Glee Gum ‘Make Your Own’ Candy Kit Giveaway

Candy! What kid {big or small} does not like at least some sort of candy, let alone the chance be involved in making their own? Glee Gum makes it all possible with their line of innovative activity kits by verve that are hands-on, educational toys designed to Connect, Create, and Captivate!

Verve, the manufacturer of Glee Gum, is an independent, family-owned business, dedicated to linking world communities and creating environmentally and socially responsible products and activities.

Well known for their all natural chewing gum, Glee Gum is the #1 healthy alternative to synthetic chewing gum and bubble gum! Their eco-friendly chewing gum is made with sustainably chicle harvested from Sapodilla trees in the rain forests of Central America. Glee Gum is Vegetarian, Additive Free, Lactose Free, Dairy Free, Wheat Free, Gluten Free, Casein Free, Egg Free, Yeast Free, Nut Free, and Peanut Free; with no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners (no aspartame), or preservatives. {a huge plus for my allergy prone little guy!}

Glee Gum also carries a line of all natural candy kits captivating the imaginations of thousands of children while helping them to learn more about the world around them. The Make Your Own Chewing Gum, Make Your Own Chocolate, and Make Your Own Gummies Kits blend simple fun, terrific taste, with a hands-on educational learning opportunity.

Each kit contains everything needed to produce candy that kids love, and, at the same time, affords an understanding of the origins of the raw materials used to make the final product. A story is also included explaining where the ingredients come from, who harvests them, and how.

In today’s pre-packaged world, it’s often hard to know where the things we eat originate, and how they connect us to the global community. These kits make it easy and fun to find out!

You can learn more about Glee Gum and the candy kits at The fun site includes a photographic slide show on the process from tree to Glee {found here} and Educational Material for Kids, Parents and Teachers {found here} as well as other cool things like fun facts about gum {found here}. {Who knew chewing on gum while cutting onions can help a person from producing tears?}

The only thing better than one pack of Glee Gum is two. You can print a Buy One – Get One Coupon from their current newsletter by clicking here.
{Check out the store locator to find Glee products near you.}

Today Glee Gumis giving one lucky reader a chance to win
One ‘Make Your Own’ Candy Kit of Your Choice{Chocolate, Chewing Gum, or Gummies}
To Enter This Giveaway:{1} Simply Leave a Comment {one entry}

For Additional Chances to Win:

{2} Leave a Comment Telling Which Candy Kit You Would Choose
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A random generated winner will be chosen next Tuesday, November 2nd
{Giveaway entry valid for readers of Under the Table and Dreaming only}
I’ll be back later tonight with more Sunday Showcases and the

Makia Creations and Blog2Print Winners.
Happy Tuesday ~ Enjoy!


  1. These look so fun! They would make great gifts too!

  2. I would LOVE to have the gummy kit!

  3. This would be fun!

  4. I wanna make some chocolate, but then again if I make it I may not give it away since I will eat it all…

  5. Oh, what SWEET fun!

  6. Um, yeah, I think I would be making the gummies if I won- it would be a blast for the kiddos and I!

  7. These kits are so fun! My kiddos would love them!!

    smiloro at gmail dot com

  8. It’d be a tough choice, but I THINK I’d choose the gummy kit!!

    smiloro at gmail dot com

  9. I have never heard of this before. That would be great with all those awesome chemicals in regular gum nowadays!

  10. I think the gummies kit would be fun. Yay for sweet teeth!

  11. I think that I have a little granddaughter who LOVE to make this.

  12. I’ve never heard of Glee Gum before, thanks for posting this!

  13. I would love the chocolate kit! This would be soo fun to make as a family!

  14. If I won it would be a toss up between the gummies and gum…I would have to ask a certain little girl her choice.

  15. What a fun project for homeschooling!

    [email protected]

  16. I love these kits, I remember “making” gum when I was younger, I’m sure my daughter would love it (as would I)!

  17. I would have to go with the chocolate kit!

    [email protected]

  18. If I had my way I’d choose the gum kit, but the gummy one would probably work out better for my daughter.

  19. How fun is this! And what a great homeschool project!

  20. I liked Glee gum on facebook!

  21. I ‘like’ this on facebook πŸ˜‰

    [email protected]

  22. You don’t know how much my daughter would LOVE this!!!

  23. My daughter is a chocolate loving addict. I would definitely choose the chocolate kit. How fun!!

  24. Wow.. What fun that would be!!

  25. I would chose the chewing gum kit πŸ™‚

  26. I have liked Glee Gum on FB πŸ™‚

  27. I am now a follower of Glee Gum on Twitter…

  28. My kids love gum I think it would totally freak them out to make their own. I really hope I win this one it would be so fun at Christmas.

