Bisquick Gluten Free {Pancake Pack} Giveaway

Bisquick Gluten Free {Pancake Pack} Giveaway

As many of you know my little guy has several allergies including a severe allergy to Wheat. So whenever I see the words ‘Gluten Free’ on a known brand I am familiar with, I get super excited!
In 1931, General Mills introduced revolutionary Bisquick convenience baking mix. As the years passed and hairstyles, handbags and hem lengths evolved, Bisquick remained trusted by cooks of all sorts, for all kinds of recipes: biscuits, pancakes, casseroles, pies, stews, and more. Bisquick has always remained a trusted staple in America’s kitchens – and a beloved icon of culture, flavor and convenience.
Bisquick® recently introduced Bisquick® Gluten Free Baking Mix: the first gluten free baking mix with real melt-in-your-mouth Bisquick taste! Now that the conveniences of Bisquick baking mixes are available to the gluten-free community too, everyone can enjoy the family favorite Bisquick recipes you love!

Bisquick also has great recipe tips and ideas online {here}. In addition to the original breakfast favorites, such as pancakes, waffles, and biscuits, you’ll find countless gluten-free recipes for more family favorites using Bisquick Gluten Free baking mix.

Ultimate Gluten Free Chicken Fingers {Recipe Here}

Gluten Free Cheese Garlic Biscuits {Recipe Here}

Gluten Free Pizza {Recipe Here}

Gluten Free Strawberry Shortcake {Recipe Here}

Even though my little guy has other food allergies in addition to the wheat, this product is a fantastic start to preparing meals that he can enjoy.

Bisquick Gluten Free baking mix can now be found in the baking aisle at your local grocery store. You can even save a $1.00 off {by printing a coupon here}

Today Bisquick
is giving one lucky reader a chance to win a
Bisquick Gluten Free Pancake Prize Pack
{containing a box of Bisquick Gluten Free baking mix, a pancake pan, pancake pen and a pancake flipper}
To Enter This Giveaway:{1} Leave a Comment {one entry}

{2} Leave a separate comment telling what you plan to make with the new Bisquick Gluten Free baking mix
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A random generated winner will be chosen next Tuesday, October 19th
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Happy Tuesday ~ Enjoy!

{This post is in compliance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: The product, prize pack, information and additional prize pack give away were all given by bisquick: Please see disclosure below.}


  1. Ohhh cool! Much of my extended family is gluten free, so I am the same. Whenever I see “gluten free” appear on well known brands, I am at least intrigued enough to check it out!

  2. I would probably do pancakes for my MIL, first of all. Second would probably be pizza 🙂

  3. Liking you on facebook … again 🙂

  4. My mom’s gluten free – I am sure she would love it if I won this for her! 🙂

  5. I would like to be entered for the Bisquick giveaway.

  6. I plan to make pancakes, biscuits and pizza crust for my son and daughter who can’t have gluten.

  7. Great giveaway!

  8. I would make the strawberry shortcake, then pancakes, of course

  9. I’m loving this sister in law can’t eat gluten and I never know what to make…I NEED this lol

  10. I would make that amazing looking strawberry short cake and some yummy yummy pancakes!

  11. Great giveaway!!! I’d probably try out those gluten free chicken fingers. YUM

  12. I like Under the Table and Dreaming on FB

  13. I like Bisquick on FB

  14. Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  15. How cool is this Gluten Fee Bisquick
    [email protected]

  16. The chicken fingers looks great.
    [email protected]

  17. Good for Bisquick.

  18. My mom has celiac disease! What a great gift for her if I win! 🙂 I can make her some shortcake!!!

  19. definitely the strawberry shortcake for my mom 🙂

  20. Neato! My Dr. told me to try gluten free to see if it has any effect on my fibromyalgia. This would be great!

  21. like Bisquick on FB now! 🙂

  22. and of course I liked UTT&D on FB! 🙂

  23. My daughter recently found she had gluten allergy, so we are all switching over, and yes, I am excited to try this!

  24. I am going to use it in an old “french apple pie” recipe I think I found on the box years ago. Can hardly wait. Now to find a store that carries it. We are a bit behind the times around here.

