Make Your Own Microwave Popcorn Packs {Outdoor Adventure Party Favors}

Make Your Own Microwave Popcorn Packs {Outdoor Adventure Party Favors}

I have one main goal in mind when coming up with party favors for my little guys parties…trying to find something that our little friends will actually want to take home and use {or in this case eat}. Last year’s Pirate Party candy bar was a huge hit among all of our attendees, big and small. The kids loved the idea of being able to pick and choose what they wanted to put into thier treat bag and thought it was the coolest ever – exactly like the saying, a kid in a candy shop.

This year I used the same concept and put together a Make Your Own Trail Mix Bar. A few of the guests, along with my little guy, have food allergies so it was important to have something everyone could enjoy so no one felt left out. I’ll be sharing more on the Trail Mix Bar later, but wanted to share one quick and easy piece today, the DIY microwave Popcorn packs.
This idea was given to us by our sons nutritionist and is definitely not anything new for ‘us’ allergy driven moms as we are always pretty desperate in finding ways to make typical foods ‘friendly and acceptable’ for our little ones; Though when a few of my friends had never heard of the idea I thought I would share here too in case. It is more than simple to make, much healthier than the pre-packaged stuff {nothing artificial – a biggie for me} and costs literally pennies per bag. They were a great inexpensive addition to the Trail Mix bar as I was able to make over 50 individual packs with just two bags of kernels.
Simply place 1/4 cup of popcorn kernels into a brown paper lunch bag, fold down the top and seal with a piece of clear tape. Place in the microwave, folded side up, for 2 to 3 minutes or until there is 5 seconds in between pops. That is it! {leave the tape on the bag as you microwave} You can serve plain or add some flavorful toppings of your choice.
To use as favors, I folded the bags into a small rectangles and printed the directions on some plain address labels to adhere to the front.
To fancy up the packs I added custom printed MiniCards from Moo. The MiniCards are actually miniature business cards but I think they make super cool custom party tags!What sets Moo aside from the rest is the ability to print a different image on each card in your order; order a pack of 100 cards and yes, you can have a different image on every single card. Pretty cool!

I created the design for the cards to coordinate with our party invites {found here}. The fronts of the cards were made to represent camping signs while the backs of the cards were all the same, implementing elements from the invitation. I simply uploaded the files to Moo, assigned how many of each design I wanted and they took care of the rest.

A hole was punched in each card and threaded with garden twine to tie around each popcorn pack. Instant party coordination!

I’ll be back tomorrow with a Showcase Party Feature Post – There is still time to join in the party fun {here} and enter to win your very own custom blog book from Blog2Print.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend ~ Enjoy!


  1. The tape is OK in the microwave?

  2. brilliant!

  3. Hi Shanali – Yes the tape is ok in the microwave and you have to leave it on in order for the kernels to actually pop. I couldn’t reply to your profile, sorry. I have added it into the post – thanks for asking! ~ Stephanie Lynn

  4. So cute! We are planning an indoor camping birthday party for my son at the beginning of December and are doing a trail mix bar too. Great timing! 🙂

  5. Hmmmm…I hate microwave popcorn because I taste those chemicals. This would eliminate that problem for sure. Thanks so much for posting it.

  6. Wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing. I had no idea you could make your own microwave popcorn. What a great money saver!

  7. What a fabulous idea…never thought of that. Will definately try this one out. Thanks for posting.

  8. Just darling. Never would have thought of this. Thanks so much for sharing!

  9. That is a really cute (and healthy!) idea. I love how you tied the tags on the bags.

  10. are those the regular lunch bags? how much do you fold them over?? they look just the same size as a store bought microwave bag! Thanks for sharing, I can’t wait to see more!

  11. What a cute idea! The packaging looks great~

  12. Another fabulous idea! You have got to be the most creative person in the world!

  13. Such a great idea! Thanks so much!

  14. This is such a great idea, to make your own microwaveable popcorn bags! AND I love that you used them for party favors! The little tags you tied on were the perfect touch. 🙂

    I hope you have a good night~

    {Beautiful Nest}

  15. This is such a good idea! I have a regular popcorn popper (machine thingy) and its such a chore to get it out and all put back away before a little one tries something crazy with it so I have been doing it less and less. A long time ago I just stopped buy microwave popcorn, our microwave quit and when my Mr Fix it Father came over and pulled it apart all the motor and insides were coated with commercial popcorn “butter”. I will definitely go try this tonight!

  16. This is so cool -thanks for sharing

  17. I have used this method for a couple of years now. I don’t tape mine, just fold it up and place in microwave but on occasion I get a little popped corn in microwave. I agree, Steph, it is much healthier than store bought!

  18. WOW! What a neat idea. I am thinking it would be perfect for a scouting event too.

  19. this is a great idea….you just buy ref popcorn kernnals? gosh i never even look for that in the store due to buying the *eze* way …..but i like the look of this even just for home use….gonna look for kernnals today on my shopping run thxs!!!

  20. Brilliant!

  21. This is such a great idea!!!! Thanks for sharing the pics and instructions!

  22. SUCH a great idea, Stephanie! What a cute favor! 🙂

  23. I LOVE the idea! I was just wondering what kind of food allergies you are dealing with? My daughter has a severe milk protein allergy and i JUST started a blog to put recipies and tips for other moms I know who are dealing with the same thing.

  24. My kids love the convenience of microwave popcorn but I hate that I have heard it is so bad for you. I am so excited about this. Now I can have my way and they can have theirs. Love it. Thank you.

  25. This is fantastic!!!
    Who knew??

  26. We grow about 400 acres of popcorn on our farm. One thing kids always love – and of course you’d have to find a farmer in your area, or grow some in your garden next year! – is to pop the corn right on the ear. Just stick the ear in your microwave, hit your one minute button, and let the little guy watch the popcorn appear! It’s always been a hit for us with kids. (and adults!) Love your popcorn bags. My kiddo just had a movie night birthday theme – wish I would have thought of this!! lol

  27. These are terrific! Wish I had seen them before planning my camping party last year! I added them to my To-Do Tuesday feature so I won’t forget them!

  28. Who knew?! That is so awesome! Thanks for sharing ;o)

  29. What a cute idea Stephanie!
    Love it:))

    Sunday blessings to you,

    Kay Ellen

  30. WOW! I never knew you could do that! FANTASTIC!!!

  31. I never knew you could do that!! Fantastic! Thank you!

  32. Thanks so much for this great idea, and it works great. I have used them as invitations to a Christmas movie marathon, see them on my blog here. Thanks for sharing.

  33. This is great! I never realized you could make your own so easily (duh!) and chemical free. So nice as a party-favor, but great for everyday too. Thank you!

  34. <3 this trying it this afternoon! My 4 yr old loves popcorn & the microwave. to have another snack she could make herself would be awesome. Thanks so very much!!!

  35. I would definitely be trying this!!! thanks for the lovely ideas and please do keep it coming. By the way I mentioned your site in my blog:

    again thanks for your lovely ideas 🙂


  36. Found your post on pinterest, repinned it and gave you a shout out!


  37. What are some seasoning ideas??

  38. Tried this tonight as I pinned it for a holiday gift idea, as we always make out own gifts and it worked perfect. Melted a little organic butter and seasoned with sea salt. Will never buy microwave popcorn again. Thank you so much for posting.

  39. Thanks for the lovely idea – I’m the popcorn eater in our house, but this will greatly make it easier (and cheaper) – THANKS 🙂
    I would think that if you didn’t want to use tape, you could easily sew a loop of cotton thread (or two) to keep the lip closed…



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