Chalkboard & Silver Pinecone Ornaments by Beth at The Stories of A to Z {Ornament No.1}

Chalkboard & Silver Pinecone Ornaments by Beth at The Stories of A to Z {Ornament No.1}

I am delighted to introduce
Beth from The Stories of A to Z
Chalkboard & Silver Pinecones{Handmade Ornament No. 1}
Welcome… Beth!

At the end of last January, I featured Stephanie Lynn’s playroom vignette on my blog and said these exact words (in this post),”Everything Stephanie Lynn does is amazing. She is blogland’s best kept secret. Go tour around her blog. You won’t be disappointed.” Well, I must say that it has been a thrill to watch this year as the secret of Stephanie Lynn has been revealed! I’m so honored to be a guest blogger for her today.For those who don’t know me, I’m Beth from The Stories of A to Z, soon to be Home Stories A to Z, and I am passionate about creating beauty out of life’s chaos and sharing the stories with you! Below are some pictures of projects I’ve recently done. I’d love it if you stopped by sometime and chose to follow along.
How to Make Chalkboard & Silver Pinecone OrnamentsToday we’re going to make some cute ornaments that are so easy you’re going to laugh at the beautiful simplicity of it all!
For this project you will need: 

  • Cheap (or old) Christmas ball ornaments



  • Pinecones



  • Chalkboard spray paint



  • Chalkboard marker or chalk



  • Silver spray paint. (I really like Sterling Silver paint by Chase. You can find it at AC Moore or K-mart. Use your 40% AC Moore coupon though because it’s pricey stuff but worth it.)



  • Beading wire


Here’s a random tip for you: Target is currently selling the packs of plastic ornaments in their Dollar Spot in red, silver, and blue. Go today if you want some because I know they’ll sell out fast! I bought a bunch to decorate my porch and hopefully it will look something like this when I’m done.


Credit: Pottery Barn

The first thing you’ll do is spray paint your ornament balls with your chalkboard paint. I found that placing my ornaments on wooden skewers in plastic cups worked well to cover the entire circumference with paint. That was until a strong gust of wind came along and blew them over. Gah!

So, I then moved to sticking the skewers in my mulch. My mulch is black, so a little chalkboard paint only freshened things up a bit!

While you’re waiting for your ornaments to dry, go attack your pinecones with a little silver paint.

The photo below doesn’t do these babies justice. The paint is uber shiny and metallic looking and goes on like buttah. It dries fast to boot which is awesome if you’re as impatient as I am.

Once your ornaments are completely dry, you are done! Now go Christmas-ify something in your home! I chose to use these beauties in a $5 wreath that I picked up from a discount chain called Ollies. I attached the ornaments to the wreath using beading wire (which can be found in the jewelry aisle of the craft store). Then, I wrote some Christmasy words on my ornaments with a chalkboard marker.

Isn’t it cute? Seriously what doesn’t look cute with chalkboard paint on it? Hmmmm. Don’t answer that. Because if you saw my nasty black fingernails and hands after this project was complete you would have your answer.

And because I know many of you drool over the 100 year old brick walls in my home, I’ve included this pic just for you :).

I hope I’ve inspired some of you to make these cuties this year! Come check me out for some other easy ornament ideas and Christmas inspiration!

Thank you Beth for sharing these adorable ornaments; I love them nestled in the festive wreath and can’t wait to see your finished porch!

I’ll be back in a few hours with our next guest blogger along with ornament no. 2;

in the meantime mosey over to The Stories of A to Z and say ‘hi’ to Beth!
She is way ahead of the game and recently decorated a tree in her backyard for the upcoming season with the cutest fresh lemons, cut out butterflies and flower filled paper cones {found here}. I just adore the yellow, black and white color scheme ~ too cute!UndertheTableandDreaming
There is much more to come ~ Enjoy!


  1. Such a great way to revive old ornaments! I love chalkboard paint!

  2. I love this idea!!
    I just painted pine cones silver & gold for Thanksgiving…now I just need to get some ornaments!

  3. Great idea I did gold pinecones for our white & gold tree upstairs this year. I might try the lemons on my kitchen tree since we have a Italian lemon theme

  4. Beth…great job! Everything does look good with Chalkboard paint on it! 🙂 I also love your lemon ornaments!
    Have a wonderful day!
    Jenn {redberrybarn}

  5. Beth is amazing! I love this project!

  6. Beth’s ideas always amaze me-this wreath is really nice and so easy to do

  7. Love this wreath, it’s amazing and thanks for showing us how to do it!!
    Happy Holidays!!

  8. Love em! What a great idea! One I’d love to try too!


  9. CUTE! I can’t wait to make this!

  10. What a gorgeous wreath…. and such a great way to update old unused ornaments! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!

