Outdoor Adventure Birthday Invitations {camping, hiking and Jeep trail riding}

Outdoor Adventure Birthday Invitations {camping, hiking and Jeep trail riding}

Being the huge outdoor enthusiasts that we are, it wasn’t hard to put together this years theme for my little guys fourth birthday celebration. It encompassed some of the fun special things we love to do together as a family like camping, hiking, and especially Jeep trail riding.

For the actual invitation I went with something a little different and designed our own event tickets. The front of the ticket was modeled after a vintage state fair poster with added fun clip art surrounding the theme. The back of the ticket included our actual property layout complete with GPS coordinates and marked trails. {the odd ‘blank’ spots are where our ‘personal’ info went =) if you’re wondering} I put all the elements together in a publishing program and sent the files to UPrinting for the actual printing. A set of 100 printed tickets cost just around $20.00 making it a very inexpensive option for custom printed invitations.
For the invitations we are able to personally hand out, I made a little 3D tent to house the tickets. The tents were cut from kraft cardstock and personalized with each family’s name using my Silhouette Machine. I used the box triangle design {box_triangle_C20091122133510_19210} from their online store and altered it just a bit to make it look more like a camping tent. The tickets slid perfectly inside the bottom of the box.
For the invitations we could not personally handout and had to mail, I created another version of a tent; just flat to fit inside an envelope. These were cut from the same kraft cardstock and personalized with each family’s name {or individual child’s name for our little friends}. I created and cut the design in the Silhouette Design Studio. The software is very easy to use and allows you to create full cut or perforated lines. The front ‘tent flaps’ were perforated and folded back to create the tent opening.
I added a cut line near the bottom to be able slide a ticket into each tent.
It is so much fun seeing our friends and family get excited about the party and get involved with the given theme each year just by receiving their invitation. It doesn’t take much to customize a creative invite and it really sets the tone for your party. With my little guy being autistic and not yet comprehending what a birthday actually is, it is really important to me to try to create as much of an ‘experience’ as I can for him {and it usually all starts with a fun invitation he gets to carry around months before the party even arrives}.I’ll be sharing more of our Party Planning Ventures tomorrow.
Happy Friday Everyone {the weekend is finally here} ~ Enjoy!


  1. I love this. just precious…I will have to bookmark this for later…when my youngest is ready for a camping party..we have done that with the others…great idea!

  2. CUTE, CUTE, CUTE! What a unique idea.

  3. Your projects are always one of kind and just superb! These invitations are just fantastic!!!

  4. These are amazing! I love them! Can’t wait to see the rest of the party!

  5. I can’t wait to see more about this party, my son decided that he wants a camping party for his 6th birthday in the spring! Danielle

  6. More More I want to see more..Awesome!


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