More Recycled Sweater Vases {Easy & Simple Fall Decor}

More Recycled Sweater Vases {Easy & Simple Fall Decor}

I have a little thing for cable knit sweaters {the chunkier, the better}. I was smitten back in March when I originally posted the recycled sweater vase {here}. The only problem; it was March and I was in a different state of mind, wishing for sunny, bright warmer days and ready to pack away the cold weather clothing. Now that I can feel the crisp chill in the air…it’s the perfect time to re-visit this incredibly easy craft that I’m sure most of you already have the supplies to make.

The original March tutorial {here} was nothing short of cutting off the sleeve of a sweater and sliding it onto a glass vase. So easy peasy anyone armed with a glue gun could handle it. You can easily get two covered vases using both of the sleeves from one sweater. So what do you do after that; well here are a few options for the scraps before you go searching for another sweater to recycle.
The body portion of any sweater can be easily cut and sewn to cover larger vases that do not fit into a sleeve.
Larger Vase How to:
{1} Cut a sweater just below the arms, turn inside out. {2} Slide over the container you are wishing to cover; finished edge on the top side. Pull the sweater taut until the ribbing starts to curve in {as shown in the picture – You want this to fit snug} Pin in place. {3} Sew a straight seam {very easy, just a straight line – backstitching at each end} Flip right side out. {4} Slide over your container, hot glue the bottom edge down and trim off any excess fabric on the bottom.

The left over sections of sleeve that are too short to cover a full vase can simply be slid over a tall glass vase and folded at the top, leaving half of the vase exposed.

I used a few flameless candles to fill these vessels, as the candle light is so pretty shining through the cable knits.

The round vase looks like a challenge but it is just as easy as the rest.

Round Vase How to:
{1} Cut a single piece of sweater to fit around the desired round container. {2} Hot glue the finished edge of the sweater around the top of the vessel. {3} Work your way around the entire top, until you reach the beginning; leave the edges hang. {4} Flip the container over and begin to hot glue the bottom in small sections. {See the March tutorial {here} for tips} Be sure to keep the bottom as flat as possible.

{5} Work your way around the bottom leaving the ‘open’ seam section undone. {6} Using hot glue, glue one of the ‘open’ sides down. Trim the other sweater side so you have a nice clean edge. {This is super easy to achieve with cable knit as the guide lines are already there}. {7} Pulling the sweater taut, start to hot glue the remaining side; overlap to make sure you have the container completely covered. {8} Finish the bottom as shown in the March tutorial {here}.

I really like the unique round shape…and of course the variety of adding different cable knits.

Using these simple covering techniques you can instantly transform any type or sized container into warm and cozy fall decor.

I think I have found a start to my fall centerpiece.

I just can’t resist a warm and cozy chunky cable knit for the fall! Enjoy!


  1. OMG – I love that stephanie lynn!! I really want to make some. They are beautiful and perfect for fall!


  2. Oh my heavens! I think I’m in love. Fall is may favorite and these truly make me want to snuggle in. Off to cut up some sweaters…
    In Him,

  3. These are so cool!

  4. Truly Brilliant!!

  5. This is a MARVELOUS idea! So warm, so cheering–just adorable! You are one creative lady!!

  6. fall! I can’t wait till fall. Still so hot here.
    I love how all of these look! great job.

  7. These are so nice -i’m going to attempt to cover a few vases but it looks hard -when i saw the sewing macine coming out I was scared 🙂 but then i recovered once the glue gun helped to hold the sweater -i’ll let you jnow how it goes

  8. Love these!

    Party and Entertaining Inspiration

  9. This is so clever…I have never seen anything like it before!!!!! I especially like the ones with candles…so pretty!!!

  10. love this, my son is getting married oct 23 and i am thinking some of these on the fireplace in the lodge that is holding their reception! Thanks, Sue

  11. Very cute idea! I love how cozy they feel. This is a great way to cover some of the vases I have that are really ugly!

