Carmex® Unveils a New Skin Care Line & A Giveaway

This post brought to you by Carmex®. All opinions are 100% mine.

I am a huge Carmex® Lip Balm fan; I have been for a very long time. So when I heard for the first time in Carmex® history, the Carma Laboratories were expanding their line to include exciting new skin care products I could not wait to see what was in store.
The two new skin care products, Carmex® Healing Lotion and Carmex® Healing Cream, provide the healing effect that customers expect from the Carmex brand without feeling greasy. The new Carmex® lotion and cream use a patent-pending process and rich healing ingredients to heal, moisturize and help repair even the driest, roughest skin. The lotion is for everyday use, while the cream is intended for more intensive healing.
{Carmex® Healing Lotion}
The 5.5-ounce Healing Lotion features aloe and vitamin E to moisturize heal and protect skin from dryness. The lotion is thick and creamy and absorbs quickly into the skin leaving a non-greasy silk smooth feeling that lasts. It has a light, pleasant scent which I find to be fresh and clean while not too overpowering. Definitely a product I will be tossing in my bag this winter for daily healing and moisturizing.
{Carmex® Healing Cream}
The 4-ounce Healing Cream is a thicker, more concentrated formula that penetrates deep into the skin to help repair extremely dry, cracked skin. It features nine concentrated healing and moisturizing ingredients and can be used anywhere on the body. It is particularly effective on areas that typically get very dry, like the hands, feet, elbows and knees. The consistency of the cream is a little thicker than the lotion and since it is concentrated you only have to use a small amount. The light scent packed with the 9 healing ingredients is still fresh and clean, while not overpowering.
Both are available exclusively at all Walgreens stores, and
Today Carmex®
is graciously giving one lucky reader
a chance to win their very own
Carmex® Total Skin Care Kit Prize Pack
{This prize pack contains [1] 5.5oz and 1oz Carmex® Healing Lotion, [1] 4oz Carmex® Healing Cream, [3] Carmex® Moisture Plus, [3] Carmex® Tubes, [2] Carmex Jars, and [3] Carmex® Sticks all packaged in a convenient hanging toiletry tote. – That’s a total of 14 products!}
To Enter This Giveaway:
{1} Leave a Comment {one entry}
for additional entries you can:
{2} Leave a separate comment sharing your favorite Carmex® product from their online site found here {one entry}
{3} Follow Carmex on Twitter on Facebook {here} {leave a separate comment – one entry}
{4} Follow UTT&D on Twitter {here} {leave a separate comment – one entry}
A random generated winner will be chosen one week from today
{Giveaway entry valid for readers of Under the Table and Dreaming only}

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  1. Oh wow!! I had no idea about these other products! I want to win!!

  2. For my favorite product, I have to stick with the original carmex jar. I always have one near me!!

  3. and now I am following you on twitter :)

  4. Great news especially before winter! Love Carmex! Thanks for the chance to win!

  5. I love the original jar!!!

  6. our skin is so dry during the winter & I would love to try their new products!

  7. The original is still my fave!

  8. Carmex is a winter savior!

  9. I love the original little carmex jar.

  10. I want to win!

  11. I could totally use the healing cream. What a great giveaway!!

  12. I can’t wait to see if I win!!!

  13. My favorite is the Carmex in a tube. It fits so nicely in my pocket, diaper bag, car console, desk, kitchen drawer. Yeah, Ihave them everywhere!!

  14. I love the original Carmex in a pot and can’t wait to try the new products!

  15. Would love to try the new lotion

  16. I’m wanting to make a trip to Walgreens NOW to get both lotions!

  17. My favorite product is the Carmex tube – not as messy as the original jar, but oh, so good!

  18. I would love to win! Do you know if it
    s exema safe?

  19. My fav. one is in the squeeze tube. Been using it as long as i can remember!

  20. gosh a old timer…..usually only ever see the lip gloss products which is great for fever blisters.

  21. Neat giveaway as we head into dry-skin season.

  22. my skin is so dry right now think i would love to try the healing lotions, with the experience of there product for fever blisters this prolly works great

  23. As all these other products are new to me, I’d have to say that, SO FAR, my fave Carmex product is the original Carmex jar. There’s just something about that little jar….

