Halloween Pumpkin Trick or Treat Candy Stand {plant holder}

Halloween Pumpkin Trick or Treat Candy Stand {plant holder}

When you have little ones and you’re out fulfilling your trick or treating duties, who is left home to hand out the candy? With some lumber, a metal tub and a few screws you can create this handy Candy Stand to adorn your doorstep to do the job!

Begin with 5/4 x 6 inch boards measured and cut 22 inches long {you will need four}. I used left over pressure treated deck board scraps I already had, however if you will only be leaving your stand outdoors Halloween night regular lumber will do.

The four boards fit together {as shown above} will create a square box for the stand. {The top board is not shown in the picture above, but fits perfectly on top to create a square.}
Run a bead of Gorilla Wood Glue along the overlapping edges and put your boards in place.
Using a nail gun, nail each board using finishing nails. {Finishing nails will not split the wood}
For the base you will need a heavy thick piece of lumber measuring approximately 9 1/2 inches long and 9 inches wide. Again, I used a piece of scrap pressure treated wood, 1 1/2 inches thick.
Center the stand onto the base and trace around the outside with a pencil.
You can eyeball the thickness of the ‘stand’ boards {or draw additional guidelines as shown above}. Using a hand drill, drill 8 pilot holes completely through the base; two for each board of the stand. Make sure the drill bit you use is just a tad bit smaller than the screws that you will be using to secure the stand to the base. The pilot holes will prevent your wood from splitting.

Flip the base over on top of the stand, making sure the stand is within the guidelines that you have drawn. Using 2 1/2 inch screws screw through the pilot holes and into the stand securing the two together.

Completely sand the base and stand with a palm sander, making sure to smooth any rough edges from your cuts.

At this point the base can be painted or stained. I used TransTint Dye from Rockler in Dark Mission Brown. TransTint dyes are concentrated dye solutions that are designed to be mixed with a solvent such as water or alcohol; A little goes a very long way. I mixed the dye with water using a the ratio of 1 ounce dye to 1 quart of water.

A foam brush was used to apply the stain. I like the fact that the dye does not obscure the grain of the wood like a typical stain would do; it actually enhances it. The strength of the color is amazing and it has a fairly quick drying time.

The Rockler Painting Pyramid Turntable is a helpful accessory to have as it elevates and easily rotates your projects as you are finishing them; allowing you to reach the sides and bottom, all at once.

Since the TransTint Dye must be top-coated, I used Deft Clear Wood Acrylic Spray from Rockler to finish.

The base can be finished to your liking using paint, stain, dye, etc. and may not require as many steps as listed above.

For the top you will need a medium sized galvanized metal tub. {The one I used measures 15 inches in diameter and was found at my local hardware store} Spray the tub your favorite shade of orange spray paint. I used two different shades; a light tan for the inside and a burnt orange for the outside.

Pre-drill holes into the bottom of the tub using a hand drill. Run screws through the holes and into the top of wooden stand to secure.

The jack-o’-lantern face can then be applied. It can either be hand painted or applied with vinyl. I simply used my Silhouette Digital Cutter to cut the pumpkin face design from black vinyl. The shape was found in the Silhouette Online Store {pumpkin_ art _0498} and all I had to do was resize it to fit the tub.

I finished off my candy stand with a cute little sign {which I’ll post the separate tutorial for later tonight} and some plaid tied fabric.

The perfect little door step companion to hold candy and welcome your trick or treaters on Halloween night.

It is also doubles as wonderful planter for mums before the candy!

I’ll be back later tonight with the easy sign tutorial.
Happy Wednesday ~ Enjoy!


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