Framed Ikea Magnetic Fabric Memo Board {Round 2 Makeover}

Framed Ikea Magnetic Fabric Memo Board {Round 2 Makeover}

Knowing my quick boredom with decor, I usually try to pre-plan how easy it would be to switch things up when creating most of my projects; it’s one of the perks of DIY creations.I originally posted this Ikea memo board make over back in February; just a little update to a pre-purchased piece. Keeping true to my ‘it’s been six months and I need a change’ quirk, I easily revamp the piece yet once again. With the addition of new fabric and a little paint, I have a quick and easy updated look {that I am hoping I will like a little longer this time}.

I started with this plain Spontan magnetic board I had bought a few years ago at Ikea. They still sell these today {here} however the dimensions of the current version have changed. {Mine measures 17 3/4 by 25 1/2 and the new version is 14 1/2 by 30 3/4} Because the frame is handmade to fit the board the same instructions can be still be applied creating the same end result.

For the frame I used a few pieces of scrap molding that were previously removed from a door we replaced. If you do not have materials to recycle, strips of builders molding can be purchased at your local hardware store in various designs and widths. To determine how much molding you will need: {1} Measure the width of the desired molding and multiply that number by 8. {2} Measure the lengths of each side of the object you want to frame {in inches}. {3} Add the two numbers together and divide by 12 ~ this will give you the number of feet you need to purchase. {Usually builders molding is sold by the foot} This measurement calculation includes enough extra material to make your mitered cuts.
Cut the molding into four pieces, one for each side of your frame. Each piece should measure the desired length of the side plus twice the width of the wood; the extra amount is to account for the mitered corners.Using a miter saw {or hand saw and miter box} cut the end of each piece to a 45 degree angle.

Lay the cut pieces together to form the frame. Apply Gorilla Wood Glue to each corner and secure together with a staple gun; Lay flat to dry overnight.

Since I was repurposing older molding, the previous nail holes were filled with wood filler. Any gaps in the miter corners were also filled. The entire frame was then sanded, painted, a little crackled, and distressed just a bit.

To cover the magnetic board, I simply stretched a piece of Unbleached Natural Osnaburg fabric over the board, hot gluing the edges around to the back.

The fabric was cut on the back to expose the original pre-drilled holes in the Ikea board for hanging.

To add a little decorative touch, I used the Trellis Over All Stencil by Cutting Edge Stencils to apply a pattern to the fabric. All Cutting Edge Stencils are made of thick, sturdy but flexible plastic allowing you to use the designs for a multitude of different projects; not just wall treatments.

The stencil was filled in by simply rolling on acrylic paint with a foam roller. I used Americana Bleached Sand DA257-3 All Purpose Acrylic by DecoArt for a subtle design against my fabric.

The stencil was laid on top the fabric and simply held in place with my fingertips as I rolled out the paint.

Once dry the Ikea board should fit snug in the frame; just apply a little pressure to push it in place.

A few simple magnets for the board were created using wooden disks and craft magnets. The wooden disks can be found at your local craft store in the unfinished wood section; as well as the magnets. Together the disks and magnets run just under $3.

The wooden disks were primed with a base coat of grey acrylic and then painted with a coat of Americana Weathered Wood by DecoArt. Once dry, I applied a top coat mix of Americana Acrylics in Bleached Sand DA257-3 and White Wash DAO2-3 also by DecoArt. Each disk was then sanded and distressed with the Norton Sanding Bug from Rockler. I love the crackle effect of the Weathered Wood Medium.

The craft magnets were attached to the back of each wooden disk using Gorilla Glue Epoxy.

I just love the elegant fabric design paired with the weathered distressed wood.

The perfect place to keep all my little pieces of scrap paper notes together neat and organized. Enjoy!


  1. I love it, looks so elegant!

  2. Awesome. You continue to amaze me.

  3. I really like this! I have an old (unusable) sheet pan that would work great for this. Thanks for the great idea!! I love the look of the magnets!

  4. That is a great idea! I might have to try that one. I have a little obsession with memo/bulletin boards!

  5. Too cool!

  6. Wow, gorgeous! That trellis on canvas – so subtle and elegant. Perfect with your crackly magnets!

  7. ta da!!!! it fabulous!!!

  8. Love the shades of creams and tans together. Beautiful!

  9. LOVE it!! I am trying to decide what kind of board (magnetic / cork) to put up behind my desk – great ideas!! The molding really makes it!


  11. You are a crafty genius. I want to come meet you in real life just so, maybe, just maybe, through osmosis I will obtain even a fraction of your genius. 🙂

  12. super cute – love it!

  13. Ooooh this is fabulous! Just love it Stephanie Lynn. You are a talent…

  14. Wow this is beautiful!! That stencil is gorgeous and the frame is perfect. Great job. Again!!!

  15. That is a great stencil and a really neat way to use it!

  16. So many ideas come to mind. Thanks for the inspiration.

  17. LOVE it Stephanie! Love the colors and the stencil. So pretty!


  18. This is my absolute favorite project ever! I was just wanting to make something like this. When I do, I’ll send you the pics! Love it, really, great project.

  19. I love this. I told the kids I would make them a reverse Magnetic board and chalkboard, just waiting for more Chalkboard paint to arrive.

    I love the look of the magnets, I was thinking about doing mine to look like typewriter keys so
    they could spell words with them. I would make a ton so there was no fighting over letters.
    My typewriter keys may need some crackle.

  20. Beautiful work. Would like to try one for me.

  21. Fantastic idea! You are just FULL of them! Thanks for sahring over at Susan’s MM party!

    😀 Lynda

  22. What a creative idea! Love it!

  23. This is so amazing it needs to be mass produced and sold in department stores!

  24. Stumbled across this and I am in LOVE! I’m totally using this idea to make a board to hang all my jewelry.
    Thanks for sharing!

  25. Stephanie, it is wonderful to meet you and find this gem of a post! I am so impressed! Oh how I love Ikea and wish there was one closer to where I live. This magnetic memo board is so professional looking! I would love one for my own family! I would like to invite you to share this tutorial with the Family Memory Board Link Party. This is so perfect and would fit right in! Glad to find your wonderful blog filled with ideas and inspiration. 😀

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