Tassel Ornament {No.18}

Tassel Ornament {No.18}

Tassel Ornament
{Ornament Number Eighteen}Materials Needed:Wooden Candle Cup
Lots of Ribbon

Start by painting your wooden candle cup. These can be found in the unfinished wood section of your local craft store and come in different shapes and sizes. Look for the ones that already have a predrilled hole in the top for easy hanging. You can usually pick up a pack of 4 -6 for just a few dollars. These can be painted any color to coordinate with your ribbon; I painted mine using Americana Lamp Black Acrylic from DecoArt
For the hanger, thread a piece of ribbon onto a sewing needle and stick through the hole in the candle cup. Pull enough through to create a loop and stick the needle back through the hole. Tie the ends into a knot {make sure the knot is bigger then the hole so your ribbon does not slip through}

There are so many ways to make a tassel, and some really amazingly beautiful ones listed below. This tutorial is pretty basic as I simply used what I had on hand to coordinate with the rest of my ornaments. I will warn you – these are so much fun once you start making them ~ you’ll want to put tassels on everything.

I used long black fringe for my center.

Roll just enough to fit snug in the candle cup opening. Squirt a bit of hot glue into the candle cup and stick in the tassel.

From here the possibilities are really endless. I hot glued a layer of brown fringe, a few strips of cut ribbon, loops of sheer ribbon, and some trimmed fringe to finish mine off. All the layers are simply hot glued on.

You can not go wrong or mess these up…they are super easy to do and you can get so creative with the variety of ribbon and fringe available.

Check out these gorgeous tassels {from upper left to right}
{1} Spool Tassel from Marty at A Stroll Thru Life
{2} Burlap Tassel from Jen at Tatertots and Jello
{3} Tassel E-Book from The Nester at The Nesting Place
{4} Decorative Tassel from Heather at BeTasseled
{5} Faux Caramel Apple Tassel from Cheri at It’s so Very Cheri

All of the ornament tutorials featured are very basic and allow you to create them to your own personal taste and style ~ be creative and have fun! Enjoy!



  1. Love this!

  2. Love the tassels! I’ve been thinking about making some for Christmas gifts!

  3. (Yoda voice) Amazing, this is. Try it, I will. A genius, you are.

  4. “Everything you do is like magic”… I can’t believe you gave us these incredible things to make… Giant Hugs to you!!!

  5. Love the one you made. It is gorgeous. Thanks also for showing my tutorial link. Tassels are so fun to make and they really do make wonderful gifts and decorations. Hugs, Marty

  6. Never thought to make a tassel! You’re like a machine lady, you just keep cranking out the hits! Ornament making party at Stephanie Lynn’s!!!!

  7. I have never made a tassel so I am excited to give this a try!

  8. I have been wanting to do a tassel forever. Christmas will be perfect!!

  9. oooh, I want a whole tree of these! I’ve tried to make tassels before and mine didn’t turn out this well.

  10. I am so excited about this project. You probably know, but Martha Stewart had an article on making tassles in her last issue, they were no where near as cute as these! I am dreaming of all the places I will put them…..once I actually get past the dreaming about them stage! Thank you!

  11. Thanks for spotlighting my caramel apple tassel it was so fun to make.


  12. Saw this on Pinterest and I love it….

  13. This is incredibly gorgeous! I don’t know if I have time to try these this year, but I think I will include these in my holiday decor next year. Thanks for sharing!


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