Typewriter Key Transfer Ornament {No.8}

Typewriter Key Transfer Ornament {No.8}

Typewriter Key Transfer Ornament
{Ornament Number Eight}Materials Needed:Clean Metal Jar Lid
Graphic Image
Ink Jet Iron On Transfer Paper

Start by selecting a typewriter font that you like. I used the Vintage Typewriter Keys Digital Download from Olive Rue {found here}. This digital download comes with all the letters of the alphabet, perfect for so many different projects!Open up the image in a publishing program and cropped it down to the letter and size you want to transfer. Since the image includes text be sure to REVERSE or FLIP the image so it will transfer properly. If this sounds intimidating, Olive Rue is great to work with as they will reverse any image purchased for you {just send them an email}.This ornament concept can be used for any image of your choice – I just love the look of the vintage typewriter keys!

Once the image is sized and flipped, print it out from your computer on Ink Jet T-shirt Transfer Paper and trim to size. You can find the paper at most craft stores in the section with the plain cotton t-shirts. Wal-mart and Target also carry the paper in the office supply section, usually near the printer paper.

Prepare a clean metal jar lid by drilling a hole in the side to hang.

Cut a piece of fabric, sure to cover the lid with enough to wrap around the back. I used Unbleached Natural Osnaburg.

Iron on your transfer according to the packaged directions for the brand of paper you purchase. Most are as simple as pressing an iron over your image for 45 seconds.

Center the fabric over the lid and hot glue around the lid edge; smoothing out and pulling the fabric taut as you work your way around the lid; Trim, tuck and hot glue the access fabric to the inside of the lid. {Note: be sure the drilled hole in the lid is correctly lined up with the image so it hangs correctly.

To give the ornament a finished look you can cut a piece of cardstock to fit the inner rim and hot glue it to back as shown above.

Thread a piece of cut ribbon to a sewing needle and punch through the fabric and the drilled hole to create the hanger.

All of the ornament tutorials featured are very basic and allow you to create them to your own personal taste and style ~ be creative and have fun! Enjoy!


  1. I love these uses for baby food jars. I knew I saved those for a reason!

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  4. This project is perfect! And I already have those typewriter keys so that makes it easy!

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  6. So cute! I’m loving all these ornaments and I’m excited to get started on making them soon.

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  9. Love this idea, Stephanie. What a great gift tag this could make too, using the lid. I thought of also using this over a cheap piece of tile to make a bit heavier ornament and square shaped. My tree is one of the pre-lit kind with the really stiff branches that can handle heavier ornaments! -Karen

  10. So cute!! I love this, a great gift idea!

  11. Love this Stephanie! This looks like one I could actually do! Glad you caught my blog love on the grilled pizza post, I meant to send you the link but you got to it first! 🙂

  12. What a great project!!
    I just love typewriter keys!!

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  14. those are sweet! I’m wondering how using bottle caps instead of jar lids would work…like tiny little typewriter keys hanging all over the place…

  15. I think this is my favorite. Thanks Stephanie Lynn.

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  18. Obviously I don’t sew or know anything about fabric Ü Is the Unbleached Natural Osnaburg something that is easy to find? ..please say yes, please say yes *Ü*
    Just gorgeous ornaments!!

  19. I adore this and will be doing this for a Christmas ornament for my family. Thanks for sharing.

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  21. The Olive Rue link isn’t working. Is there an updated one? I’m looking for the letter “M” in particular.


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