  12. OK…that is just too cool! I may need to go to the GW and see if I can find some sweaters!

  13. I love these – so cute and cozy!!! They would make great hoilday or hostess gifts!

  14. You’re genius! I’m in love with the sweater vases.

  15. I’ve seen those in magazines before – they’re fantastic! You’ve inspired me to hit up Goodwill for some sweaters!

  16. Love them all, but the round one is SO COOL!

  17. Such cozy creations! I have a horrid cream-coloured plastic planter that my hibiscus lives in. Love the plant, hate the planter. I’ve been mulling over how to remedy it for awhile now. Perhaps it needs a cozy sweater for the cold weather months!

  18. WOW. My jaw dropped. WOW. I just LOVE these! I am definitely going to do up a few of these for fall decorating. LOOOOOVVVEE them!!

  19. These are really pretty. This is a great post, love everything about it.

  20. Stephanie Lynn, if only sweaters fit me as well as they do your beautiful vases. Great project!

  21. I’ve wanted to try this for so long and now that I know it’s super easy, I don’t have any more excuses!

  22. best. idea. ever.

  23. Love. Love. Love!!

  24. GW here I come !!!!!! Love this….especially the brown.

  25. Love this idea! Thanks so much for sharing! It has gone into my DIY wish list file,to make someday!

  26. These are so pretty, I can’t wait to make some of my own!!


  27. How clever! It looks so cozy and different, thanks for the idea.

  28. Your sweater vases are so great!! I love them!

  29. Love this post! Thank you for sharing a wonderful idea…great for gifts!

    Wishing you a wonderful week!


  30. I have been wanting to make these since last year BUT no one has sweaters down here.


  31. You’ve done it again Lynn! Superb!
    Just having a challenge finding heavy cable sweaters (in thrift) in SoFL!! lol

    Beautifully executed! Thanks for sharing!
    😀 Lynda

  32. Hi Stephanie Lynn, these turned out great! I picked up some sweaters earlier this summer for projects just like these, great job! I hope to make a pillow soon! 🙂

  33. you are amazing!

    where – how – do you come up with all these wonderful projects? this is just stunning to me. how gorgeous.
    i love the combination of the white cream & brown sweaters. AND the flowers you used against the candles. just gorgeous.
    i’m so inspired!

    thanks for linking up & being so supportive for the FALL FESTIVAL. i appreciate it so very much.


  34. LOVE THESE! Can’t wait to go thru my sweaters and/or the Goodwill’s sweaters to try this project. Great gift idea too 🙂 Tks for sharing.

  35. Really cute!

  36. Love the candle cover-ups!! They’re such fun and such a touch of whimsy. Every room should have something unexpected, and these certainly fit the bill.
    ~ Sue

  37. Great Idea!! My mind started racing with all the holidays comming up and all the sweaters at the goodwill……I wonder if they will want the sleavless sweaters back after I cut the arms out of it…..I bet I could sew up the arm hole and make sweater vest out of them…..

  38. These are so cool! I love it, great idea…
    Your blog is a godsend

  39. HOLY SMOKES!!!! This just rocked my world! I LOVE IT! Must. Find. Old. Sweater. NOW!

    Thanks for featuring my Pineapple Upside Down Cake from the Sunday Showcase! I am giddy!

  40. These are beautiful, Stephanie Lynn! I love the idea of cable knit sweaters for these! I swear, when I created my upcycled knit stockings post a month or so ago, I hadn’t seen this one yet. They are similar but different. Too funny! I’m definitely whipping this out for a centerpiece with my old sweaters. You are pure talent.


  41. How amazing ! Pure genius.

  42. loooove this!!! makes me want to put sweaters on everything (including myself!)

  43. Loves it! Off to cut up old sweaters….

  44. Thank you soo much for posting this. After seeing the pic from the last post I went out and found a size 2T cream fisherman sweater, and 2 vases that fit into the sleeves @ Goodwill. I was unsure how to finish is off (so that the sweater won’t unravel! Now I know!! I may find a nice round vase for the body of the sweater now! Can’t wait to make my table all pretty!!!

  45. I love those for Fall and Winter. I can’t wait to make some.

  46. You totally inspired me! I went out thrifting today and picked up three old cardigans and some glass vases. I can’t wait to put them together. Thanks so much for sharing!