  29. Those are so fun! I love the packaging. πŸ™‚

    sims.whitney at

  30. I would choose the chewing gum. I’m sure the kids would this it is the coolest! πŸ™‚

    sims.whitney at

  31. Oh how fun! My kids would be all over this no doubt! πŸ™‚

  32. And I would choose the chocolate kit but I’m sure I would be outvoted by the kids who would want the gummies!

  33. This gum is awesome!!!
    Finally, a good gum to chew!!

    moana.makani (AT)

  34. And it would be the chocolate kit for this household, hands down!

    moana.makani (AT)

  35. My sweet tooth is aching!

  36. I’d go for the gummies, since my kids like those best.

  37. Cool product!

  38. Oh, this could be such fun!

    [email protected]

  39. I think I would choose the chewing gum kit. Thank you!

    [email protected]

  40. Thank you for introducing me to Glee Gum – how fabulous!!

  41. I think I would definitely try the Chocolate kit!!

  42. Mu kids love gum & I like that it is all natural!

  43. I would like to try the gummie kit since my family loves all things gummie

  44. I would love to try the gummy kit, because I have slowly bet getting stuff to try making my own.

  45. This is a fantastic giveaway! My kids would freak!

  46. I have to chose just one? =o( They all look great! I think we’d go with the gummie kit! How fun would that be!

  47. cool i never knew you could make gum.

  48. Cool article,

    Hi, I just wanted to know if you would consider following my blog cuz I need some followers: I talk about ceramics, tattoos, art, music, etc…
    If you follow me I will put you in to win a FREE handmade necklace!

    I would also be happy to do a story on your blog as well.
    Thank you, Matt

  49. (no aspartame) I would so love not having this in a candy… I have enough trouble remembering as it is!

  50. I love this product. It would be so fun for my daughter who loves to make things!

  51. If I could choose a kit, I would make the gum. We don’t usually allow gum in our house, but it would be so fun to make it!

  52. I have liked Glee on facebook. I’m going to get to know them better to look for their products. πŸ˜€

  53. I love chocolate… probably this is the one I would want. Thank you

  54. What a great giveaway! I really like the natural ingredients.

  55. I’d like the chocolate!

  56. I like Glee Gum on FB!

  57. I follow Glee Gum on Twitter as kluckingbear.

  58. I like this giveaway!

  59. The Chocolate kit for me!

  60. What a great giveaway!

    [email protected]

  61. I love all the kits, but I would have to go with the chocolate kit!

    [email protected]

  62. I like Glee Gum on Facebook!

    [email protected]

  63. Oh! My Daughter has been asking for one of these for the last few years but with shipping costs it was kinda pricey. I would love for her to finally get one. Thank you for offering such a great product!

  64. Commenting! fingers crossed I win! [email protected]

  65. This is such a neat product

  66. I would pick the chocolate kit -yum

  67. This would be a great activity to do with my girls. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.

    [email protected]

  68. I would choose the Chewing Gum Kit.

    [email protected]

  69. How very cool! I had no idea!

  70. I’m having a really hard time choosing, but I think I’d go with the gummies kit! We homeschool so this would be great! Thanks πŸ™‚

  71. I love this site ~ Stephanie Lynn is amazingly creative and innovative! I stop by often for inspiration!

  72. I “liked” Glee Gum on facebook! πŸ™‚

  73. I would love to try any of these kits but I think my nieces would love to make the chocolate with their “Favorite” Aunt Susan so please pick me so they aren’t disappointed LOL ~

  74. this is cool
    [email protected]

  75. i would choose gummies kit
    [email protected]

  76. This is so neat.

  77. This sounds so fun! Thanks for hosting this giveaway! πŸ™‚

  78. Hi again! πŸ™‚ I think if I were to choose, the making your own chocolate kit would be fun! πŸ™‚

  79. Kids would LOVE the gummie kit

  80. These kits look like lots of fun!

  81. I would chose the gum kit. My kids would think it was a lot of fun to make their own!

  82. What fun!

  83. What a very fun giveaway! Thanks!

  84. Thanks for the giveaway!

  85. I would pick the gummy one. I think my daughter would get a kick out of helping me with that- and we could talk science with it. ^_^

  86. Hi Stephanie Lynn. I just found your blog which is so pretty. I’m looking forward to following you and becoming friends.

    Hugs…Tracy πŸ™‚
    [email protected]

  87. I would love to win the bubble gum kit for my 2 grandchildren.

    Thanks again…Tracy πŸ™‚
    [email protected]

  88. I liked Glee on facebook as Tracy Suzanne.

    Be blessed…Tracy πŸ™‚
    [email protected]

  89. I’m following Glee Gum on twitter as tonasun.

    Hugs…Tracy πŸ™‚
    [email protected]

  90. What awesome little kits! My children would love making their own- like Willy Wonka!

    [email protected]

  91. Hard to choose which kit!!! Hmm.. maybe the gummies or gum. My kids would love any of them.

    [email protected]

  92. Ooooh love them all but I bet the kids would like The Gummies kit the best. Yay glee gum!

  93. I have allergy prone kids too and Glee Gum is all we can chew. Would love to try the MYO kits!

  94. Both of my daughters and I agree that we would love to have the gum kit with the way we go through gum at our house. Thanks for the chance!

    [email protected]


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