Stenciled Felt Snowflake Ornament {No.15}

Stenciled Felt Snowflake Ornament {No.15}

Stenciled Felt Snowflake Ornament
{Ornament Number Fifteen}Materials Needed:Felt
Stitch Witchery {or Fusible Interfacing}
Acrylic Paint
Embellishments {glitter, crystal or beads}

Begin by cutting two pieces of felt large enough for the stencils you are using.Using stitch witchery completely line one of the felt pieces and place the second felt piece on top. {like a stitch witchery felt sandwich} I used the stitch witchery because it is what I had on hand; simply layering the strips to completely cover the felt. Iron-on fusible interfacing would be a lot easier to use, however both produce the same results. Stitch witchery can be found in the sewing notions department of you local fabric/craft store. Interfacing is in the fabric department.
Following the package directions, Iron over top your ‘sandwich’. {brand directions may vary slightly, though for the most part this only takes 60 seconds}. You felt will now be stiff and have a little weight to it.
Find a stencil you like. I used the Southern Medallions Stencil from DecoArt; it reminds me of a pretty snowflake.

Stencil in with acrylics or stencil paint. {I used Americana White Wash Acrylic from DecoArt}

Once dry, Embellish as you wish. To add a little sparkle, I went over the painted design with some white glue and sprinkled on PK Glitter Glitz in Crystal. The iridescent shimmer of this micro glitter is simply gorgeous.

I also add a crystal drop to the bottom of the ornament by cutting a piece of floral wire and threading on a Swarovski crystal. The wire easily pokes through the felt and you just need to twist to the back to secure. Beads can also be used as well.

For the hanger, cut a piece of ribbon and secure to the back with hot glue.

All of the ornament tutorials featured are very basic and allow you to create them to your own personal taste and style ~ be creative and have fun! Enjoy!


  1. Stephanie Lynn, I haven’t commented on each and every ornament tute, but I am really loving all of your ideas! Great job! I really like this one, I’m on some kind of felt kick right now! 🙂

  2. LOVE this one! The felt and the glitter are just perfect!

  3. Two words. You’re amazing. Well that is actually two and a half words, but close enough. I am amazed by what you keep coming up with. I can’t wait to see your house at Christmas.

  4. Every time I see another ornament I say “Oh, this is my favorite!”…looking forward to the next one!

  5. I love the glitter too — And I’m with Susie above… Even though I said the ornament yesterday was the fav — today I’ve changed my mind. This one is so cute!

  6. Stephanie Lynn ~ I’m loving all these ornaments!! So cute and can’t wait to see each and every one of them and also at Christmas 🙂 Great job!

  7. I love this!! You have such wonderful ideas 🙂

  8. This one is beautiful! And the comments are making me laugh, we all keep changing our favorites. Thanks for the series so far, what’s next?

  9. I love how elegant this looks!

  10. I came over via Tater Tots and Jello. LOVE all of your ornaments, I may have to try each one! I am totally in the Christmas mode right now. I can’t wait to explore the rest of your blog. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Best wishes,

  11. I’ve just had SSSOOOO much fun looking at your beautiful ornaments. I especially appreciate your use of jar tops. It always bothers me to throw them away. You are very creative, and generous to share.

  12. I am truly loving your ideas and appreciate your sharing them with us. I can see I’ll be off to purchase some more felt.


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