  47. I LOVE this!!! I linked to your tutorial over at Craft Gossip Sewing:


  48. Such a great idea! I must try this at home! Thanks for sharing.

  49. Those are absolutely fabulous! Especially the round one – glorious texture and tones.

  50. Those are so warm and cozy feeling! Such a simple thing to do!

  51. What a clever idea! I actually bought a candle once that had a mini sweater around it but I never thought to try to make one myself. Yours look great!

  52. I loved this tutorial and i’m already a fan of your blog.. and a follower, of course 😉


  53. What a fabulous idea! (and I love your painted server, too) This is a great way to recycle old sweaters…I’ve seen them used for pillows but never like this!
    Would you consider allowing me to feature this on my blog…with links back to you and the tutorial, of course…I’d love to share it with my friends!
    Have a beautiful day~
    ;-D Kathleen


  55. GENIUS!!!!!!! I LOVE love LOVE this!! I wasn’t in blog world back in March so I missed the first post, so I am SO happy you posted this again..with updates! AHH! In LOVE!
    Thanks for sharing!

  56. wow….these are absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! i would have never in a million years thought of this!

  57. These are just the cutest! So cozy! Love them. Sweaters are one of my favorite things about Fall so definitely have to DIY some for my vases too! 😉 Thanks for sharing your creativity in the Fall Festive!

  58. This is perfection – I absolutely love it!

  59. I LOVE what you did with this! Now to just stop myself from recycling sweaters that I still wear 🙂

  60. These are awesome! Just beautiful!

  61.! that’s genius!! love it!

  62. I Love these! I went thrifting yesterday to get some things to make some. I also linked back to your post and Blog when I blogged about it here:

  63. Just beautiful. I cant wait to makew some.

  64. These are seriously adorable!You rock.

  65. I think this is a really fun project! I can’t wait to do this. I’m thinking about going to the Goodwill store and buying some sweaters. Thanks
    for the great idea!

  66. I’ve seen ceramic vases that look like cable knit sweaters, but never would have thought to use a real cable knit sweater to cover a vase!! This is such an easy project, and looks so great!! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  67. These aer so cute! Now I wish I wouldn’t have brought that huge bag of sweaters to Goodwill!

  68. Stunning! What creativity!

  69. love them! featuring them on my blog later today!

  70. Absolutely fantastic idea – really fabulous.

  71. I’m so behind on your posts! Must catch up! These are sooooo great! I will be looking for a sweater to recycle immediately!


  72. SO perfect for Fall! They look great. Thanks for sharing this great project. I will be linking to it.

  73. Oh my GOOD GRIEF you’ve GOT to be kidding me! You never ever disappoint me. When is your book coming out?!?!?

    This is so clever. And beautiful!


  74. Love them!

  75. Thank you so much for sharing this. The moment I saw these lovely vases wrapped up with sweaters, I immediately searched for my glass vases and sweaters and started my own recycled sweater vases. Awesome! 🙂

  76. I. LOVE. THESE!
    I’d love to feature them on my blog.

  77. I’m obsessed with these!!! and I ‘m featuring you next monday! THANK you for linking up to MMM!

  78. Merci beaucoup pour cette merveilleuse idée!

    J’aime ce côté chaleureux.

    Bonjour de France.

  79. This is great and now I totally need to run to the thrift store! I have only turned old sweaters in to Christmas stockings. Vase covers takes it to a whole new place!

  80. C’est très joli!!!
    Merci pour cette belle idée
    Marie Françoise
    Sud de la France

  81. GENIAL ! merci du Sud de la France aussi !

  82. Superbe idée!!!
    C’est magnifique est parfait pour notre temps très froid, bisous de France

  83. It’s wonderful what you do!
    Thanks a lot to share it.
    Banyoles – Girona – Catalonia – Spain

  84. I L.O.V.E. these…I’m not all into “really” decorating for the seasons…yet that is…but these are awesome…and the perfect subtle hint of fall…so cozy. You Rock!

  85. These are amazing! And, I must copy! LOL I would never have thought to do this … thanks for sharing such a cool and creative idea! *Becca*

  86. I really love these! They remind me of the crisp Fall days growing up in Ohio. I couldn’t wait until it cooled down enough to wear sweaters. Now I live in Phoenix, so it won’t feel like sweater weather until probably November and rarely cool enough for the heavy cable knits. This is a great use of all those sweaters that people donate to Goodwill after they move out here from back East. Thanks for the idea!

