Bye Bye Brass ~ Hello Satin Nickel Moon Pulls {Bath Hardware}

Bye Bye Brass ~ Hello Satin Nickel Moon Pulls {Bath Hardware}

My little guy’s bath is still a work in progress that is slowly, but surely, getting closer to being done. Our new hardware arrived so it was time to say goodbye to the brass.
I decided to replace all the small brass knobs with a combination of satin nickel pulls and knobs. Satin Nickel Moon Pulls from Rockler were used on the drawers and Grand Avenue Satin Nickel Rimmed Knobs {also from Rockler} were used on cabinets.
If you have never added knobs or pulls to your cabinets or drawers before, I just want to tell you it is a very easy update when you use a Drawer Pull and Knob Template. {that little plastic thing in the picture above} You just place this template at the top center of your drawer and all the holes you will need to drill are already pre-measured and laid out; all you have to do is mark the holes and drill. The pre-measurements accommodate most standard hardware sizes to assure high accuracy of pull and knob placement. You can find these in most hardware stores as well as online at Rockler.
Since I already had predrilled holes for the brass knobs, I had to work around the existing hole a little to ensure that it would be covered by the new hardware. This just required moving the template up just a tad and using a level to make sure it was straight.

Once all the holes were marked, it was time to take a deep breath and drill. Pilot holes were drilled first. A Pilot hole is a smaller hole drilled into wood prior to a larger hole being drilled. This prevents the wood from splitting and improves accuracy by providing a guide for the larger bit.

I really like the new look and the pulls are much easier for my little guy to open. {which is a good thing in this case because it is his own bath}

Next on the list are the linens….I have some a lot of work to do in that department.

So for now I’ll just enjoy the glistening new hardware.

P.S. Want to know what I did with all the

Shiny Brass Knobs?

{Click here to check out the door knob pumpkin patch}
Happy Friday Everyone ~ Enjoy!


  1. Love the new look!!!

  2. love those little pumpkins!!

  3. I love the half-moon pulls… so simple yet vintage!
    Going to check out those pumpkins. Where do you come up with this stuff?! Too cute.

  4. Much better! Lovin’ those little pumpkins you made out of the old ones. You are sooo creative!

    ~ The Speckled Dog

  5. Those door knob punkin’s are precious.

  6. Oh my goodness! Those brass knob pumpkins are too cute! You are so clever! 🙂

  7. You are just the smartest one! Look at those little knobs! How darling!
    I love your new knobs. A tiny change can make such a difference.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  8. do these ideas just come to you in the middle of the night??? regarding the pumpkins…so super clever of you!

    lovin the new hardware. beauty-ful!


  9. The new hardware looks great!! Love that style.
    And the little pumpkins are just amazing. So stinkin’ cute!!! Is there anything that you can’t turn into something adorable??

  10. I think brass should be outlawed!!!! Seriously, I hate it with a passion…. Great choice with the new hardware! And what a cute idea for the old knobs….too sweet!


  11. Girl God really did give you the gift! I love what you did with the brass knobs! You could even use those as them as name place card holders or food name holders:)

  12. Really? Who thinks of that??? I love your new pulls, but the little pumpkins???? Oh my??? I love the way YOU think!!!!

  13. Ha ha. That’s pretty cute. (The pumpkins) 🙂

  14. Its always amazing to me how hardware can make such a difference- good or bad. Your new hardware looks great. cute pumpkins too!!

  15. I love the new hardware! Satin nickel is my favorite metal to use (besides oil rubbed bronze). The little pumpkins are cute, too!

  16. The little pumpkins are so cute!

  17. Hi. Just found your blog via Top Mommy Blogs. Love what you did. Will have to keep it in mind if we ever need to do this. I have now voted for you. Please come by and check out my blog.

  18. Your new knobs look great, and I love how you transformed for the old ones! I laughed when I saw them… so creative!

  19. hello fabulous knobs! love it!

  20. What a fun idea for brass knobs! Love the pumpkins!

  21. Hi! I am one of your newest readers!! I love your blog! Way cute! Hope you come check out and follow me on my page! Simple as 1-2-3!


  22. I am featuring this at tomorrow!

  23. I would love to change out my kitchen knobs with the ones you chose! I think with the template you have given me the courage to try – once my budget cooperates that is!

    Btw, the mini pumpkins are absolutely adorable! I’m hoping over to the tutorial right now!

  24. I love those pulls. I’ve got them in my kitchen and one of my bathrooms. Your cabinets look great with them!

  25. They look great! That template has got to be so handy…I’ll be adding it to my must-have list. And those door knob pumpkins? Adorable. You are so clever!!


  26. Love this idea! I’ve featured you here:

    Have a great week!

  27. Your cabinets look terrific with the pulls — but what genius is that template? Never saw that before but it makes perfect sense. Great tip, thanks so much.

    Did you hear about our $100 value Roxy girls’ bedding giveaway? Hope so (it ends tomorrow). Jane F.

  28. I featured you on my blog…

  29. Ugh! I am so regretting throwing out a bunch of knobs. I knew I’d need them one day, haha. Great project.


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