

  16. That is super adorable and I can’t count the number of times I stumbled on something cool while trying to do something else. 🙂

    Love it!

  17. What timing. My daughter’s birthday today. I know I have some of her old artwork in my file cabinet that would be perfect for this! (BTW she’s 28)

  18. That is too cute!! Definitely something I need to think about doing.

  19. I’ve been so meaning to embroider some of my children’s artwork and never get around too it. Seeing this is a great kick in the butt!!

    It looks adorable!! Great work Mom!!

  20. I bet the budding artist is proud too! This would make a great gift for a grandmother or grandfather too!

  21. Love it. Love it, love it, love it. Just like everything you do, girl!

  22. I’m so impressed by your creativity! How do you come up with these fantastic ideas all the time?!!

    xo Linda

  23. This is amazing, another great idea!

  24. Hi Stephanie Lynn,

    Congratulations, your children’s artwork idea made this week’s Top 5 Hits at Singing With Birds. Thanks for sharing so many fun projects and your talents with us.

  25. so cute! What a great idea! I also have a son with autism. I was happy to find your blog today and am enjoying reading up on all of your posts.

    I can be reached through the email link on my blog :o)


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