Letter to Santa Ornament {No.20}

Letter to Santa Ornament {No.20}

I’ve made it! Day Four, Ornament Number Twenty
{thanks so much for reading along and letting me share these with you!}
~ Don’t forget ~Santa’s Coming Early for One Lucky Reader
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Letter to Santa Ornament
{Ornament Number Twenty}Materials Needed:Scrap Piece of Heavy Weight Paper/Cardboard
Floral Wire
Metal Label Holder
Satin Nickel Spray Paint {optional}
Mini Alphabet Stamps & Ink Pad {optional}
Begin by spray painting a piece of heavy weight paper or light weight cardboard with Satin Nickel Spray Paint. I simply recycled some packaging I already had. You want the paper to be thick enough to hold shape and bendable enough to roll. {my original plan of using a tp roll did not really work out as I did not like the texture of the cardboard once painted – this ended up being much smoother and finished looking} When spray painting the paper use very light multiple coats.
Trim and roll the paper into a cylinder tube. Use hot glue to hold into place. This can be made any size you wish; Mine measures 6 inches long.

Use mini alphabet stamps to stamp out {or hand write} ‘santa’ on a pice of paper cut to fit a metal label holder. The holders can be found in the scrapbooking section of your local craft store.

Cut a piece of heavy gauge wire {found at the hardware store} and twist around a wooden skewer to give it a spiral effect. The heavy gauge wire will hold the shape but still allow you easily bend it into place

Using a sewing needle, poke two holes into the top of the tube, one at each end.

Secure the wire in place with Gorilla Super Glue.

Now your little one has a special place to tuck away their wish lists.

Thanks so much for sticking through the past four days with me!
Hope some of you have found ‘the basics’ of the twenty tutorials a little helpful to get a kick start on some homemade ornaments for this year.
Remember ~ be creative and have fun! Enjoy!


  1. This has been my favorite!

  2. My absolute favorite!!!

  3. GREAT job Stephanie! I am sooo excited to have the tutorials for these 20 FANTASTIC ornies!

  4. Awww sweet!

  5. Oh perfect! I think my kids will love this one -even though they’re teenagers they’d think it’s so fun. We could make it a new tradition. 🙂
    Thanks so much for all these great tutorials – I’ve loved every one of them!!

  6. Thank you Stephanie Lynn for sharing all your wonderful Christmas ornaments over the last few days, lots of ideas there.

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  11. Oh, my gosh. I just made something similar to this the other week only I used an empty toilet paper roll, covered with decorative paper and used ribbon 4 a hanger.
    Love all your ornament projects. Thank U

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    Punkin Seed Productions

  15. I love all of your ideas, thanks for the tutorials.

    I have not been keen on Christmas for many years, but this year I vow to make it marvelous and your projects will help to bring that to life.

  16. I have really enjoyed all your posts this week! You are so creative & talented-thanks for sharing all of your wonderful ideas!

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