Silhouette Giveaway Project No.5 {Halloween Transfer T-Shirt}

Silhouette Giveaway Project No.5 {Halloween Transfer T-Shirt}

I really like buying my little guy graphic tees for each holiday. Even though they are usually worn one day and packed away… they are still a little extra fun way to celebrate. I usually have a hard time finding ones that aren’t too busy or fit my plain and simple taste. Well thanks to the Silhouette I don’t think I’ll have any more problems. With just a few clicks of a button I can now design my own shirts {or customize them to my little guys liking when he gets a little older} at a fraction of the cost!

For this holiday shirt I used the Flocked Heat Transfer Material. {Yesterday I showed you the smooth transfer material, here} The flocked material is slightly raised and has a suede like feel to it. It is available in the Silhouette Online Store and come in 36″ rolls in 11 different colors.
Using the Silhouette software I created my design by combining a graphic from the Online Digital Store and font directly from my computer. {I used the bat 1 C00024_30551} The software is very easy to navigate and lets you size your text and images in just seconds.
Once my design was set I loaded the Flocked Transfer Material directly into the machine and with just two simple clicks my design was cut.
With a pair of tweezers, the negative spaces of the design were removed. The cuts are so precise the excess paper just easily peels away leaving nothing but your desired transfer.

The lon sleeve plain cotton tee was picked up at Walmart for $3.50. {you can also find these in craft stores and Target for less than $5} I position the transfers directly into the shirt, covered with a paper towel and pressed with a heated iron in 60 second intervals. When complete, the plastic transfer sheet easily peels away revealing your design.

The fuzzy feel of the flocked transfers adds a little dimension to your designs.

Creating custom apparel could not be any easier {with the work of the Silhouette}. Now the hard part is deciding on just one design!


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  1. That is awesome…another reason why I NEED this machine!

  2. You’ve got to stop. I’ve been nagging the hubs all weekend for one, if I don’t win. My birthday is coming up and I’ve been dropping ‘large’ hints 🙂

  3. How fun!
    This would be a fun idea for Field Day. I could make all my students matching shirts.


  4. Oh. My. Goodness. They have flocked transfer paper??? Must Win!! 😉
    That shirt is super cute!

  5. This machine looks amazing! I hope I win! I could do SO many things with this machine. I would love to do some glass etching or heat transfers. SO COOL!

    [email protected]

  6. I love your Blog!!!!!

  7. I NEED one of these so bad! Thanks for the opportunity!!!!


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