Fabric Rag Ball Ornament {No.6}

Fabric Rag Ball Ornament {No.6}

Fabric Rag Ball Ornament
{Ornament Number Six}Materials Needed:Plastic or Styrofoam Ball
Scrap Fabric
Twine or Ribbon

Start with a ball shaped base in any diameter size. Since Styrofoam balls can be a little expensive, I used plastic baseballs I found in the toy section of the local dollar store. They also sell larger wiffle balls and smaller golf practice balls if you are looking to create a variety of sizes. {How cute would a whole rag ball tree be covered in fabulous fabrics?}Take your fabric and cut it in 1/2 inch wide strips or smaller. I still had some scraps of the Unbleached Natural Osnaburg that fit in with my little theme, so I used it. I like the tattered edge ‘look’ of this fabric however, you can use a number of other fabrics for a more finished look.Begin by hot gluing the end of a strip of fabric to the ball and start wrapping, overlapping as you go. When you come to the end of a fabric strip, simply hot glue the end down and start with another strip where you left off. You only need to hot glue the ends and just a tiny dab of glue will do. Continue wrapping until your ball is completely covered.

Tuck in a piece of twine or ribbon for the hanger before gluing the last strip down.

Embellish as you wish! I used three mini jingle bells {attached with a piece of wire} and a piece of faux boxwood like greenery {hot glued}.

Last year I made several rag balls to use as bowl fillers, including this cute Frosty Face {found here}. The face was simply hand painted using acrylics. The possibilities are endless with these!

All of the ornament tutorials featured are very basic and allow you to create them to your own personal taste and style ~ be creative and have fun! Enjoy!


  1. Very sweet. I like the natural fabric look.

  2. I like the fabric ball ornament, but I think I would use just the fabric ball as decor.

  3. Another great one – have never seen this before, I love it. That little embellishment is the coolest! Love the color scheme w/the neutral linen – tres chic!

  4. I am so glad I am following your blog. I have already found so many ideas and this goes on my list. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thanks so much for another great idea. Your finished snowman is sensational!

  6. Do you sleep? I don’t think so. These are just too adorable!

  7. Oh I just love all these ornaments! Can’t wait to decorate my tree with all these great ideas. Thank you

  8. oooooo! I like this one!


  9. Thanks for posting these ornament creations. The Frosty ornament will definitely find its way on my tree this year and I will probably give some as gifts!

  10. As the previous ornaments, these are also fanstastic.
    Thank U

  11. OMG that snowman is just too cute!

  12. You are amazing –to cute. I’m already cutting my 1/2″ strips. Many thanks for sharing.

  13. Great idea! LOVE LOVE LOVE that you repurposed this stuff & made it look so elegant.

  14. Super cute – I’m on the hunt for handmade ornaments to add to the Smoothfoam Holiday Ball link-up – adding yours, okay? Thanks! smoothfoam.com/blog


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