Recycled Book Page Sphere Ornament {No.11}

Recycled Book Page Sphere Ornament {No.11}

Materials Needed:Cardstock
Book Pages or Scrapbooking Paper
Embellishments {glitter & bell}

Begin by cutting a circle template from a piece of card stock. {I simply traced around a 2 1/2 inch diameter jar lid} Using the template, cut out 8 circles from a sheet of cardstock and 8 circles from book pages. You can use any paper you would like for these, however the ornament will hold its shape much better if at least half of the circles are cut from cardstock.Fold each circle in half.
Start gluing together the circles, alternating between the card stock and the book pages. I used the tiniest bit of hot glue around the edges and along the bottom. {a glue stick would also work} Continue until you have connected all of the circles.

Before gluing the last two circles in place, tuck a piece of ribbon into the center for the hanger. I threaded a silver jingle bell onto the ribbon before gluing.

To add a little sparkle you can brush on a tiny bit of white glue to the paper edges and sprinkle with glitter. I used PK Glitz in Silver .

All of the ornament tutorials featured are very basic and allow you to create them to your own personal taste and style ~ be creative and have fun! Enjoy!


  1. all of your ornaments are so beautiful and yet simple construction! I will be adding many of these to the Christmas crafting list! Thanks for sharing these!

  2. This one is especially cute. Love it’s simplicity and originality!

  3. I am so loving all these Handmade Ornament posts! My twin preschoolers are loving them too. Every year we got all out making new and cute ornaments for family members & friends-thanks for so many amazing ideas!

  4. My new favorite!

  5. You have done it again! Love it!

  6. So cute!! Love it!

  7. Your ornament posts are very fun – this is my favorite so far! Have a great weekend.


  8. Yep my favorite so far. I love how soo many of the ornaments you’ve listed use stuff most of us already have.

  9. You’re killing me with these. I can already hardly wait for Christmas! 🙂 This one is my favorite so far. Can’t wait to sit down with my girl and make some. We had so much fun making ornaments last year. I can’t believe I waited 11 years to start that with her.

    ~ The Speckled Dog (craft-business book giveaway on my blog until 9/2)

  10. This one is beautiful!

  11. This is my fav too. Simple and charming!

  12. So simple, yet so beautiful.

  13. the stardust ornament is a great idea

  14. I bet someone creative out there could make this look like a pumpkin. It could make for some cute fall garland.

  15. I just found your cute blog and am making some of your cute ornaments with some old music sheets I found!! Thanks so much, so easy to follow, and i don;t consider myself a crafter!! 🙂 Rachel Beal [email protected]

  16. Just discovered your book page art. Simply lovely – have linked to you in my latest blogpost

  17. I tried this one with red card stock but for some reason it shows more of the card stock than the book pages. tips?


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