  24. I’m following Carmex as instructed. :)

  25. Heck, Stephanie, I’ll follow you anywhere, but this time, I’ve made a point of following you on Twitter.

  26. We have Carmex tubes all over the place around here…bathroom, nightstand, kitchen, toolboxes, and 1-2 in each car… hubs can’t live without it…..haha!
    Carmex lotion….I’m going to have to try that!

  27. I am now a follower on twitter…

  28. I would love to win so I can try the lotion…PS: I love your blog, so many things I have made…keep them coming.

  29. Favortie products are a toss up in our house….while I prefer the stick, the hubs prefers the tube….all in all just means more Carmex!! :)

  30. I have to say my new favorite product is the Moisture plus.

  31. I tried the cream when I was at Walgreens the other day and it is AWESOME!

    Thanks so much for hosting this exciting give away!

  32. I’m now following Carmex on Facebook!

  33. I hadn’t heard of Carmex, but am excited to try and find it the next time I go to the store! I wonder if they sell facial cleanser…

    Thank you for hosting this fun giveaway! :)

  34. OMGOODNESS! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Carmex products!

  35. My favorite product right now is their lip balm though I’m sure once I try (hoping I win a try 😉 ) the healing lotions I’m going to be addicted especially since we will be heading into those cold cold winters out west!

  36. Cool! I’m excited to try their new products.

  37. My favorite product is the carmex original stick. :)

  38. I love Carmex!! It never fails to do it’s job!

  39. My favorite product has always been the Original formula little tub!

  40. I follow on Twitter! @summermiloro

  41. With the dry cold winter almost here–I would love to try these new products from Carmex.

  42. Carmex in the jar–got to have it for all 4 seasons for sure!

  43. I love Carmex!!! I use the lip balm every night before bed!

  44. I love Carmex…I addicted to it, I can’t go to bed with putting some on my lips!

  45. Yay Carmex. Can’t believe they have new products.

  46. My favorite will always be their lip balm. Lovely stuff for chapped lips.

  47. I follow them on FB!

  48. I love Carmex, best stuff ever!!

  49. I always have such dry skin in winter – these products sound great! Thanks for the chance!!

  50. My absolute favorite product is the Carmex moisture plus stick. I have one in my purse, on my nightstand, and in my car.. LOVE <3

  51. My hands feel softer already!

  52. Sounds like I need to give Carmex a try!

  53. I like the Carmex Moisture Plus with a touch of pink!

  54. I like Carmex on FB!

  55. My hands are so dry, I’d like to try the healing cream!

  56. I’m a Twitter follower of UTTD.

  57. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  58. I picked up some of the Moisture Plus lip stuff the other day and I LOVE it!! Thanks again!

  59. I’m in heaven!!

  60. My hubby loves Carmex and this would be a terrific stocking stuffer.

  61. It would be great to win. Thanks. :-)

  62. These products sounds great – my hands get so chapped in the cold winter. I could use some healing products!

  63. Carmex strawberry tube – effective and smells great!

  64. Ooh my babies could use this!!

  65. The healing cream looks great to me.

  66. OMG… my flaky legs NEED this!! Now… what can I get for a flaky brain???? :)

  67. I’m almost embarrassed about my addiction to the Carmex tubs! I have them hidden in various places around my house. And if I forget to take one on vacation, FORGET ABOUT IT! I might as well pack up and go back home because I’m lost without my nightly Carmex fix.

  68. Carmex is my winter time best friend!!

  69. My favorite is the tube – in any flavor!!

  70. With Carmex in the name, we already win!! Prooven brand that our family loves!

  71. WoW! What a great giveaway =)we love Carmex

  72. Wow, I would love to win this Carmex package. I’m allergic to almost every other lip product so I’ve been using Carmex since I was little!

  73. I have to say my fav product has to be the original jar =) But I cant wait to try the lotions!!

  74. My favorite thing on their site is the healing creme, it would be great for winter!

  75. I’m following @Carmexlipbalm on twitter now!

  76. and i’m following @bystephanielynn on twitter now too

  77. I’d love to win this–we’re a carmex family!!

  78. Totally hoping to win!

  79. My fave is the Moisture Plus lip balm, seriously soothing. It just feeeeeeeeeeels good. :)

  80. I’m following Carmex!

  81. And I’m following UTT&D on Twitter now. :)

  82. What a great giveaway.. especially since it’s almost winter time!

  83. The only Carmex product I’ve ever used is the carmax tubes. We will for sure need some healing cream around our house soon tho! My hubbys hands get so cracked in the winter!

