Toy Story Wall Art {An Inexpensive DIY Take on the Gang}

Toy Story Wall Art {An Inexpensive DIY Take on the Gang}

My little guy is in full blown Toy Story mania mode right now after having the chance to see Toy Story 3 {thanks to a very special friend}. There is nothing better than the big smile on his face and pure excitement in his eyes each and every time the toys come to life on the screen.

I wanted to make a special piece of art, just for my little guy, to hang on our ‘kitchen gallery wall’, in hopes of catching a few of those big smiles each time he walks by. I headed off to the dollar store to see what I could find, as trying to sneak any one of the hundreds of figurines we already own would be totally out of the question.
Even though there wasn’t much Toy Story paraphernalia left, {we are a little late hoping on the number 3 bandwagon} I did happen to find a full set of PEZ Dispensers featuring a few of his favorite charaters.
I decided they needed a little makeover to blend in with the kitchen decor, so they all received a couple coats of antique white spray paint.

To bring out the detailing on each character I used DecoArt Antiquing Medium and Americana Acrylic Paint. The DecoArt Staining/Antiquing Medium {found here} can be mixed with any acrylic paint and applied to wood {as a stain} or used on pre-painted items {as an antiquing medium}. I always have a hard time finding just the right shade of ‘glaze’ to distress painted items; This product is the perfect solution as you get to choose any color acrylic paint as your base {Raw Umber is the just the right shade of brown for me}. I simply mixed equal parts of each and was ready to paint {keep in mind a little of this mixture goes a very long way}.

I began by brushing on a liberal amount of antiquing mix, making sure to get in to all the little crevasses and creases of each piece.

Using my Rockler Foam Brushes, I started to lightly brush off the mix, wiping in all different directions.

I love the way the details are instantly brought to life.

Just one more time {because I think it is hilarious that I am actually doing this to Toy Story PEZ characters}.

While the little toys were drying I prepared the frame, which I already had. The glass had previously been removed, which I didn’t need anyway. To cover the picture opening I used a scrap piece of board wrapped in fabric; simply hot gluing the edges on the back to hold in place.

Aligning the board, so it rests on the bottom ledge of the frame, I used my super tough Gorilla Tape to hold into place. Gorilla tape is made to stick to rough, uneven, unforgiving surfaces making it great for projects such as this, with multi texture surfaces.

I then attached the original backing for additional support.

To attach each PEZ dispenser to the front I used a combination of velcro dots that I had on hand and hot glue. The hot glue was basically just used to align the characters correctly so they do not move around.

Woody, Slink, Buzz, Rex, and Jessie

I really like that it is still fun and playful, but toned down enough to blend in with the other decor.

Not to mention the whimsical aspect it brings to the kitchen

I really really like it!

Plus My Little Guy thinks it’s pretty cool too! Enjoy!


  1. oh my gosh. my jackson has the Buzz and Woody dispensers sitting on his headboard as we speak. that come out SO CUTE!!

  2. Those are really great! Who knew Pez could be so stylish??

  3. this is THE CUTEST idea EVER! I swear…I just LOVE LOVE LOVE it…I think this is by far the best blog post ever…even though it’s toys it’s such a grown up way to display them!

  4. That is adorable!!! I never would have thought of pez dispensers!!

  5. Oh my! That is just TOO adorable!!! You’re a good mama!:)

  6. Love it, museum quality and such an original idea πŸ™‚

  7. I wish I had seen this before I finished the Woody-inspired bath for my guy! Too cute!

  8. what a CUTE idea!!! i love that you neutralized them πŸ™‚ super cute!

  9. what a sweet sweet mama you are! and creative for sure to make toy story pez dispensers look sooooo good as decor!

  10. Wow… what a great idea. My kids would love that.

  11. Oh My Gosh! I love it! It’s so fun that you would do this – and I think they look great!! Seriously cute.

  12. LOL but in the most awe inspired way!! You’re unbelievable. This is really really cool.


  13. Wow, now I know you really can spray paint everything! … They are cute!

  14. obsessed with this!!! such a great idea!! so so so creative!

  15. Love it!!
    I want some for my room!

  16. This is incredible! Such a fantastic idea!!

  17. you are too clever! What a fun way to incorporate toys into your decor!

  18. I love this!! I don’t think I would have been able to imagine that if I was walking through the store and saw those Pez dispensers! Super, super cute!!

  19. OMG, how freaking cute is that!!! I have a whole suitcase full of PEZ dispensers… I gotta look now and see what I have that could be made into art! You are so clever!