  25. OMG I have to win this. A couple of months ago I was told that I can not eat wheat anymore…along with a long list of other things. I practically cried when I realized that I couldn’t eat pancakes anymore since they are a tradition in our house on Saturday mornings. This would make my day if I win them.

  26. What would I make? Um…EVERYTHING! I have had anything bread related since May. So I will probably go through the whole box in a week.

  27. Such a fun giveaway!

  28. I’d make that strawberry shortcake…it looks delicious..mmmmmm

  29. My son and I are both gluten free as well as dairy free and a few other things. I didn’t know Bisquick had this now! I can’t wait to try it. I have tried every other gluten free mix under the stars and am hopeful this one is good.


  30. That is wonderful!! I shared it on my TT&J FB page. I hope things are going well this week 🙂


  31. oooh!!! i wanna try!

  32. Love the chicken nuggets… YUM!!!!

  33. you know my first recipe would be cheese biscuits… im kind of obsessed…

  34. All the recipes with Bisquick are delicious!!
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  35. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  36. I’ll make yummy pancakes:)

  37. Wow, what a great product! And I love Bisquick!

  38. I plan on making those yummy Cheese Garlic Biscuits (my fav) & pancakes for the kiddos!

  39. I like Bisquick on FB!
    {Rebekah Woosley}

  40. I like UTT&D on FB!
    {Rebekah Woosley}

  41. This stuff is fantastic for strawberry shortcake! Yummy!

  42. I will make Strawberry Shortcake AGAIN!!!

  43. ooooh Cool! I have a couple of close friends who can’t have gluten and I am always at a loss at what to bring to their get togethers. This would be perfect. That strawberry cake looks yummy! I think I would make the chicken fingers!

  44. Leaving a comment 🙂

  45. Clicked the “Like” button on Bisquick’s Facebook page. I wish other companies would step up to the plate regarding gluten-free products like Bisquick has done. Way to go Bisquick!

  46. Actually, I wouldn’t make anything…if I win this I plan on giving it to my friend Melanie who recently discovered she’s allergic to gluten.

  47. And I just clicked “Like” on your (UTT&D) page on Facebook. Thanks Beth for the info. 🙂

  48. lovely ^_^

  49. Great giveaway!!

  50. I want to try those chicken fingers. My kids would love those. 🙂

  51. WOW! This is so cool. My very best friend and my niece are allergic to gluten so this would be so cool. I love to bake for them! [email protected]

  52. I’m not sure where I would even start. Maybe a blueberry coffee cake for my best friend. She would love me forever!!! [email protected]

  53. I am so excited about this! I have Celiac disease and it is so hard to find a good pancake mix that is also light and/or fluffy! cant wait to try it!

  54. I will obviously make pancakes with this!!! my mom makes chicken and dumplings with Bisquick so i will definitely be trying that with the GF mix:)also i want to try the chicken fingers!

  55. I want to win, I’m celiac 🙁 thanks for the chance 🙂

  56. Pancakes, B-day cakes, etc, endless posibilities!!!

  57. Cool . . . my grandpa is gluten free so I could give it to him if I won or keep it for myself and try out something gluten free:) Aimee

  58. Like you in FB!

  59. I’d make some pancakes . . . and something else good:) Aimee

  60. This is great…I work for a Defeat Autism
    Now Doc and Gluten Free Diets make a Huge difference for our ASD kids!

  61. I would make pizza first for my daughter! Thanks.

  62. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  63. I like Bisquick on FB!

