Silhouette Giveaway Project No.2  {Party Favor, Treat & Gift Boxes}

Silhouette Giveaway Project No.2 {Party Favor, Treat & Gift Boxes}

More Silhouette Goodies! I can not even tell you how amazed I am with this machine ~ seriously, where have you been my whole crafting life? As we all know silhouettes are well known for their vinyl cutting abilities, but I am having a blast exploring all the other fabulous things this machine can do.

Today I’m stuck on party favor boxes. How cute are these for your next party? They can be made with any designed paper to custom coordinate your party look. I have not even embellished them and I love them already! Oh the possibilities….‘Adorable Box 6’

The first is a super cute box with a folded lid. {it even comes complete with the little tags} I purchased the design from the online digital download store. Like I said yesterday, they are having a back to school sale {through September 10th} and downloads are only 75 cents a piece! Once you download an image it stays in your library and it essentially becomes yours to use as often and as long as you like! {The design is called Adorable Box 6 by Lori Whitlock} Once the image is in your library just drag and drop to your work space and with the boxes…there is nothing more to do – you are ready to cut!
Place your paper on the sticky cutting mat, load, and press cut! I simply used bright colored cardstock to make all of the boxes.

The box comes out of the Silhouette perfectly cut and all of the ‘fold’ lines are already there; all you have to do is fold.

The tags are right in the design and come pre-cut, right out on the same paper as your box.

These can be used for so many things; candy, trinkets, gift cards….a fabulous way to dress up virtually anything you can fit inside!

‘Lace Cube Tent Top Box’

This is another design from the online digital design store called the box lace cube tent top by Samantha Walker. Did you know that there are four ways to purchase digital designs? You can pay as you go or you can subscribe to one of three subscription plans starting at just $9.99. With a subscription plan you get credits added to your account which you can use to purchase downloads. The more you download, the more you save! With a premium membership of $19.99 you get up to 150 downloads – that is less than 14 cents each! {Even more with their current sale}

The cut outs are very easy to remove. I know they probably make a tool for this, but a toothpick helped removed the small intricate pieces.

You can see where the folds are already pre-marked making it simple for anyone to construct.

I love the lace design ~ how pretty! These would make gorgeous wedding favors {using beautiful paper} or how about a fancy way to hold your cupcakes.

‘Pillow Box’

This design is already included in the original software that comes along with your machine. No extra purchases need to be made – it’s free!

Just send through your machine and within seconds you have a three dimensional pillow box.

I did add a little extra cut out to these; the design is called adorning crown boarders. They were simply cut from plain white printer paper on the Silhouette. As with all of these deigns, there are so many ways to dress them up, and using your Silhouette makes it super easy!

‘Hex Box’

On top of the pre-loaded designs that come along with your machine, there are over 130 different box designs alone in the online digital design store. This design is call the box hexagonal 0208.

The three dimensional flower top is so unique, people will have a hard time believing you made it yourself!

You can also find cupcake wrappers, tags, banners, and toppers, among the thousands of downloads available in the online digital design store. Can you imagine how put together and coordinated your next party will be? {and again, the best part is the Silhouette does most of the work for you!}


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I be back later tonight with another Silhouette project ~ I am having fun!


  1. I am sooo jealous Stephanie! Those projects look fabulous!

  2. I’m sold!

  3. That is so neat! Some of those designs are so detailed and intricate-I love it!

  4. Oh my! Those are absolutely gorgeous! And here I have been hand cutting boxes using templates, etc. I really, really, really need one of these machines! Awesome! Karin

  5. I’m drooling, Stephanie! Stop the braggin! LOL (just kidding) I entered the contest! Maybe I can be the next to brag about the Silhouette.


  6. I wanna win this machine sooooooooooo bad

  7. WOW! So many great things with this machine!

  8. I do not have a craft cutter and this machine simply amazes me. The projects you can do, oh my!

  9. Get out of town! I can;t believe how much you can do with that thing. I’m so glad I’ll be winning one in your giveaway. 🙂 Lisa~

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  11. I’ve got a Silhouette and I haven’t even tried the boxes yet. So cute!!!

  12. I have a borrowed silouette right now. Trying to see if I would like to have one. Let me tell ya — LOVE IT!! This machine is so awesome! Might have to cut some of these boxes!!

  13. These are so awesome.

  14. Those boxes are soooooo very cute…I gotta get me one of those Silhouettes!!!

  15. I just love the cut work box. TFS! I have a graftec robocutter at work, I’ll go and down load some of those 75 cent files tomorrow!

  16. Wow! I had no idea the Silhouette could do things like this! You’re the perfect person to review this machine!

  17. Can’t wait to see what other projects you come up with!
    🙂 Jeanette

  18. Thank you so much for showing these! I just won and received the silhouette from another blog and I can’t wait to make some of these!!!

  19. Whoa! That is so cool!

  20. Hello..
    I Twittered you too… here is the link for the Silhouette cutting machine.

  21. Those are soooo cute!!


  22. I would soooo love to win one of these. My sister has one and I am so very jealous!

  23. My husband has made a very primitive wardrobe that is painted red. It needs a wonderful quote on it…..could make it with the Silhouette!

  24. Looking at the downloads, I think I would love the different fonts the most (but those boxes are mighty impressive). Crossing my fingers, eyes, nose and toes!

  25. Those boxes are amazing! I love them all. What an incredible machine. Love & blessings from NC!

  26. oh my gosh!! these are way too awesome.. loved the colours..

  27. Remember when we used an exacto knife??? LOL!!!

  28. Oh goodness. I want one, I want one, I want one!

  29. You’ve no idea how owning this could change my life for the better, as I would start a business with it.

  30. Cute boxes! Thanks for sharing!

  31. Oh dear, those boxes are just another reason to love (and want) one of these machines! The lace box is just awesome!

  32. First time I heard about the giveaways for these things I was like “eh” but, more and more I am seeing what all it can do and I am intrigued!Those boxes are way too cute!
    I love the paper colors you chose too.

  33. these are AWESOME! come on over and link up to MMM 🙂


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