  20. I love Toy Story, this is a fantastic idea!!!

  21. THAT is SO cool! Oh my gosh I never would have thought of that! So neat!

  22. What a great idea!! Great job πŸ™‚

  23. I think I have an appointment with some spray paint! My son loves Star Wars and we have them all – this is too chic! LOVE it Stephanie!

  24. LOL – you are so clever. I love that Stephanie. You are just so amazing!!!


  25. Freak out! This is to die for! Who knew that PEZ could be such amazing decor! This is one for the record books! Great idea! YOU ARE BRILLIANT! And I’m glad they put a smile on little man’s face!

  26. These are fabulous! Just ingenious to paint them. The eyes are freaking me out a little. lol! But this is such a great idea for some wall art. My son loves Toy Story also, though he’s too little to go see the new one. He would love this!

  27. Love this! Our little guy has been in love with Toy Story since way before Toy Story 3. What a fun craft.

  28. I seldom comment on blogs and seldom like DIY projects because, 1) I’m not “crafty” and 2) I find that after going through so much trouble they end up looking “kitchy” and cheap. This however is FABULOUS – seriously, this is the highest praise – I’m a very harsh critic! I’ve had a silly smile on my face the entire time I was reading your post.

    You must submit this to magazines or maybe to a craft contest! To come up with an elegant display out of plastic PEZ dispensers — WOW!!!

  29. I can’t even believe that! That is the coolest thing I have ever seen. You are hilarious and amazing!

  30. You are soooo CLEVER… I love how it turned out!

  31. Those are too cute! My boys just got a slinky and a ham Pez dispenser the other day:)

  32. That is pretty funny. Looks like ancient artifacts – but it’s not!!

  33. Oh my gosh. Brilliant! Love it and it’s so modern, you’re amazing!

  34. That is AH-mazing! My 3 yrd old DAUGHTER is obsessed with Toy Story and I’ve been trying to figure how a cute, girly way to decorate her room with that theme. Thanks for the idea.

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  36. That is TOO DANG CUTE! How clever you are!

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  38. I love, love, love when you do fun things for your little guy! I hope he gives a giant smile every time he enters the kitchen. πŸ™‚


  39. This is awesome!! Definitely where a kid’s taste can meet a parent’s taste & everyone’s happy : )

  40. Brilliant!

  41. that’s awesome!! Time to go toy shopping!

  42. Stephanie Lynn, that project is positively exquisite! So original! Wow! I’m nearly speechless. I’m not sure where I’d put one, but I am determined to find a spot for a pez display of my own. It’s simply one of the most original pieces of wall-art EVER! So glad I hopped on by from Someday Crafts! Best, Jenn/Rook NO. 17

  43. Just wanted to say that I think you’re extremely talented and creative! Love your blog…I’m your newest follower!

  44. What a transformation, they don’t even look like cheap plastic any more! You toTally took them to a whole-nother-level, AWESOME!

  45. I LOVE this! So cool πŸ™‚

  46. Wow!!! If you can make PEZ look that good, the possibilities are endless.

  47. Love this idea. One question…did you use spray paint especially for plastic?

  48. Stephanie, you are just incredible. WHERE do you come up with this stuff?

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  50. Okay, this is one of the best DIY ideas I’ve seen! Who would have thought Toy Story Pez dispensers could look so good? I love the way you framed it too, with the matting. It really looks fab, I’d definitely hang it on my wall!

    xo Linda

  51. Absolutely amazing… I love it…. Makes great kids wall art and there are so many pez characters you can keep going.

  52. Yeah- that’s pretty darn awesome!

  53. I LOVE this!!! We will be making it to help us remember the very first movie our little one saw in the theater!!!

  54. Very cute! They are so much fun, I bet your son loves them!

  55. Stephanie… I think this is awesome!! That is such a great idea to paint them and mount them! You created a great keepsake! Clever!

  56. Oh. My. Gourd. These are stunning and you are a genius. Simple as that!

  57. That is adorable!!!

  58. Such a fun idea! My son would love this!

  59. OMG, my son would FLIP OUT if he saw these! We are up to our eyeballs in Toy Story over here. This is great – thanks for sharing!

  60. Um, this is quite possibly one of the coolest art ideas ever! LOVE it!! A million and one possibilities.

  61. I hope you don’t mind but I love this so much that I did a blog post directing people here.

  62. You are brilliant! My son went through a Pez collecting phase and has been unable to part with them but now that he’s almost ready for college, we have got to clean some stuff out! I am going to have him pick his favorite favorites and do something like this so he’ll / we’ll always have some of his Pez but more grown up!

