Mod Podge Custom Faux Pumpkins {Easy Fall Decor}

Mod Podge Custom Faux Pumpkins {Easy Fall Decor}

I have wanted to make a set of pumpkins that ‘spelled out’ a phrase for awhile. The thought of painting individual letters, or handwriting them, is not really one of my specialties; however, with a little scrapbook paper and some Mod Podge, customizing little faux pumpkins to your liking is a cinch!

I could only find bright orange {really faux looking} pumpkins in the size that I wanted, but a combination of white and antique white spray paint fixed that. The stems were simply hand painted with Americana Acrylic in traditional burnt umber by DecoArt.
I used my Silhouette Machine to cut the letters out from scrapbook paper. If you do not have a cutter, you could simply print them off on the paper and cut them out with scissors.
I used the Matte finish Mod Podge because I did not want a glossy shine; especially due to the fact that I only wanted to have to cover the letters and not the entire pumpkin. The matte finish dries pretty un-noticeable on the white pumpkins.
I used a paint brush to apply the Mod Podge to the back of each letter.
Then I placed the letter on to the pumpkin. {Mod Podge is very easy to work with and you have time to move and reposition without making a mess}
Once the letter was in place, I brushed a good layer of Mod Podge over the entire letter. Using my fingertip, I then gently smooth over the letter making sure there were no bubbles or pockets.
I gave the letter one more additional brushing of Mod Podge {being pretty generous with this final coat}

Let sit to dry and that is pretty much it.
Knowing this works {and how easy it is} makes the possibilities for customizing faux pumpkins endless.

Happy Fall Enjoy!


  1. I love the statement this makes..and it was so simple to make! Love it!

  2. They look so pretty all lined up!

  3. As always, adorable! So simple, but makes a huge impact! 🙂

  4. stunning – I just love every little bit of these – so glad you didn’t keep them bright orange (ha!)…the creamy white is gorgeous!

  5. Mod Podge to the rescue! Awesome idea… I was just playing with my cricut trying to do the same thing…. I think Mod Podge just might be cuter =)
    Have a great day.

  6. I am a huge fan of modge podge!

  7. I love this, easy, but makes a big impact-my favorite type of project. Now I just need on of those machines for cutting out the letters!

  8. Too cute! I did something similar with fake orange ones I painted white.

    BTW – you can buy white pumpkins at Michaels if you have one in your area.

  9. These are super cute! I love the white and the paper. I wouldn’t have thought of mod podging the letters on. I love them on your deck railing like that. Just Darling!!!

  10. these are awesome in every way.

    how fun for your gorgeous balconies.



  11. Such a fantastic idea! They look great and I love how you photographed them on your deck railing. I do that all the time too. Because the outside light is so pretty for photographs. And your photos ARE great too!

  12. I made almost the same pumpkins 2 years ago but mine spell out Halloween!

  13. I love this! I want to do some!! I love how elegant they look!! Thanks for sharing!! You’re awesome!!

  14. LOVE it!!! I have been wanting to get tiny pumpkins and spell out welcome for our front porch but writing or stencling them was holding me back..GREAT idea!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  15. I love it! What a great idea, I am loving white pumpkins, and this is fab!!

  16. You have to keep showing us pics of that awesome deck! That’s the best lookin’ home built deck I’ve ever seen and I’ve bragged about it to my husband many times! – Karen

  17. Oh my stars! SO cute!

  18. Adorable Stephanie!! I love the idea of doing a word on many pumpkins. So fun!!


  19. How very cute!

  20. Love this idea…as I do all of your crafts. Can I ask where you found that many faux pumpkins. I have found 1-2 but there always so expensive that I just decide to nix the plan.

  21. Super cute! I love making custom pumpkins- I use my cricut and cut letters out with vinyl…so easy and so many endless possibilities 🙂

  22. Girlfriend! You sure do have some patience! They look really fabulous!

  23. Oh that is a great look.

  24. I love the subtle color of the scrapbook papers

  25. How clever ! I love the unusual colour treatment for Halloween.

  26. Hi Stephanie Lynn! I featured your Modge Podge pumpkins on my “Bloggy Clips Thursday” – they’re too cute!

    Here is the link

    I have a featured button you can grab if you like in the sidebar!

    {Clickable Party}

  27. I received an award for Versatile Blogger, in turn I am awarding it to you! Check it out at

  28. What a great idea!

  29. This looks fabulous Stephanie Lynn!! I’m loving all the Autumnal Whites this season.

  30. These are darling. I have been wanting to carve out “BOO” on three pumpkins because I love how they look when lit. I just want to be able to reuse them each year.

  31. Your pumpkins are adorable. I love the uniformity and that you can reuse them! What a great idea!

  32. You have the best ideas! What huge impact this one has, I love it!

  33. I love this idea! I have a deck rail that would be perfect but I was wondering..the pumpkins i have found are very light weight..wondering if they will stay put during our windy fall days here in Indiana 🙂

  34. Another great idea! I was planning on painting some pumpkins for my Kindergarten son’s Thanksgiving Feast tablescape at school but this will be much easier! Thanks!


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