  11. Look at that cute “O” of the word Joy. You clever, girl! Love the silver. Heading over to the neighbor yard to pilfer some pine cones.:O)

  12. That spray paint looks amazing! It’s so hard to find silver spray paint that actually looks silver. Very cute!

  13. The chalkboard trend continues to be so much fun! I remember 15 years back when they started to replace the blackboards with whiteboards in the schools…we were sad. Well…who would have guessed that we would be reviving them in our homes today! The inside of my front entry door is now chalkboard. I enjoy visiting your blog.

  14. Oh My, I love the fresh lemons!! Yellow, black & white really pops. thanks for guest posting.

  15. These are amazing Beth!! I think I’ll post a link on my blog back to this one and yours as well! Thanks for the great idea!

  16. So cute! My hubby likes glass balls on the tree, I don’t much care for them. I would rather use them elsewhere, but this might be the solution! I can’t wait to see more!

  17. what a clever idea! thanks for sharing 🙂

  18. How is it I didn’t know there was SPRAY chalkboard paint…shocking, isn’t it, given how much chalkboard paint I’ve used this past year!! Love this wreath idea! Janell

  19. Beautiful, Beth and a nice twist on the traditional colors! I love it!


  20. Yay SO cute! Thanks Beth for another great idea. I love your Christmas ideas and decor! So great. I’m going to find all my old plastic ornaments and get sprayin’!

  21. I love the idea, and I love that I can use ornaments that I already have. Thanks for sharing!

  22. The chalkboard ornaments are so fun, very creative Beth! The lemon and polka dot tree is super darling too! Love it!!

  23. Beth, you are my blog hero, and I’m your groupie. 🙂 I swear this project could change my world!! I love it so much! Now I’m going to go Christmas-ify something too!

  24. Love these ornaments, Beth. I’m with you on the chalboard paint. I think it looks great in so many ways…on so many things!

  25. Super cute, Beth!!

  26. Beth..
    You never cease to amaze me!!! So what I really want to know…do you lay in bed at night and dream these fab ideas up, or are you walking down the aisle of the grocery store, or is it when you might be singing in the shower? WOW…you are one creative lady!
    Cute cute!!

  27. Aw, thanks guys! You’ve made my day!

  28. You’re amazing, Beth. I second Tanya’s comment. Every time I read your posts, it just makes my head spin. How the????

    Seriously, though. This project is darling. I loove the silver pinecones. And the chalkboard ornaments, too – the possibilities! I kind of have a paint fume phobia, or else I think I would really do this one.

    You’re the greatest! Oh, and Stephanie Lynn’s stuff is super cute too! What creative people there are in the world!!

  29. Sweet…but um, how long do you think it will take for the chalkboard paint to dry if I paint outside during a snowstorm? : )

    Just kiddin’….thanks for the awesome idea!

    : )

    Julie M.

  30. What a great idea! Brilliant!

  31. Oh Beth, you are so not a loser! Love your ornaments. I just got my first can of chalkboard paint. I know, I’m slow. Anyway, it say to wait 3 days before conditioning it and 7 to wipe it down with a damp cloth! Is it really that fussy? I had no idea.

  32. I never follow directions Anita :). But I also don’t plan on changing the words on these babies.

  33. Adorable! Such a cute idea!

  34. Awesome wreath! I love your ornaments! Nothing is safe from my Chalkboard paint!

  35. Beth – ADORABLE. Pretty much like everything else you do!

  36. Wow. Love the chalkboard paint on the balls. Great idea!

  37. If you put a rock in the bottom of the cup it would probably withstand the wind! Great idea!

  38. Such a great idea! I may have to steal…uh, I mean borrow this idea. 🙂

  39. What a cool wreath!! I love it!

  40. Love Love Love this!!!! I am a fan of chalkboard paint so this is awesome!

    ~The Mama Monster

  41. Oh, I agree~ everything DOES look good with chalkboard paint! I think this idea is so cute, and I love the wreath with the chalkboard glass ornaments and pine cones! So pretty! 🙂

  42. Ok Loser….just kidding! Happy, Happy Thanksgiving and thank you again for the CUTE ideas.


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