Mouse Motel Faux Pumpkin {Martha Stewart Inspired}

Mouse Motel Faux Pumpkin {Martha Stewart Inspired}

I have always thought this pumpkin was …well…cute {?} though if I ever saw real mice living inside my pumpkins I would scream and screech like a little girl. This idea originally appeared in the October 2008 issue of Martha Stewart Living where they used a real pumpkin to house the little critters. I thought I would change this fun idea just a bit and use a faux pumpkin for my little guy to enjoy year after year.

I started with a faux pumpkin and a flat wood boring bit. Even though this bit is intended for wood, it worked quite well on the foam.
The bit simply attaches to a hand drill and creates perfect little holes for the mice.
I decided to change the color and spray paint the pumpkin white. The stem was then touched up with Americana Acrylics in Traditional Burnt Umber and Viridian Green from DecoArt.
The small rubber mice were purchased at the end of Halloween last year from Target. They were in a seasonal party favor pack and are like gummy rubber {if that makes sense}. Target does carry these again this year and I have also seen some similar from the dollar tree. I like this kind because they are easy to bend and shape coming out of the pumpkin holes. All the mice are held in place with Gorilla Super Glue; Just apply and hold in place for a minute or so to set. I even glued some of the ‘limbs’ together to shape a few of the mice differently. {see the little guy peeking out of the hole – his front ‘hands’ are glued together}

Eww and cool all at the same time.

I really like this little guy {in a creepy way}.

I thought I would share some more Martha Stewart Pumpkin Inspiration before I go….lovely eye candy for your weekend browsing. You can visit the links below each picture for more details.
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Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! I’ll be back later tonight with the Sunday Showcase Party and can’t wait to see what you have been working on this week. Enjoy!


  1. Ew! This is super creepy! Love it! I love those Martha Stewart pumpkins too!

  2. I get a giddy smile when I see your posts come up in my reader. This is hysterical! Great round up too, the LED porcupines are so sweet.

  3. I’m a new follower but I absolutely love all your decorating ideas! I just moved into my first house and I can’t wait to decorate it for Halloween, using your blog and crafts as inspiration!

  4. Oh I love it! Yes, the mice are at Target as well as the dollar store.

  5. Ew and cool is right…. love that pumpkin! I like it better than Martha’s version.

  6. Thanks Laura! I changed the info above – I apprecite it! ~ Stephanie Lynn

  7. You did an amazing job and I like YOURS even better than Martha’s!!! What a “cute/creepy” decoration! Thanks for the MS eye candy too!


  8. Looks great, I love all of the fun ideas!

  9. I am so making one of those!

  10. This is so cute…I remember back when she did this too! Love everything Martha. Great project.

  11. Ahhhh…this has gotten me in the fall/Halloween spirit even more! I MUST get a 17′ truck worth of stuff unpacked first unfortunately but I’m sure I will come across my Halloween stuff in the process 🙂

  12. Thats awesome….and creepy! Love it!

  13. Wow so cool and yet so disgusting. I hate mice and rats and would die if I saw one. I love this look so I might turn this one over to the kids….and keep it closer to the curb so I dont freak out everytime I see it. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Wow – so much inspiration! But I love yours best – that black and white looks great and the mice are awful coming out of the holes. It’s perfect!!! 🙂

  15. I just got the heebie jeebies…in a good way. It certainly is creatively creepy!

  16. Your pumpkin is really cool- the kids would love this! I love the mice idea. My fav is the one peeking in.

  17. Fabulous! Oh how I wish I lived in a place where there really is a “fall” season.

  18. What a cute idea! Love it!


  19. I LoVe this!! I am so going to try and find some of those little rubber mice!! Thanks for sharing!!

  20. Love it! It is ewww and cool all at the same time!

    Gotta love MS and those ideas. I actually use the same type of pumpkins you did for this project and make the glitter pumpkins. I keep them outside and they shimmer like crazy!

  21. Creepy, but I love it!

  22. My goodness … yes, creepy(!) and fun at the same time! Thanks for sharing all of the eye candy! Take care, Becca

  23. I think yours looks JUST as good as Martha’s too! 😀

  24. I love this! So much more than the martha version. How super cool.

  25. I love this Steph! Just featured it 🙂

  26. Eek :-0 Love it

  27. one word- AWESOME~~ it totally creeps me out, and that’s a good thing for halloween, right?

  28. Yikes! Just looking at that pumpkin had my skin crawling, but that is the idea, right?! I bought some of those mice/rats one year, and hid them in my big candy bowl at our church’s trunk n treat… I’m embarrassed to say how much fun I had watching the kids freak out 🙂 Great project!

  29. You said it, CREEPY!!! But I love it!!!

  30. yours is SOOO much better than Martha’s!!

  31. I love your version in black and white. Very creepy.

  32. Ha! Creepy and fab all at the same time! So clever. 🙂

  33. Oh my gosh! I love this! So fun and sassy. Check out my post on my trip to the Martha Stewart Show!

  34. I absolutely love this idea! It is certainly more practical than to put all of the work into a “one year” pumpkin too, and I love the contrast of the mice on the white. Gorgeous!

  35. I love the mouse pumpkin, but I’m with you on the freak out if it were real mice! I also love thos porcupine pumpkins. Too cute!

  36. Wow, I love all of those beautiful ideas, pumpkins are so beautiful, yours was so cute too! Love the mice eating their way in, such a good idea!

  37. your pumpkin looks fantastic! such a great job, and how fun, and icky, too! lol. love martha’s pumpkins. those porcupines? too cute!

  38. This pumpkin makes me so happy because I laughed when I saw it! Original and fun!

  39. Really cute!

  40. I love this so much I had to come back and feature it today!

  41. Great job on the mouse hotel!

  42. EEk! I love it! I like that you painted the pumpkin white and not left it orange. The mice stand out more.

  43. “Eew and Cool at the same time” describes this perfectly! : )

    I linked to this project over at Pumpkin Week:


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