  87. I love these vases, so beautiful! I’m in Arizona, it may be to hot for me to wear a sweater… but my candles can! lol.. 😉
    I did a sweater upcycle and made pillows & a purse, I linked back to your site for inspiration… and a hopeful next project!
    Love it, keep up your beautiful work! 🙂
    Heather ~

  88. This is so fantastic! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I’m getting chilly and in the mood for winter looking at these sweater cozies.

  89. In love! I love the recycled, wonderfully warm, fallishness of the whole thing. Beautiful!

  90. Well, this is just too cute. I love the look of the sweater around the candle — so cozy!

  91. so simple, so beautiful, so warm

    so LOVE this project!

  92. I love these. Thanks for sharing you tutorial. We will be featuring you on our blog

  93. Simply amazing…you inspired me during my purge of excess stuff! AND I had to include your blog in my post. Hope this is okay with you…if not please advise and I’ll adjust accordingly.
    Fondly, Roberta

  94. Love these. I hope you don’t mind if I link to this page to share your tutorial with my readers.

    Thanks again for a fabulous tutorial.


  95. I just saw this on your sidebar and love it! I love the warmth of the project. Great idea!

  96. That’s it! I just decided you are THE SMARTEST CRAFTIEST woman alive! I love these! Now, where did I put those old sweaters…

  97. Hi Stephanie Lynn!
    Just wanted to let you know I tried this project and wrote a blog post about it:

    Thanks so much for sharing your idea! I love my sweater candle cozies!!



  99. OH JOY !
    I just stumbled across all the creative fun “under the table” & enjoyed viewing the sweater sleeve remakes on the side bar.
    Thank you for sharing all the fun & here is a snippet of a crochet sleeve upcycle !

  100. Waouh !! C’est une excellente idée !!!

    Thank you, it’s very very excellent idea


  101. just wanted to let you know I’m featuring these today on!

  102. Wow how cute and clever are these!! I never would have thought about using sweaters that way but it looks darling. 😉

  103. Stephanie Lynn, I’m linking to this project on the TLC Parentables article I’m posting tomorrow about upcycling jars and bottles.

    I hope that is okay.

    Brittany (aka Pretty Handy Girl)

  104. Great Idea !

  105. Wow! I tried this recently on a lampshade. I love the warmth of knits around the house. Yours are beautiful. I am so inspired. Can’t wait to go try some.

  106. What great ideas, not only a good use for those old sweaters, but very stylish too.

  107. These look so cosy, wow. The colors match so well too.
    I did this a few months ago with a lace legging, those turned out cute too:
    I’ll now look for some winter sweaters that don’t fit us anymore; thanks for sharing!

  108. Stephanie Lynn I just love your candle holders! I’m thinking of ripping up a sweater as we speak… I’ve seen such beautiful things done with sweaters. I particularly like the one with the straight vertical lines!

  109. I LOVE these! I pinned them on Pinterest and then I made some of my own! I also made some vases and a wreath… check out my blog… the candle holders will post in the morning (I made sure to link back to this page 🙂

  110. LOVE this idea! Shared over on TheCraftPickle!

  111. these are great, thanks for sharing!

  112. Me ha gustado mucho la idea de reciclar los jerseys. gracias por la idea.
    un abrazo.

  113. Since it is AWFULLY hot here – thought a little sewing would help distract me. Sewing these… my sweater stretched… horribly… any tips?

  114. I’ve been thinking of knitting candle sweaters before I ever saw them. I’m looking for a pattern to knit them. But I guess I’ll just wing it. This is an awesome idea if you don’t know how to knit and have old sweaters laying around.

  115. Love this idea. Recycled sweaters could also be used to make coffee mug cozies I bet!

  116. That’s really creative,
    I will make them tomorrow
    Thanks for sharing

  117. very creative to recycling sweater and vases become more beautiful..

  118. What a great idea! My son has some great red Christmas sweaters that are too small for him. I’ll have to put this on my list as a Christmas craft project.

  119. Love these; NOW I have ANOTHER item to add to my “Look for at yard sales” list!



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