Silhouette Giveaway Project No.3 {Monogrammed Sketched Wall Art}

Silhouette Giveaway Project No.3 {Monogrammed Sketched Wall Art}

Note: Thanks for bearing with me as I go through this week of Silhouette projects. I’ll be back to some more regular decor next week. I have never owned a craft cutter, nor knew everything these little machines were capable of, so I thought it would be fun to share these projects as I learned myself. You can always read what a machine can do but for me, seeing projects first hand has a much greater appeal. Thank you for reading along – I appreciate it!
If you have seen some of my past projects, you know how much of a fan I am of inexpensive wall art. I have found almost anything can be framed and hung on a wall {yes, even pez}. Due to the fact I’m always changing things around, simple wall art I can put together for next to nothing is always a winner in my book.As soon as I saw the Sketch Pens Silhouette send along for me to try out, they had unlimited inexpensive wall art written all over them!

Sketch? Yes, the Silhouette not only cuts but it draws as well. These nifty little pens are designed to fit directly into the blade holder of the Silhouette making it easy to transform any digital design into a work of art! They currently have eight different colors available along with four metallic shades.

Though any image may be drawn instead of cut, the online digital store has an entire section of downloads that are specifically created to have a sketch feel. The pens can also be used to journal on paper in a desired font. I use the circle background sketch C026635 and overlapped the design to fill an entire sheet of paper.

The paper gets loaded the same as if you were going to cut a design… {I simply used a sheet of plain white cardstock}

…and the pen magically draws your design with just a press of a button.

For the monogram I used fonts that were already on my computer and cut them with the Silhouette using black cardstock. One of the neat things with the Silhouette is that you can use any font, that you already have installed on your computer, in the design program.

A little glue to hold the cut outs in place along with a repurposed frame and you are all set.

Simple easy wall art for the cost of two sheets of cardstock {and the work of The Silhouette}


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  1. Is there anything this machine can’t doo…..agh I WANNA WIN SOOOOOO BAD!

  2. Oh. My. Goodness. You have just rocked my world.

  3. didn’t think it was possible to want this awesome machine more than I do, but you did it! Love this!

  4. I need this to earn a living with. Seriously.

  5. Oh my gosh! That is just awesome! Karin

  6. Wow – this thing is sooo cool. Is it the only machine that draws as well as does everything else?? I’m with everyone else – I’d love to win!
    And you artwrok is so pretty!

  7. I’ve gotta get some of those sketch pens. Love it!

  8. Your ideas for using it are the BEST!!! Thanks! I am going to have to get some of those pens! Love it. 🙂

  9. Very cool, Stephanie Lynn! This little machine amazes me every time I see it. I want one.


  10. First off I would love to try it for etched glass designs. This would be so fun and then to create some stencils for some garden signs. The ideas are brewing in my head LOL!

  11. You make it seem so easy…and your ideas are incredible. I’d love to get my hands on this small yet powerful machine. Tami

  12. Each project is nicer than the last. I’m with you on inexpensive wall art – I love to change my artwork at least once a year, just to keep things fresh – so it can’t be too expensive.

  13. omg i *heart* those sketch pens, the silhouette is magical! 😉 xo

  14. Oh my, that is sooo awesome! I want to win this prize !!!!

  15. I want this so BAD!!!

  16. I want one soooooo bad! This is like the 6th contest I have entered. Please Please dont make me wait for my birthday!


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