  64. I like UTT&D on FB!!

  65. It is so great of General Mills to make this Bisquick!

  66. I would LOVE to have that pancake pan and the new gluten free Bisquick! I’d make pancakes first thing! Yum!

  67. OMG! What a Fantastic Giveaway. Thank U.
    Love waffles so would have 2 say that would be the 1st thing I would make, then the biscuits, and will go from there.

  68. I’m so glad manufacturer’s are recognizing the essential needs for gluten free product! Can’t wait to try the new Bisquick out!

  69. Awesome! So many things are Gluten-Free now, it’s wonderful! It was so hard for me years ago. I would make those chicken nuggets!

  70. What a fabulous giveaway—thanks!

  71. The cheddar biscuits would be first on our list of things to make as they have long been a family favorite.

  72. #3 – Linked to your blog on my FB page!

  73. #4 – Liked Bisquick on FB

  74. #5 – Liked UTT&D on FB too!

  75. i’m in need of a new spatula!

  76. i’d make some of those garlic cheese biscuits, they look like they’d be great with some chicken & mashed potatoes :]

  77. Love this! I was recently diagnosed with Celiac so anything to help make cooking easier would be great!

  78. I would make the cheddar biscuits first thing!

  79. This is fantastic! My son is austistic and ADHD, so we really watch his diet too!

  80. I would make the Ultimate Chicken Fingers. It would be great for a quick Wednesday night dinner before heading out to church!

  81. I’ve been wheat free since December of last year. I’m ready for some pancakes!

  82. I just liked you on FB

  83. I just liked Bisquick on FB

  84. I guess this should be my #1 entry. It is hard enough cooking/baking for myself with food allergies, I can’t imagine cooking for a little one and having allergies on top of kids just being picky eaters. I’ve really enjoyed you might find some recipes here.

  85. We love Bisquick!

  86. We really do love pancakes at our house, so that’s what I’ll be making with it.

  87. YEA! My little one is gluten-free/casein free. I wonder if it’s casein free too? Can’t wait to try it!

  88. Thanks for the opportunity!

  89. As a kid i went on a gulltun free too- due to allergy – it was really hard back then there was not much out there. Nice to see big brands stepping up.

  90. i am already a follower of yours on facebook that is were i saw this!!!

  91. I “liked” Bisquick on facebook

  92. the chicken fingers look great – i have only made the usual – i down to try that.

  93. Oh yum! I have never heard of a pancake pan! That looks pretty awesome :o)

    [email protected]

  94. This sounds great. Thanks for introducing it to me.

  95. This comment has been removed by the author.

  96. I love pancakes, so I’d try them first. Then, definitely the pizza.

  97. This is such a cool idea to put it in a squeeze bottle.

  98. I’m curious about this gluten free diet thing! My son is ADD and I wonder sometimes if I need to try gluten-free foods and see if it makes any difference for his ADD? – Karen

  99. I think I’d like to try that gluten-free cheese biscuit recipe! – Karen

  100. I “liked” Bisquick on Facebook! 🙂 Karen

  101. great giveaway a friend has a gluten allergy would love to win for her

  102. Pancakes or pizza would be yummy to try!

  103. Our entire family eats gluten free. This is awesome! My son (14) lost a ton of weight from an allergy to wheat and now I’m trying to help him gain it back in a healthy way. This would be a great option!

  104. My son hasn’t had chicken fingers in … well … FOREVER. That’s what I would make.

  105. This new Bisquick product sounds great. My daughter has Celiac Disease and is always looking for ways to make her meals more appetizing. Please enter me in your give-away! Thanks

  106. Wow! This is great! I would love to get this.Please enter me in the giveaway!

  107. Thanks for the giveaway!! My autistic son LOVES pizza so I would totally make pizza!

  108. Finally these companies are making gluten-free products.

  109. The first thing I would make would be cheese biscuits.

  110. I would make some good ol’ fashioned pancakes with homemade raspberry syrup for my daughter!

  111. I’d so glad that Bisquick goes gluten free now.

  112. I’d like to make blueberry pancakes!

  113. Like Bisquick on Facebook @tcarolinep JessieKatie S

  114. Like UTT&D on [email protected] JessieKatie S

  115. havn’t checked your blog in a while. didn’t know you were gluten free now. 🙂

