Repurpose a Galvanized Tub into a Modern Rolling Container

Repurpose a Galvanized Tub into a Modern Rolling Container

I just adore the industrial feel of galvanized metal. It can be brought into just about any space and still work. Galvanized tubs are one of those things I just can’t pass up {especially the vintage ones}. I thought adding a set of wooden casters would not only give me the modern-vintage mop bucket look but also create a great versatile container that can be used for practically anything; plants, blankets, toys or even filled with ice and drinks for the next social get together.

I started with a large galvanized tub that I already had. Even though this one is not vintage, you can find many tubs in antique and thrift stores {the square ones are my favorite}. Local hardware stores also carry these in different sizes running about $20 brand new.
The cool Designer Wooden Casters came from Rockler. I not only love the look of the maple wood but also appreciate the clear PVC tread rings that run around the wheels making them safe for delicate flooring. Nuts, bolts, and split lock washers are also need and can be found at your local hardware store. {A split washer is a ring split at one point and bent into a slightly helical shape. This allows the washer to exert a spring force between the bolt, helping to prevent the bolt from turning and loosening due to vibration.}
On the bottom of the tub, I evenly place the casters and marked each hole for the hardware with a marker. Using a hand drill and bit the same size as the bolts, I drilled through each marking.
The bolts were then pushed through the inside of the tub and tightened to the nuts on the bottom using a socket wrench.

The split washers go on before the nuts on the bottom and lock into place once you tighten the bolts.

The wooden casters add a little modern feel to an otherwise plain tub.

I just love the mix of wood and metal.

I’ve added a fern for now and it sits in my living room {it makes a fun toy to roll your little one around in so I am not sure how long the fern will last}. Enjoy!


  1. This is so smart! I love galvanized containers, too, but they can be heavy when full of plants, iced beverages, or whatever! What a great solution to the problem of moving these around!

  2. Great idea! I love galvanized tubs and anything else.

  3. I just salvaged an old tub that my sister was hauling to the trash!! Wait til I serve her cold beverages from it at our next gathering!!! Great project!

  4. Oh my goodness…you are just so clever! You rock. I’ve been a stalker, I mean a follower for a while now, and you are just amazing! Thanks for sharing all your ideas, here on your blog and on facebook! More power to you!

  5. Love it! Those casters from Rockler look great and make the tub super-functional!


  6. so clever! I love these tubs too…small, medium and/or large ones!!

  7. i have tubs out my *(*&&& least 5 all used as planters….i like the adding roller’s ty for the idea!!

  8. What a great idea!!

  9. I love it! I am always drawn to galvanized metal and adding the coasters not only makes it more functional but also more stylish! Thanks for sharing!

  10. I agree! The metal and wood combo look great. What an awesome idea!

  11. That is really a cute idea! I think they call that form meets function right? I just love it.

  12. Stephanie,

    You never cease to amaze me.


    Love it!

  13. Love this idea! It would be fun toy. Hope the fern lasts for a little while.

  14. Hi Stephanie Lynn-

    I have a tub that I used to use to hold ice and wine/beer bottles during parties – it leaks and I have not been able to use it. Using it as planter with wheels is such a great idea. I am truly inspired. Thanks
    My best- Diane

  15. Stephanie Lynn, those wooden casters are lovely. I, too, enjoy the juxtaposition of the galvanized metal to the natural wood. Beautiful!

  16. We love our firewood container that we use in the house, created in the same way. It looks great and it’s practical because the heavy tub full of wood can just be rolled along the floor. But the castors we used aren’t funky *wooden* ones – those are fabulous!

  17. What a great idea! Im so glad I found your blog last night 🙂 Cant wait to see what more you share with us. Thanks so much!

  18. Great idea! I love your tutorials. Thanks for posting I look forward to them everyday.

  19. Wow – so cute!! I love it. It would be great inside or outside! Again – another amazing project. 🙂

  20. So pretty! I love love love the wooden wheels!

  21. Bravo exellente superbe C’Est idée . Gisèle de France je ne sais quel Choisir le profil JE FAIT rencontré Le Dernier ! bonne journée

  22. What a wonderful solution for some of my heavier potted plants. I walk with a crutch and can’t carry pots anymore…but I certainly can push a tub on wheels !! Thank you for the solution to a big problem. Love your blog. It’s the BEST. Ann

  23. ohhhh lovely. I can’t get me enough galvanized metal tubs & it is the perfect home for that fern!

  24. What a simple and terrific idea!

  25. This is such a clever idea…I love it! I must make one for my porch now!!!

  26. Very clever and easy to do. What a great way to display plants and the ease of rolling them out of the way to sweep, or clean is perfect!

  27. What a clever idea, thanks for sharing.

  28. Great project! I have been looking for galvanized tub for some time now for beverages. When I finally find one on my garage sale/thrify adventures, I think I will just have to add wheels to it.

  29. What an amazing transformation~ well done!

  30. How clever! I love this.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  31. That’s a super idea and I really could use one of those for the back patio which is looking a bit tragic these days.

    Please stop by if you have time. We’ll have a great teen bedroom giveaway starting Friday. — Jane F.

  32. I love those casters!

    I have 4 of these that I can’t move once the flowers are all planted~I’m totally stealing this idea.

  33. I love this idea! Thanks so much Stephanie, I’ll be linking.

  34. I love this. Great tutorial and great look! This is a must do project!

  35. GREAT IDEA..

  36. Hi Stephanie Lynn! Great project! 🙂 I’ve featured this post on Craft Gossip here:

    If you would like a “featured by” button, you can grab one here:

  37. Simple yet amazingly clever and great looking! Love it! I HAD to feature it!


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