Creepy Crow’s Nest Halloween Wreath

Creepy Crow’s Nest Halloween Wreath

I’m really not a huge decorator for Halloween; I like to decorate more for fall in general which usually carries me through to Thanksgiving. {It’s like getting two for one} I do have one little nook this year that I am dedicating to Halloween though; spooky & creepy…in a good sort of way.
I started by taking apart the poor wreath {here} that has been on my front door all summer long {yes, since April}. The center of the wreath was a dollar store foam form simply covered with reindeer moss {hot glued on}. The hot sun definitely took its toll on the moss, though that made it even creepier and perfect for Halloween.
I gave the entire wreath a good coat of grey primer spray paint mixed with a satin nickel top coat to add a little shimmer.
Once dry I wired the moss wreath onto a twig wreath using floral wire. The wire is really thin and once pulled and twisted it is hardly visible.

For the nest I used spanish moss, which I think just looks like ‘Halloween’.

This was attached with more floral wire, since it does a pretty good job staying in clumps. Just loop around the moss and twist to the back; You can always fluff the front to make sure the wire is not showing.

The crows were found at the local craft store for just a few dollars a piece. They already had a wire balancer connecting the feet which made it very easy to attach to the wreath. {I just used additional floral wire to secure}

There is just something about crows that scares me a little.

Not your typical ‘fun’ fall wreath but I have plans for this one….

This is just the beginning to the ‘Halloween Nook’ vignette {which is actually the top of the newly painted console {here} in my entryway} I can’t wait to add to this!

Happy Friday Everyone! Enjoy!


  1. I super duper like this – very, very fun.

  2. Awesome!! I like the fallish/halloween feel:)

  3. I’m really liking your Halloween nook! Can’t wait to see where you go with this!

  4. Your wreath is gorgeous! Wow! I agree that there is something ‘unpredictable’ about crows – I think that’s what makes them creepy!
    Very classy little nook you’ve got!

  5. A subway sign with words from “The Raven” would go good with that wreath =)

  6. I love it!

  7. I LOVE wreaths and this is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  8. It looks great! and spooky! 😉 I love it.

  9. So cute Stephanie!!! I love it and it’s so different too!


  10. That looks fabulous! I love your little nook.

  11. Very cool! Last year we looked all over for crows, with no luck…going to try again this year. They look great on your wreath!

  12. Ohh that’s is great!! That’s the kind of halloween decor I would do too. I don’t really do much else halloweeny around the house, but this is suitably elegant with some “creepy” thrown in! Awesome idea!

  13. I really like it, it seems to have movement!

  14. I love this and you did a fantastic job of showing us how we can do it too.

  15. I love this. It’s spooky and elegant at the same time!

  16. How incredibly artistic !

  17. What a clever idea! I would have never thought to use crows for Halloween decor. Love it!

  18. Very spooky..and pretty!

  19. That is a very classy wreath! Very professional looking! Truly!
    Now if I could only make one half as good I’ll be happy.

  20. Very cool….I love the whispy branches…kinda creepy but still something you could keep up for months.

  21. I love it and the crows!

  22. I Love IT!! what a great idea! Looks great!

  23. it’s wonderful! you know i like the crows!

    so awesome. i love the 2 wreaths. one still constructed & the other branched out. genius, as always!


  24. love this! i don’t really decorate for halloween either but you just might have inspired me to. 🙂

    have a creative day!

  25. Love it!! You did a fantastic job on it….so creative!

  26. This is very creepy-cool…love it.

  27. Cute idea! The Dollar Tree has similar crows. I was trying to thunk of aproject for them and this fits the bill. Also, I posted a thank you for you over on my blog today. Hope you’re having great weekend!

  28. This is awesome and creepy (crows scare me, too)! I really need to get with the Halloween decor program. Thanks for some inspiration!


  29. What a cool tornado effect! Layering the 2 wreaths such a great idea. The vertigo adds to the spookiness.

  30. I lOVE LOVE LOVE this wreath.

    I featured it over at Doehler Days. Thanks for the inspiration.

  31. I have said it before, you are one talented lady. I was at Funky Junk and I saw your wreath and clicked, wanting to learn more and then your site opened. What you make really appeals to me, you have such a creative gift. I love birds, Halloween and the sophistication of your wreath.

  32. what a great idea, I just love your blog. You take some amazing pictures.

  33. This is so cool! I love chic holiday decor.

  34. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS WREATH!!! Thanks for the idea…can’t wait to make one.

    🙂 Jeanette

  35. LOVE this! Layering the different moss gives it such a great look. I have some crows to play around with too…thanks for the inspiration!

  36. really cool!

  37. You make that creepy wreath look gorgeous! Fabulous, Stephanie Lynn!

  38. I had such a fun time making my own version of your wreath! Mine’s a little more country and not as modern and stylish as yours, but it suits the decor of my house! Thanks for posting the tutorial!

  39. I love this Steph, featured you 🙂

  40. That looks fabulous. Thanks for sharing.


  41. Wow! This is gorgeous! It’s almost like a work of art!

  42. I think this is the best wreath I’ve seen. Awesome!

  43. I love, love, LOVE this idea! I write for and I will be featuring this design in a Halloween wreath roundup. Look for it to be posted sometime in the next week or two!



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