  116. I would try to make mozzarella sticks – because I haven’t had them in YEARS!

  117. I ‘liked’ UTT&D on facebook.

  118. I ‘liked’ bisquick on facebook.

  119. My most immediate response was that we’d use this for pancakes, which are kind of a Saturday morning habit for us.

    But then I read Brandon & Natalie’s comment about mozzarella sticks and, well, my son LOVES cheese, so…

  120. I have been gluten free for almost 13months. My little sister just got diagnosed with Celiac today. Needless to say, I practically do cartwheels in the grocery store when I discover that the name brands that we know and love are finally getting on the GFree bandwagon.

  121. This is great…I have a friend who’s little one is starting a gluten free diet. 🙂

  122. My son goes in for his biopsy the 29th! We are sure it is celiac so I have been reading up on going Gluten Free, and then I see it on your blog! Small world, I say. Gonna go get this-thanks for the coupon!!

  123. Wow! I’m so excited Bisquick now has a gluten free option.

  124. I would make garlic biscuits right away because I miss biscuits so much.

  125. I liked you on Facebook! 🙂

  126. This would be interesting to try- thank for the giveaway!

  127. I would have to check out your cheese garlic biscuit recipe.

  128. Thanks for your great giveaways!

  129. We LOVE Bisquick in our house! I would love to try this Gluten Free type. We have friends who have issuse with Gluten foods so this would help!

  130. I would like to try the shortcake recipe yummo

  131. Awesome giveaway!

  132. We love us some pancakes around here….so I’d love to win! Thank you!!!

    [email protected]

  133. What a cute package.. I am going to try all the recipes you posted, but looking forward to the pizza the most. 🙂

  134. Great giveaway!

    [email protected]

  135. Mmmmm…I’d make the garlic cheese bisquits!

    [email protected]

  136. I “Like” Bisquick on facebook.

    [email protected]

  137. Liked UTT&D on facebook!

    [email protected]

  138. What a great gift! [email protected]

  139. I liked Bisquick on FB [email protected]

  140. I would make my Sausage Ball recipe using this mix [email protected]

  141. I liked UTT&D on FB [email protected]

  142. What an awesome giveaway! I always get excited when I see known brands expanding their lines to include those with allergies.
    us dot pavliks at gmail dot com

  143. My daughter and I would love to make strawberry shortcake and pizza for the entire family with this!
    us dot pavliks at gmail dot com

  144. We like bisquick on facebook and in our pantry. 🙂
    us dot pavliks at gmail dot com

  145. Under the table and dreaming is on or facebook like list and our blog faves list. 🙂
    us dot pavliks at gmail dot com

  146. Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  147. So glad they made this gluten free–should make cooking much easier around here!

  148. I would make pancakes that spell out my kids’ names–I’m sure they’d eat them, then.

  149. Yum! I have heard this is good!

    [email protected]

  150. If I won I would make the chicken. And of course pancakes. I would do shapes of hearts for my babes at home.

  151. Great giveaway! I would share this with my G Free friend! And the strawberry looks divine!

  152. Oh cool, I want to win.

  153. Those cheese biscuits look super yummy!!

  154. ooh that pancake pen looks fun!

  155. Yummy pancakes!! Yay for gluten free bisquick!!

  156. I would love to use the new Gluten Free Bisquick to make their Impossible Cheeseburger Pie. It was a staple for me before I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and I know my husband misses it.

  157. This is a great site and I’m so excited about the gluten free Bisquick. Finally something that makes me feel a little more normal.

  158. I liked Bisquick on Facebook.

  159. I follow your site on Facebook.

  160. This would solve a lot of work.


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