  84. Basic Carmax chapstick is my all time favorite!! works every time!

  85. Would love to try the new lotions! Can’t wait! Following you on Twitter!

  86. Following Carmax on Twitter-LOVE the basic chapstick!

  87. I’m looking forward to trying these! Thanks

  88. I am now following Carmex on twitter

  89. I’m now following you on twitter..

  90. Addicted to Carmex? Yes I am.


  92. I definitely could use this! My skin gets so dry in the winter.

  93. I have always been slightly addicted to the original carmex in the jar :)

  94. I follow Carmex on twitter

  95. I follow UTT&D on twitter. @3birdsstitch

  96. Wow, didn’t know that Carmex had a lotion. I will have to give it a try. The climate is very dry here in CO. This looks like a must have! Thanks for the chance to win!

  97. My favorite is the original Carmex in a jar! Never leave home without it!

  98. Love Carmex!

  99. Their chapstick is the best!

  100. Can’t wait to try the new products!!

  101. There’s nothing better for chapped lips than Carmex. We always have a little jar handy.

  102. I’ve never tried this brand but I’ve heard good things.

  103. If I had to pick one to try as my favorite it would be the Moisture Plus Clear.

  104. How wonderful! I would love to try this! Thanks! ♥

  105. Can’t wait for the healing cream to come out! Carmex is great!

  106. My family has said that I am addicted to Carmex! I always keep some in the car and in my purse. I cant wait to try their new products.

  107. Carmex is my favorite. I love the silver tube, my boys don’t steal it!

  108. I am so glad to hear Carmex has come out with other products. I really need the cream for healing. I think that would be my favorite. Thanks for such a great giveaway

  109. I have always LOVED Carmex. They are made in Franklin, Wisconsin……that is where I grew up. When I was little through my high school years this was a small suburb of Milwaukee (16,000 residents). Now, it has grown!! I never found the plant, but I have a good idea of where it is.

    Really awesome giveaway!

  110. I am following Carmex on Twitter!!

  111. I am one of your followers on Twitter! How fun!

  112. Hey, I’m on the Carmex Blog Squad, too!

  113. Great products!

  114. My favorite would be Carmex Moisture Plus in Sheer Pink!

  115. Can’t wait to try the Carmex cream. Thanks for the chance to win.

  116. What a great giveaway in this cold weather!

  117. I would love to try the healing cream!

  118. WOW – I’ve used Carmex lip balm forever. I’m happy to see they are expanding thier line of goods.

  119. I just put the Healing Cream on my shopping list !! I don’t know which is worse for my hands and feet, Summer or Winter !! We all know Carmex is the BEST so the new products are sure to not disappoint.

  120. Memories… 😉 I used carmex every summer, wow, just seeing the container brings be back. THANKS!

  121. I am an avid carmex chapstick user! have been for years. I did not know they made lotions tho! I am def going to have to give them a try to.

  122. Carmex rocks!

  123. My husband would be so excited if I won this. We will definitely be looking for the new products. Jackie

  124. Our favorite product is the lip balm. My husband gets cold sores often in the winter, and he uses the carmex and sees quick results. I use it also and it is the best. Jackie

  125. I love Carmex! Always have! Can’t wait to try the new products!

  126. My favorite product is the Carmex Tubes. I have them everywhere around our house, in my car and in my purses!

  127. My winter ravaged skin could use this!
    – Danielle
    other-option AT hotmail DOT com

  128. The Carmex mint stick looks great.
    – Danielle
    other-option AT hotmail DOT com

  129. I didn’t know carmex made anything but lip balm. I feel like I must’ve been living in a closet

  130. I NEED this. Truly. I’m having the base of my thumb rebuilt next month which requires 12 weeks in a splint and I have an outbreak of eczema that I have to get healed with a good moisturizer/healing cream. This would help prevent my skin from breaking down after surgery. My lips are all dry from having the heat on recently, too. I would really, really love to get this. Sigh.

  131. Carmex is my favorite!!!

  132. I love all Carmex stuff, but the traditional lip balm is my very favorite!

  133. Ooh, my feet are in need of some healing cream (and it’s only November!!)


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