Recycled Door Knob Pumpkin Patch {brass knobs never looked so cute}

Recycled Door Knob Pumpkin Patch {brass knobs never looked so cute}

A couple of weeks ago I shared how I changed out the brassy knobs in my little guys bath for Rockler Satin Nickel pulls {here}. Instead of tossing the old knobs away, I came up with this little project below just in time for fall. I originally wrote this as a guest post for HowDoesShe?, stop by and say hi to the girls if you get a chance.

Welcome to the Door Knob Pumpkin PatchMaterials Needed:
Re-purposed Door Knobs and/or Cabinet Knobs
Primer Spray Paint
Americana Weathered Wood Crackle Medium
Orange, Green and Brown Acrylic Paints
Floral Wire

I have been slowly collecting the brassy door and cabinet knobs from our home as we slowly remodel each room since our move. {break out the sunglasses; these are bright and shiny} If you are unable to find older knobs, these can simply be purchased new at most hardware stores.

The actual door knobs do need to be cut so you’ll have to break out the power tools. I used a sawzall reciprocating saw to cut through the thick metal then sanded the rough edges with a belt sander. If you are not into the power tools you can opt for the smaller cabinet knobs which need no preparation. Cabinet knobs can also be picked up in most hardware stores and run anywhere between 50 cents to a dollar for the plain and simple ones.
Give each knob a coat of primer spray paint. {this will help the acrylic paints adhere to the finish}
I wanted to add a little texture to the pumpkins so I used a coat of Americana Weathered Wood Medium by DecoArt. {this is optional} The medium is a clear coat that is painted right over the spray paint; let dry completely.
Paint the bottom of the knobs with a top coat of orange acrylic paint; As the paint dries it will slowly crackle around the medium.

Next, paint the ‘stems’ of each knob; I used a combination of green and brown acrylics.

To finish off your pumpkins, cut a piece of floral wire and wrap each end around a skewer to create a curly ‘tendril’.

Wrap the wire around the stem of each pumpkin for instant cuteness.

I used thicker rusty floral wire for the larger pumpkins.

Brass knobs never looked so adorable!

The Sunday Showcase Party will be up tonight.
I can’t wait to see what you have been working on this week. Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. Enjoy!


  1. Seriously how do you come up with this stuff?! It is amazing!

  2. You are so creative! I never would have thought of that. Have a great weekend.

  3. How adorable!!!!! I am so NOT creative and this is such a great idea!

  4. So clever! They are too cute. Love the patch full of them. One would just not be enough.

  5. Darling and what a great way ot save the landfill LOL!
    have a great saturday!

  6. You are something else! That has got to be one of the most creative creation ever!


  7. Soo cute I love this idea!!

  8. Oh, Stephanie Lynn! So, so precious!!! I love your creativity. I would want to keep these cuties out all year, though! TFS!

  9. Just adorable!! I love them!

  10. Oh my gosh – adorable!!! Love that Stephanie!

    I shared it on my TT&J FB page and linked to you.


  11. I love these! So adorable!

  12. Love it love it love it! I like the fact that they look like they’re made out of wood. Very cool. 🙂


  13. Very Cute! How smart to use these as pumpkins:)

  14. OMG so creative and cute!

  15. OMG, these are crazy cute!!!!!

  16. Soooo freakin cute and totally creative!

  17. What a great idea! I am going to try it…I think I have a few of those pulls lying around.Vey creative!

  18. Those are seriously cute! I wish I had some doorknobs to pumkinize!

  19. what a cute idea!

  20. Way too cute!!! You are so creative!! Thanks for sharing.

    xo- M

  21. Both adorable and affordable!!! Thank you!


  22. When I first saw those, I thought they were cute, but that there was no way I could do that to my vintage door handles. But now that I know they are ugly, brassy new ones, I CAN do it! lol

  23. These are so cute! Please stop by and link up to my Fall and Halloween Theme Party every Thursday this month. I’d love to have this project in the links!

  24. This is just toooo cute! I love them!

  25. Great idea!

  26. This is such a cute project!!

  27. Very cute.
    They would make an awesome mushroom patch too (upside down that is)


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