Family Monogram Wreath Sign – Cut and Routed with The Dremel Trio

Family Monogram Wreath Sign – Cut and Routed with The Dremel Trio

I like monograms because they are classic, understated, and never go out of style. I admit, I have a fair share of these little letters plastered around our home as a visual reminder of what my last name starts with {maybe just a little too much} so this time I decided to make a family monogram for the outside of our humble abode.

I began by tracing a shape I had onto a scrap piece of thim plywood and cutting it out with the Dremel Trio. The Dremel Trio’s versatile cutting bit and 360 degree cutting technology allows you to make cuts in any direction while keeping the tool in the same orientation. This was my first time using the Trio and I really like its ability to make quick clean cuts while I was still in complete control of the tool.
With a quick change of the bit, the Trio turns instantly into a sander. The guides on the tool allow you to go back over the cuts you just made creating a smooth finished look.
The surface of the board and any frayed edges were then sanded with the Norton Sanding Bug from Rockler.
For the monogram I simply printed out a letter from my computer, cut out, and traced onto the board’s surface.
Another quick change of a bit and the Trio quickly became a router, allowing me to ‘carve’ out the monogram.

The board then received a based coat of Americana Acrylic in Traditional Burnt Umber from DecoArt. The Painter’s Pyramid Finishing Turntable from Rockler provided an elevated workspace that rotates easily allowing to paint the entire project effortlessly.

Since I was going for a worn wood look I also brushed in some random spots of tan and grey acrylics.

The entire board was then coated with Americana Weathered Wood Crackle Medium from DecoArt. This clear medium creates an aged, cracked, antiqued and distressed wood finish on most hard craft surfaces. I like to vary the application by brushing lightly in some spots, while leaving thick and goopy in others.

Once the medium was completely dry I began the top coats. There is really no way to explain the process I use other than to continually apply a mix of colors until the desired look is achieved. I used a combination of Americana Acrylics {Bleached Sand, White Wash, Traditional Burnt Umber, and Natural Tan Grout Patio Paint} by DecoArt.

The entire surface was then coated with Americana Staining and Antiquing Medium by DecoArt mixed with a darker combination of the acrylics listed above. There is really no rhyme or reason to this weathered wood look, you just sort of make it up as you go along; continuing to apply colors until you achieve the finish you are looking for.

Another coat of Traditional Burnt Umber acrylic was then applied to the monogram.

For a finishing touch I added four corner stencils using the European Elegance Motif Stencil and Burnt Umber Stencil Paint both from DecoArt.

A finial ‘once over’ sanding distressed the design and edges just a bit more.

I decided to layer the sign on top a simple floral wreath to make it a little more pretty. I attached two DISChangers to the back of the sign, one in each top corner.

The DISChangers are super easy to use; just wet the back of the hanger and when the glue becomes tacky, press firmly into place. I used two of 1 1/4 inch size which in total holds up to two pounds ; enough for my lightweight piece of plywood.

Since I am pretty sure that I will be using this outside under a covered porch, I placed a couple strips of Gorilla Tape over the DISChangers. The Gorilla Tape {made by Gorilla Glue} has a tough all weather shell that will protect the hangers from the elements.

The twig wreath and berry leaf garland was put together following the principles in my basic wreath tutorial {here}

The sign was attached to the wreath by looping floral wire through the hangers on the sign and twisting around the twig branches.

I really like the simplicity; nothing really fancy ~ nice and neutral…

Perfect for something that can stay up year round {or until I get ‘board’ with it}

Plus I really {really} like monograms… How about you ~ do you like monograms too?



  1. wow! You sure did a great tute on this! It looks fabulous. I need a dremel for sure!
    I love monograms too.
    thanks for sharing this!

  2. I want a dremel so bad. It’s on my Christmas list. I love this!! Great job.

  3. Truely Amazing, this is beautiful! Love it Im so glad I found your blog, you have such great ideas!

  4. You are so talented! Love the wreath and jealous that you have a Dremel!! I have just got to get me one of those little jewels! Beautiful!

  5. I was wondering if I should get a dremel. YOu just convinced me! It is beautiful.

  6. love this! you should sell your projects!

  7. Until you get “board” with it. Punny! 🙂

    I officially have Dremel envy, though. 😛

  8. Really cool! I’m just starting to get into power tools, much to my husbands dismay 🙂 Maybe I need a dremel!

  9. If it has a monogramm on it I LOVE it!
    That wreath sign is gorgeous!

  10. Uh oh! I thought I wanted a Trio and now I KNOW I want one! Your monogram turned out amazing!

  11. You never seize to amaze me with your breath taking projects! Your blog is one of my favorites to visit. Beautiful wreath!! I’m tempted to try out those tools 🙂

  12. I have been dreaming of doing a monogram outside in the yard, our last name begins with “L” too!

  13. That is beautiful!

  14. I agree with ALL of the above!
    I have fallen in love with your also ~ Love monograms and wreaths:) Simple and beautiful.

  15. Wow!!! That is beautiful…what an amazing job you did. I have never seen that handy dandy tool…I may have to go check that out!


  17. What a great project! Turned out wonderful! I love monograms also! I also, love the hutch you just painted in white, gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stunning!!!!!!!!!


  18. I told hubby I need a Drimel too and showed him this one. Maybe I’ll get it for Christmas (birthday has already gone, bummer.) I love all your ideas, beautiful and just up my alley. Kathy
    PS…thanks for sharing and give us directions with all your beautiful creations. I love them.

  19. Oh my gosh! I just saw your pumpkin doorknobs. Freaking Cute! Love them, making some for myself! Thanks!

    kerstin @

  20. I love this! I have just put Dremel Trio on my birthday wish list.

  21. Your awesome Stephanie! This is fabulous!

  22. Just gorgeous!!!

  23. Love this!!

    This deserves versatile blogger award!!


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