  63. Only you could make Pez Dispensers look so good.

  64. These are amazing…really creative and classy!

  65. No wonder you were featured on Jello and Tatertots, this project is SWEET! I love all of the details of the characters and the fun way to bring the PEZ playfulness into a kitchen setting!

  66. this looks great!!! i totally want to do something like this now!!! you go awesome mom!

    how did the babe like it?

  67. Okay! You win! This is the cutest (and sweetest) thing I think I have EVER seen. I can’t believe how much my heart is touched by what you made for your boy. So glad I stopped by to check it out.

  68. Oh, my goodness…. Now this is wonderful!
    I love it!
    How creative!

  69. So very cute. Enjoyed the altered PEZ display.
    Sheila @

  70. So very creative and so so cute!! Great idea. I’ll start looking around the house at my daughters toys to see how I can try something like this too. Thanks for the great pics and step by step instructions.

  71. Those are uber cute! From the thumnail I thought they were small carved statues…who’d a thunk??

    danarene @

  72. Way clever. I love the look and I love those pez dispensers!

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  74. This is great! I think you are brilliant!

  75. Amazing. Just amazing. You are opening my mind to many possibilities now. Imagine what else could be turned into museum art with your clever technique…!

  76. This is genius! You are so amazingly creative!

  77. Not sure how I missed this, but OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS!!! That is the neatest thing. There is just no end to what can be painted and aged…What a sweet mom you are.

  78. its looking so cute n smart…….hmmmmmmmmmmmm

  79. very very cute and creative. one of the best projects I’ve seen on any blog! This can be customized too, so awesome! great job πŸ™‚

  80. So, so, so cute!!
    I never would have thought of this. Not in a million years!

  81. I was over at a friends house and she told me abut this project and how she decided to do the same thing…although hers ended up in the rain before they were dried LOL And then as I’m reading One Pretty Thing I see the link. Amazing how information becomes a big circle! So happy I got to see the original. πŸ™‚

    Kristin – The Goat

  82. Are you kidding me?! This is the coolest thing! Now I’m thinking of all kinds of plastic toys I could convert to fine art. Thanks!!!

  83. Totally too cool!! Great modern art and yet has a vintage feel at the same time. Your post has been featured in Friday Favourites at Creative Link Up

  84. I featured a few of your crafts today. I just can’t get enough of stephanie lynn!

  85. Oh my gosh,this is adorable. Makes me wish I had all those Pez Dispensers from the 70’s when I was little. ; )

  86. I applied this technique to some Dollar Tree Halloween figures and they look great! I posted the project today. Thanks for the great idea.


  87. Hi!

    I wanted you to know I posted a link to this tutorial today on my blog, PaperFriendly.

    Nancy Ward

  88. I came across your site while searching for info on ‘how to antique’ and I have to say that after reading this, I am hooked! On your site that it is.
    The antiqued Pez Dispensers are kinda spooky looking but soooo cool! What an amazing idea. You are truly a great mom!
    I am now wondering if I can do this to my sons Thomas Train.

  89. I am all over the blogs. I have to say this is one of the most clever and original ideas I have seen. I love it!

  90. I featured this tutorial on my blog today πŸ™‚

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  93. Gotta tell you, my mouth dropped open when I saw this project. My hubby is a huge Pez nerd. He collects them and has HUNDREDS. This would be such a great gift for him. Thanks for sharing!!

  94. I saw this on your side bar today and knew I had to come and see. My little monster would adore something like this. Maybe there will be something similar hanging in his room in the near future.

  95. This is sooooo creative and such a great way to blend personality and style. Thanks for showing how to use that antiquing medium…I can’t wait to try it on something! Great job!

  96. I just “stumbled” across your blog. These are the most amazing ideas with perfect directions (or so it seems :). Thank you so much for taking the time to share.

  97. This is brilliant!!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!

  98. this is great!

  99. Thi sis an amazing project. I truly love this idea. My daughter has collected Pez for years. Too cute. I think spring break will bring new Pez Wall art to our home! I lovet his. Would love for you to visit me at mommiesandbeyond dot com

  100. Who knew you could make Pez dispensers look like art? I’m featuring these in my Earth Day round-up tomorrow!

  101. Adorable! We have every one of those little guys too! However, I think I’ll try this with…my Hello Kitty Pez collection. Thanks so much.

  102. What an adorable idea!

  103. You are just too clever, and those are just TDC….. TOO DARN CUTE!


  104. Amazing idea!thank you for your inspiration!


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